Saturday, 26 May 2012

Red Riding Hood Revisited

Hi everybody, it's weekend! Hope you will all have a relaxing one. It's sunny and warm here - at last, and it's a long weekend with Whit-Monday coming up, so should be good. I need to do a spot of shopping and then I will have lots of time for crafting, writing, painting, and reading. Sounds good, huh?

2 days ago I published a little tag with Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf. Now I have written a little story to go with it, and it's called - as the title above suggests - Red Riding Hood Revisited.

Here it is:

One fine day, Red is getting dolled up to go out. Her Mom comes into her room, and asks her to take her Grandma some goodies on the way to the disco.
Red decides to take the short cut through the woods, although the sun is already setting.
A big, bad wolf comes towards her and says,
‘Hey, Girlie, off out again?’
‘None of your business, Dude’ she answers.
‘Wanna go out with me, Babe?’ he purrs.
‘You got cash in your pocket, man?’ asks Red
‘Oh, sh-t! That’s a problem’ he says. ‘I ain’t got no pocket neither!’
‘And I don’t go out with no losers’, she says. ‘Go get yourself some old Grandma and have fun with her!’
‘Hey, Babe, great idea!’ he says. ‘See you around!’

So, if you go down to the woods today – chill! The big, bad wolf is busy!

Have a great weekend you all, take care and thanks for visiting!


  1. Good story. Now, you are a Grandma and sending the Wolf after others? Hugs, Sarah

  2. It's a fairy tale, silly, it doesn't really happen....It's just written to keep grandmas from roaming around the woods alone at night!

  3. Fabulous Valerie, gave me a good chuckle. Enjoy the sunshine, it's beautiful weather here too. xx

  4. Love the tag and the story did make me smile.
    Enjoy the long weekend.
    Hugs xx

  5. Very amusing tale Valerie and great to go with your gorgeous tag.
    Have a lovely long weekend too.
    We have to wait for ours as it's been moved a week to be part of our Queen's Jubilee celebrations.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  6. Okay, if the Queen has waited 60 years you can wait a week!

  7. great story, lol! Enjoy your long weekend!

  8. Ha Ha! This is really good, very funny! Hugs, Barb

  9. Love it when you make me smile!!!

  10. Cute story and wonderful tag! Love the trees! Great job!

  11. OMG!!!
    Love your humor, Valerie!!
    Smart girl, Miss. Red Riding Hood ;]
    Made my day. (LOL)

  12. Great story Valerie. You could publish a little book with lots of traditional stories re visited! x

  13. LOVE that tag!!.. And the story too! (Is that background from the Crafter's Workshop template? It's absolutely PERFECT as a background, and love the colors too!)Hope you're enjoying your weekend! It's kind of busy here today, as I've got company coming tonight, and I'm not sure how busy tomorrow will be yet; but I hope to kick back and relax more on Monday, at least! ((hugs)) ~tina

  14. I like this version of the tale better than the original.
    Yvonne x

  15. such beautiful work, and lovely story as well, have a wonderful weekend,

  16. Go get yourself some old grandma. :))) Lol! You crack me up today, Valerie! :) Butter in a handbag?! :))

  17. Love your and love your fabby tags background, x

  18. So funny! Still giggling.
    Regards Florence x

  19. Love how you revisited Red, makes for a funny tale, much better than the original, lol. Sure made me smile.

  20. Great story!! Love this tag especially the woods. t/c, gerri

  21. You got me smiling once again. Love the story.. And that tag is amazing..



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