Thursday, 10 May 2012

More Grungy Cards

Hi you all! I had a great surprise at the post-office yesterday. I went to a different one, as it's usually less busy there, and the lady was so friendly I could hardly believe it. She loved all the mail art envelopes, and especially the 2 postcards (2 of those I showed yesterday) which I was sending off. She spent a long time looking at them, reading the quotes, looking for pretty stamps, and even got out the hand stamp and stamped each one individually! Remember that song, *For the times, they are a changing!* Wonders never cease....

I finished off some more cards yesterday, and found 2 of them in time to take photos - the rest are under a big heap on the kitchen table, which I will clear up tomorrow - or the day after....and then I will post them.

I had fun making these masculine cards. In the second one, the left hand image is a gel transfer, the right one a fussy cut image glued on. I like how the transfer is a bit paler. The image is from Free Vintage digital stamps.

Yesterday it was quite warm here, but rainy, and we had thunder storms. Tomorrow should be dry but it will be cold, and by Friday it should be freezing again, as we have fresh air zooming down from the North Pole to keep us on our toes!

Take care, have a good day, and thanks for visiting!


  1. oooh, these are lovely too.

    I'm glad you had such a lovely and appreciative lady at the post office... I'm sure your mail art brightened up her day!

    Loving your grungy style again.....

    the quote about men being the rough draft made me smile, love how the transfer turned out :)

    Yukky weather here (again!)... surely it has to get better soon?

    Have a great day


  2. Those men look so busy and satisfied with themselves! Lovely postcards, love the quote on the first one especially! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Great masculine cards Valerie - love the images especially.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. your weather sounds as mixed up as ours!

  4. Super cards Valerie, glad your trip to the PO turned out to be a pleasant one! Cool and windy here with dark clouds looming. Yuck! xx

  5. I love your masculine cards Valerie - great image and quote.
    xxx Hazel.

  6. Love these cards Valerie, the gel transfer was a great idea too! Love the sentiment you put with it too. Cold here in Michigan, 47 degrees Fahrenheit but at least it is sunny.

  7. I just love your postcards. I have done gel transfers but they never turned out this good! Looks great my friend.. Sounds like the weather can't make ups its mind there..


  8. Hi
    Love the backgrounds you created for those dapper gents.

  9. Fabulous male cards, bet you will be using that post office in future with the hope that the lovely lady is behind the counter.
    Yvonne x

  10. Love these cards, Val, you are a real Grunge Crack! Hugs, Barb

  11. oooh i just love this! the men and the style and the quote is beautiful!
    happy thursday!

  12. Wonderful postcards- I find it tougher to do masculine cards and you made it look easy!

  13. How did you get your gel transfer to work so well, mine always turn out hopelessly. x

  14. Well, that's brilliant! I LOVE how you have a transfer facing a "fussy cut" (k, my new favorite word) version of the same - really great idea!
    And how wonderful that you had a appreciative person in the post office! That must have made you feel good ;)
    Lovely cards from yesterday's post too,

  15. Oh I want to come to YOUR post office! What a breath of fresh air and hope for humanity that lady is. I especially love the first postcard and the humorous quote on it. Made me smile and chuckle. I needed comic relief today!

  16. What luck to find a postal worker who appreciates great art!! I just love both of these masculine cards. Those images are great!

  17. I like the transparency of the transfer as well. Great job on these!

  18. I love the cards, Valerie! :]
    Yes, love the effect that transfers give when great working with mixed-media art.
    Nice work.

  19. I bet you made her day! Love these, and the contrast is very interesting with the two methods. He's a great gent!

  20. Wonderful cards and so glad you found a post lady who has your interests at heart!
    hugs Lynn

  21. Hope the fresh air is only keeping you on nine toes we do want you to get better ! Love these cards and the gel transfer is amazing the faded look is brilliant !



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