Monday, 8 February 2016

Tuesday this and that

Hi Everybody!

For Art Journal Journey, if music be the food of love, I have a hybrid page. The background was painted with terracotta acrylic paint, and the photos and frame were added digitally. The photo shows my great Auntie Fanny in 1918.

Ar TIOT our challenge, 'A fine romance' still has one week to run, so plenty of time to enter. This page is meant for TIOT, 99 faces  and Art Journal Journey.

Today is also T stands for Tuesday at Elizabeth's blog, so a big hello to all of the T Gang.
These 2 pieces are on one of kitchen cupboards, the one where I keep my coffee supplies and cups etc.

This is a page I made a couple of years back with my own coffee poem.

And my drink this week is, of course, coffee - what else?

I love this grungy piece of wall near the castle ruins. The plaster has cracked and fallen off, and the 'insides' are just lovely:

This mossy wall is from a house near the basilica.

And today I found lots of signs of spring coming nearer, although it was a wild, wet and windy day:

Have a great day you all, take care, 
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Sorry I haven't been around much lately--I am glad I stopped by today though or I would have missed these beautiful Spring photos. Since it is currently snowing here, they are a breath of fresh air.

    Your AJJ piece is beautiful--you are so lucky to have these wonderful old photos! Great coffee poem & art!

  2. Gorgeous creations all of them! Your digital work is always amazing!

  3. Hi Valerie, Love your creations and the words to go with them. The coffee sign is great. I love that quote too. Wonderful walking pics.
    Looks like signs of spring are showing. Have a great week. xo

  4. beautiful work, loving the spring flowers. Your coffee is splendid!

  5. Your Aunt Fanny is beautiful. That terracotta background goes so well with the black and grunge frame you added.

    Your AJJ, TioT, and 99 faces entry is angelic. Angels are truly blessing this beautiful entry.

    Both of your coffee signs are perfect, and, like you, my drink of choice is coffee, all frothy. Yours looks good enough to drink, which I'm sure you have already done.

    Spring is truly in the air for you. I love your flowers and that grungy wall was truly inspiring. The colors are so beautiful, they would be hard to capture in paint, I suspect.

    It's windy here, too. We are under a high wind advisory for two days. I've already uprighted my wicker chairs twice and chased down two of my luminaries. I can't begin to imagine what tomorrow will bring, since the winds are projected to be even worse.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible art, your wonderful cupboard plaques, your incredible flowers and grungy wall, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. I really LOVE these plaques and they fit you so well.

  6. Not only do I adore the grunge photos, but wow- flowers. We are getting a good old dumping of snow and you have crocus and daffodils. Lucky you. And what a beautiful piece to remember your aunt. And your other piece is very romantic love for sure. Enjoy your coffee-love your fun piece and your sign-happy T day!

  7. OH all of that spring beauty for you all already!
    Those grungy walls would have me snapping photo after photo too = Wunderbar!!!
    Your auntie is lovely and your collage is too.
    An artist, photographer, talents are boundless liebe Valerie.
    Happy T Day oxo

  8. Your art is always beautiful, and love to see your beautiful great aunt. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos, glad your weather is mild. Have a lovely day, hugs, Sarah

  9. wie es aussieht, ist der frühling bei euch noch weiter als hier... das Foto mit der mauer-Textur ist der hammer, lässt sich gut einsetzen bei photoshop Kreationen!
    happy t-day:)

  10. Hey Valerie, you need to make some pancakes today to go with your coffee! Beautiful artwork today and I love the rusty grungy wall. Have a nice day! Xx

    1. I might just do that, thanks for the reminder!

  11. Wonderful photographs and I love the ones showing the historic castle wall under the plaster-what a great find.

    Terrific art pages with so much variety. Nice to see Great Aunt Fanny making an appearance again she was so beautiful.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  12. Deine Tante Fanny sah einfach liebenswert aus.. erinnert mich sehr an meine Oma und meine Tante Mimi... in ihrem Gesicht kann man deutlich sehen, dass sie ein gutes Herz hatte!!!
    Jawohl! Das andere romantische Stück ist auch zauberhaft .. gut dass der Engel ein wenig verhüllt ist..sonst gibt es am Ende noch Beschwerden wegen Nackedei....
    Ich liebe Dein Gedicht über Kaffee... obwohl Du weisst dass ich mich auch mit Tee zufrieden gebe!
    Einen Happy T-Day wünsch ich Dir...eine tolle Seite und diesem Milchschaum kann man echt schwerlich widerstehen und auch diesen herrlichen Texturen, die Du eingefangen hast! Spitzenmäßig!
    Ich sehe wie viel weiter Eure Frühlingsblüher schon sind ...
    schätze bei uns dauert das noch ein wenig, bis es so aussíeht.
    Ein toller Post heute! Dankeschön!

  13. Oh My! You have been busy. All your pieces are so beautiful in different ways. Love the one of your Aunt Fanny, and of course the Lao Tzu piece speaks loudly to me. The coffee pieces are pure fun. I'm coming to 'borrow' that beautiful blue and white cup of yours. It looks like spring has sprung where you are. How wonderful. You know how rusty old things appeal to me ... I find the wall so very attractive. hugs, Donna

  14. Liebe Valerie,
    wunderschöne Erinnerung an deine Tante, die du gezaubert hast. Auch das romantische Bild mit dem Engel finde ich schön. Absolut fasziniert hat mich dieses Stück von der Schlossruine, es ist so inspirierend. Deine Frühlingsblumenfotos sind ganz zauberhaft... Alles in allem absolut genial.
    Herzliche Grüsse, Sichtwiese

  15. I love your aunt Fanny hybrid art. The color is warming.
    I love your coffee plaque and coffee poem. It makes me crave for coffee. I have given up coffee recently, although I am not a great coffee drinker, now that I cannot have it I crave it.
    The crumbling wall has beautiful colors, again those warm burnt orange colors. And the bit with the moss could be inspiration for some art too.
    The photos of the daffodils are beautiful. The weather is really strange, isn't it. We are having an exceptionally mild winter with lots of sun and no snow. Very strange...
    Happy T-day,

  16. your Aunt Fanny is perfectly adorned with the heart and strip of music along the bottom. And your TIOT piece is such a fabulous collage! I think mnay of us could relate to the marvel of that crumbling wall:) Lucky you to have flowers popping up. It's snowing here again so I don't think I'll find any flowers for awhile....
    Happy T day too!

  17. Heute gibt es ja total viel zu schauen bei dir - so viele tolle Beiträge!
    Der Mauer-Ausschnitt in diesen so unterschiedlichen Rostfarben ist großartig, und ich bin sicher, dass er bald in einer deiner Arbeiten als Hintergrund auftauchen wird! LG Ulrike

  18. Brilliant designed creations...fabulous colours and images and your photos are the cracked brick wall....xx

  19. Fabulous post! Love your artwork, especially the angels! I've never seen a broken wall look so beautiful before. FLOWERS!! I'm so jealous!! have a wonderful day Valerie. hugs :)

  20. Valerie, I really enjoyed this post and the projects are amazing! I agree that wall is so interesting. Love the photos! Hugs!

  21. What delightful signs of Spring! Thanks for that day brightener :)

  22. Love the coffee quote: it won't fix your problems but it will wake you up!'s going into my journal! Beautiful photos...gorgeous mossy wall looks like a masterpiece abstract painting...and the spring flowers are very heartening!! ready for winter to be over...happy T day!

  23. A realy fantastic post to read, from awesome art pages, to a delicious cup of coffee, then ending up taking a walk to see the beautiful spring flowers.
    Yvonne xx

  24. You have been so busy, Valerie! Love all the pics!

  25. So much beauty in this post....I don't even know where to start!!
    Happy T day!

  26. How lovely to see that spring has arrived Valerie at your place. We have to wait a month or two, but I'm so looking forward to it.

    The wall photos are quite amazing, they do remind me of paintings. Your Auntie was so beautiful...and I agree that coffee is a blessing :)

    Love and hugs

  27. Ooh, ooh spring flowers! How exciting!
    And your pieces are great. I love the Music In The Soul. So delicate and lovely. Hugs

  28. Great digital pages and wonderful spring photos Valerie. Love your coffee cup.
    Avril xx

  29. and good music is like good wine ... Have I told you - I had an Aunt Fanny too - she was not as pretty as your Aunt Fannie and a heck of a lot older. I love your coffee cup. So that's my problem - I have all of these wrinkles because I have not been drinking coffee!
    Those walls are gorgeous - I know you can duplicate them with your art!
    Only time can make a wall like this!
    sandy xx

  30. Your aunt is so beautiful and those photos of cracked walls make fantastic backgrounds for any digital piece. Superb signals of Mother Spring. Isn't nature always wise, my friend?happy T day!!

  31. Great pages and projects. I agree that the exposed wall of the ruin is gorgeous. So much colour there.

  32. Oh Man! You got flowers :) It will be many days before we have spring flowers here. Winter was very late getting here and here it is to stay I think. Love the art and the castle wall photos are fantastic! Have a great week and smell a couple of flowers for me ♥

  33. Fabulous artwork, your aunt Fanny is so beautiful. The exposed wall photos are amazing.
    xxx Hazel.

  34. Beautiful art. I always enjoy the photo's of the area you live in as well. A couple of those close ups would make great backgrounds for more art.

  35. Beautiful art. I always enjoy the photo's of the area you live in as well. A couple of those close ups would make great backgrounds for more art.

  36. I thought the same thing as Darla about the close ups of the walls! Especially with your knack of hybrid art!

    You coffee poem page had me smiling.....Loved it!

    Daffodils are so cheerful, mine are getting close to the blooming stage. We've had a burst of 70' (F) weather, false spring, and everything is wanting to bud. The almond trees will be next.

    I was surprised that your Aunt was sporting a very modern hair do for that time period. You made her into a great piece of art.

    Happy T-day and thank you for the earlier visit and the wonderful comment too.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  37. Valerie, so many wonderful comments on your page today. Your Aunt Fanny project is really special as is your second project. I had such a good time viewing the coffee photos; your poem and cups piece is outstanding. I can't wait for spring and your photos give hope and anticipation of days aheadhugs,

  38. Gosh look at all those signs of Spring... crazy.. its barely February... Myself i love winter.. it could hang around a little longer for me.. LOVE your coffee piece with the stacked cups... something about stacked cups i just LOVE. I'm late, late, late for Tea but i made it... blame it on the house.. lol Hugs! deb

  39. Oh how wonderful to see Great Aunt Fanny - her dress is sooo pretty... and I love how you created such a pretty page with her as the focal point. And the cupids - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - beautiful Valerie. It just seems so lusciously magical somehow - the colors, the textures, the patterns. And your coffee poem... I soooo loved reading it and seeing this project too. SUPER FINE artwork as always!

    And... I had to save the mossy wall and the castle wall photos Valerie. I hope to paint them some day. They are just such wonderful photos. Today was quite the treat girl! Thank you. j

  40. Nice eye candy today, as usual, and those spring flowers! xoxo

  41. What a wonderful post! Love the wall especially - well spotted! Hugs, Chrisx

  42. WOW! I can't believe you are into spring already!! lucky you! Our winter has come in full force this morning with temps at 4F and falling and windchills-17 and dropping! Brrrr!
    Your photos are beautiful and your pieces are great! I especially love the first one with the woman-just beautiful! xo


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