Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Frosty weather

Hi Everybody!

Today we are beginning a new challenge at TIOT -
Projects of all formats are allowed, as long as you keep to the theme.
You have two weeks to join us, so hope to see you on our blog!

I made a hybrid collage using various photos . The background is the morning sky in winter,  the herons are always standing at the Rhine fishing, and the wild ducks are also a familiar sight here. I am also linking to Art Journal Journey, winter wonderland.

For Wen's Simply Neutrals I digitally altered a photo of the entrance to the Basilica here. I added the beautiful statue which Wen allowed us to use some weeks back. I changed the background, layering my photo with one of my old documents. The stones were photographed at the Rhine, the little cherub usually sits on my window ledge, and the other piece is from one of the windows here.
I am also linking to 'famous people' at Moo Mania and More.

 Today is also T stands for Tuesday over at Elizabeth's blog, so a big hello to all the T Gang.

Today I am sharing my creamed tomato soup embellished with a splodge of sour cream:

And we are not finished yet....
This is known as a 'pig's ear' here, and you can really make a pig of yourself with them.

And to wash it down, cappuccino - what else?

After an icy night the day dawned with lots of beautiful colours:

When it was light I could see the frost sparkling on the trees and bushes:

My morning walk took me first along the stream, through the frosty fields:

And I just loved the frosted leaves:

I felt frosted myself by the time I came home, and was happy to drink a large mug of hot coffee.

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. both works are beautiful art pieces,, and your soup and desert looks perfect for a cold day,, beautiful photos on your walk today, it looks very cold and its really cold here as well,

  2. your lunch looks delicious! Beautiful pieces today and I love your frosted leaves Valerie!

  3. Yum! Yum! Yum! And those frost photos are amazing. Great art pieces today also Valerie! :)

  4. Your digital art is incredible. I love the herons and the way you silhouetted them.

    I want some of that soup. You and I must be very much alike, because I also like a bit of sour cream on my tomato soup. They sell that puff dough pastry at a local Mexican bakery where I shop. I first ate one in California, but I've never seen them with chocolate "ears" before. It looks decadent and so rich because they are deep fat fried. If it's fattening, you know I'm going to love it!

    BRRRR! Your frost looks cold. You must bundle well to take walks like that. But the leaves are simply incredible.

    Thanks for sharing your art, soup, pigs ears, and cappuccino with us for T this Tuesday, as well as your lovely photos from your daily walk.

    1. Here the pig's ears are baked, not deep fried, but still have an enormous amount of calories!

  5. LOvely art again today, love them both, and for me the tomato soup is the star of the show! Wonderful photos, too, love those frosted leaves. Hugs, Sarah

  6. Now I am hungry, nearly our evening dinner time...just as well...
    BEAUTIFUL show tonight Valerie, love the stunning colours in the orange back ground and such a beauitful 'walk in the light' theme....love it.
    your frosted plants are amazing.xx {aNNie}

  7. Brrr looks pretty cold there, love that soup with the flower design

  8. Liebe Valerie,
    ganz zauberhaft sind deine Silhouetten und absolut wundervoll hast du das Eisige eingefangen bei den Fotos... wundervoll und absolut genial...
    Herzliche Grüsse, Sichtwiese

  9. Stunning project for TIOT Valerie so vibrant and the birds really stand out..

    Love the contrast of the second piece that is serene and calming..

    Yummy goodies and I am sure you enjoyed all of those

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  10. Super schöne Collagen und fantastische Frostfotos ! Brrrr.... da kann die Stärkung mit heißer Suppe - Hüftgold und Kaffee sicher ein wenig helfen!!!

    Ich schicke Dir 5 Wärmegrade für's Wohnzimmer und wünsche Happy T-DAy, TIOT, AJJ und MM&M!
    You are my Multi-Challenge - Queen!

  11. wenn ich mir hier was aussuchen dürfte, wären es die schweineöhrchen *g* hab ich ewig nicht mehr gehabt und kämen mir jetzt gerade recht!
    hab eine schöne Woche, Valerie!

  12. Wow! wonderful yummy and arty post Valerie,
    even your splodge of cream looks very artistically arranged :)
    Fantastic wintery photos - love the frosted leaves.
    Beautiful art works today too - the silhouettes look like enamelled pieces - really beautiful.
    Have a lovely day and keep warm... Gill xxx

  13. This is so dramatic, the silhouettes against that fantastic sky.
    Again, I love your "Simply Neutrals" picture and it's good for the cherub to get out occasionally.
    The frosty leaves photographs are terrific, very clear and cold.

  14. what a feast for the eyes here Valerie! Your silhouette piece is gorgeous and your basilica page is so beautiful. Your meal looks especially good during this cold weather, and boy, there is nothing like those European pastries-yum! Lovely walk despite the cold and those frosty leaves are fabulous-they look like they are sugar coated. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful things and a happy T day!

  15. Wow an amazing selection of fabulous art pieces. love the silhouettes and the calmness of the altered Basilica . After you frosty walk, the soup looks so inviting.
    Yvonne xx

  16. Loving what you have created here. They are beautiful.
    Your photos look great too. I woke up to a frosty wonderland here, but I love your photos.
    I am hopping over for some soup so put the kettle on too!

  17. Fantastic collages and gorgeous photos, love the frosty leaves. And the food looks very tasty. Enjoy! Shirleyxx ps.. very frost here this morning at minus 14 brrrrrr

  18. Lovely artwork as always dear Valerie
    Yummy Yum on the treats you are sharing.
    Your frosty photos remind me of sugar plums.
    Yes I am hungry ;-)
    Happy T Day oxo

  19. ooo, that pastry! yummmm :)

    Every time I feel cold (our high yesterday was 29F, but we're expecting mid-30s as a high today) I think about how much colder it is elsewhere. I prefer the warmer weather.

  20. The frost looks like sugar doesn't it? Your foodie pictures are always a work of art. I bet you're a wonderful cook. Not to mention a very talented lady.

    1. Well, I am a wonderful eater, that's for sure!

  21. Oh my what gorgeous creative art. I love the silhoette piece and the gorgeous walk in the light too. Also as always you cheer me up endlessly with your beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  22. Those frosty leaves are soooo incredibly amazing to see Valerie. Beautiful.

    I have never tried sour cream in my tomato soup but gonna now!!! Your lunch looks SUPER!

    Love both of your collages. Of course - the first one - it's my colors - so bright and fun!!!! But the Basilica one was intriguing to me... love the elegant old world look of it so much. Couldn't choose a favorite! j.

  23. Valerie, both projects could be framed as they are both awesome. The silhouette page is truly beautiful using your photos. And your frosty walk generated a lovely sight for the eyes. You really captured the frost on the leaves. I'm way to late for lunch but a cup of coffee sounds good with a pigs ear.

  24. hello,
    your silhouette piece is striking.
    and walking in light just beautiful, i shall imagine walking in light all day. It really is a tease to show us pastries and coffee ;-)
    loved your frosty photos too. it is a gray day here with tiny snowflakes falling to earth. lovely week to you.

  25. Such an eye catching design with this wonderful scene of nature!

  26. OMGOSH! What a GREAT post....love all the art work and those leaves look like they are coated with sugar!
    Happy T-day

  27. Great hybrid art, Valerie.
    The pig's ear makes my mouth water. Here in Spain they are called 'palmitas'.
    What beautiful photos of the dawn! (I never see the dawn, I don't get up that early). And the photos of the frost are stunning! Thanks for sharing those. It made my day.
    Thank you for visiting earlier. Sorry for the late comment, I've been out all day.
    Happy T-day,

  28. Beautiful angel and the silhouettes against such striking colors!
    That pigs ear looks a lot more appetizing than the ones people buy as treats for their dogs over here--lol!
    The frost is beautiful and tranquil. Happy T-Day! :)

  29. Dein Bild mit dem Winterhimmel ist einfach herrlich ... diese Farben sind fabelhaft! Ohne dass ich es erst las, habe ich gleich an einen winterlich Sonnenaufgang gedacht. Der Winter hat seine ganz eigenen Farben, nicht wahr? Klasse sind auch deine Fotos mit den Eiskristallen auf den Blättern ... sehr kunstvoll! Wieder ein so stimmungsvoller Post, liebe Valerie!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  30. Where do I start now Valerie - lets go with the food! Looks delicious! I like tomato basil.
    Everything you do is pretty amazing to me -- but I have to tell you that "The Walk in the Light" is extraordinary!!! I love it. I think it crosses over all beliefs and very powerful.
    The leaves with the ice on them are also beautiful - will not see that again anytime soon unless we go up North in the winter.
    Sandy xx

  31. Valerie your silhouette piece is really spectacular! Such beautiful sky colors remind me of my visit to the Grand Canyon. The frosted leaves are also amazing. No fair having such delicious looking goodies--I skipped lunch and have an hour to go (at least) until dinner--now I am starving! :) Happy T Day!

  32. What a fabulous TIOT collage with stunning silhuettes and colours. Love the second one too, the statue looks very beautiful. The photos of the frosted leaves are really amazing.
    Hugs, Mar

  33. Wonderful colourful piece with those gorgeous bird silhouettes! The other piece is beautiful too!

  34. Fabulous piece for TioT Valerie the sky is stunning with the silhouette birds.
    Love the Walk in the light, so beautiful
    Great frosty photos, not surprised you needed a hot drink when you got home
    Avril xx

  35. Oh Valerie! If I wasn't so late getting here I would scroll back and to through you post again! What a treat - the colours in your digital art and your photos(and your yummy looking tomato soup!) are just fabulous and I just love your neutral piece! Pigs Ear and Cappuccino looks good too…but no, I mustn't!! Hugs, Chrisx

  36. beautiful creations (that glowing angel! the stunning heron) and gorgeous nature photos. you have a gift! xo

  37. beautiful creations (that glowing angel! the stunning heron) and gorgeous nature photos. you have a gift! xo

  38. Hi Val, your digitally collaged photos are beautiful!! I love the serenity of the ones you made for SNT. So gorgeous. It looks very cold on your morning walk, but magical too. It's freezing white here as well. Brrr. Wishing you a beautiful day, hugs xx

  39. Hi Valerie,
    What gorgeous frosted leaves, and beautiful silhouettes you've photographed and collaged. And that cappuccino looks yummy and so do the pigs' ears! I feel a chocolate craving coming on... I took my kids swimming and snorkeling in the ocean today - and got a bit sunburned in the 33 degree heat. That's a contrast to your weather!

  40. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Beautiful art with the birds and the amazing sunset colours! I love that last shot of the frosty leaves, such an amazing contrast to see the sun shining on a frozen plant! Love it! hugs :)

  41. Valerie , such a most beautiful Neutral you have created for this week, I so love you put Wen`s lovely image to rest outside "your own " Basilica and with your little cherub there ,too, so gorgeous. The hybrid collage is stunning in colours, and oh the nature photos so beautiful.
    Dorthe, x

  42. I really enjoyed your post Valerie! Love photo's of your beautiful walk in the frost! and your neutrals for the link up are gorgeous. And the yummy food too! (wish I wasn't on a 'no sugar' diet this month! LOL Have a blessed day; and "Walk in the Light" : ) Karen O

  43. Wow! So many gorgeous photos...I'm very late getting around to all the T for Tuesday posts.

  44. Such beautiful colors on your silhouette piece Valerie!!
    Great photos and yummy looking food!!")

  45. Yes I am going through your posts again and I realize this is my second comment. I just want to say how very tall and thin your are. You should see my shadow. You would say I needed to be on a comedy network!
    sandy xx


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