Wednesday, 2 August 2017

On the other side of the tracks

Hi Everybody!

First of all, thanks to all who made fun suggestions about
my mystery picture yesterday, I enjoyed reading them
very much!
Today is flying by again, and I haven't even started on anything yet!

I made several things suitable for the postcard challenge at
TIOT, which is still running for nearly 2 weeks,
so here are a couple of the other things I made. First off, I made this
very simple postcard album to take my vintage cards of London.
I used a TH embossing folder for the front, and the pages can 
easily be removed or added to as they are only held by the string.
I now have three of these albums in various colours:

The spine:

Some of the vintage photos:

The 'family' has definitely grown older since then!

This postcard was stamped, collaged and sewn  onto linen and then

The reverse was stamped:

It has now safely arrived at its destination!

When I leave the house I first need to cross the bridge over the little stream:

Then I go round the corner to the tram stop. I can't walk so
much these days, so go one direction on the tram
and one on foot. While waiting, I always look over at
the 'no man's land' on the other side of the tracks; this shortens the
waiting time:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hi Val, you have had another creative day, lots of beauty to see here again. I love the album, you made me a similar one with a Paris embossing some time back. Had to smile at the photos of the royal family, that must have been back in the 60s or 70s. Love the fabric postcard, too. Great photos of the 'other side'! Have a nice afternoon, hugs, Sarah

  2. oooh val,was für tolle karten du gemacht hast,einfach klasse.
    einen schönen abend.

    hugs jenny

  3. Fantastc album and great special postcard! Super !

  4. Love the vegetation. It was almost like being on a walk myself...which I desperately need.

    That album is especially awesome.

  5. Beautiful postcard album. Thanks for showing us your walk trails.

  6. Amazing sewn postcard and a great album for you London pics as well.

    Wonderful photographs and I am singing the song -the title of your post- that I used to be one of May favourites many moons ago

    Train lines and tram tracks have such wonderful greenery. Vic got all lyrical when we went to York on the train..he said tha railways were the green arteries that course through natures pockets. I sort of knew what he meant because they are such wonderful places.

    Hope you have a nice evening

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. For me, the best part about travelling by tram or train is the greenery along the route. What Vic says is spot on.

  7. Lovely to see the photo's showing your walk and the greenery is amazing ...

    All the best Jan

    PS Thanks for your comment on the original pork and sunshine pepper casserole post. I accidently deleted the post - (oops!) - along with your comment, and now it's a prawn canapé post.

    It's been that sort of day! LOL!

  8. I love how you incorporate stitching into your art, it is lovely! What wonderful photos as well.

  9. That is a beautiful idea and finished product for your vintage postcards. I think you are very inspired by the new challenge for sure. And speaking of postcards and challenges, that's a great postcard too. I love this direction with the cloth. Enjoy the rest of you unproductive day. Those are sometimes the best. Hugs-Erika

  10. Love your vintage postcards and your stitched creation..very different, pretty and clever. I always think walks by train tracks are so interesting. I love that many of them are being converted to bike trails..perfect, limited inclines, that is a definite win for me!

  11. die Postkarte ist so wunderschön geworden und dein Buchbinden mit dem fantasievollen Aufdruck als Coover fabelhaft kann ich nur sagen dazu liebe Valerie!
    Was für Blumen und schönes Blätterwerk am Bahndamm gibt und buntes Grafitti .. schöne Fotos!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  12. It is a beautiful book and cover you made for the photos.
    I was really drawn to the one that you sewed, it is gorgeous.
    Wonderful photos of the other side of the line.
    Yvonne xx

  13. Great work and very creative way of making things. Your photos are lovely!

  14. I love your postcard you made. Is it burlap/hessian? I know you said it was sewn onto linen. It is fabulous.

    OH, that TH die is wonderful I can see why you would choose it to grace the cover of your postcard holder. You must get a lot of use out of your die cutter and the embossing folders.

    Your photos today are wonderful. I like that you shared an area I hadn't seen before. Have a super Thursday, dear.

    1. No, it was finer than burlap, just some nice, grainy linen.

  15. Ohh I really enjoy looking at your blog to browse through your wonderful pictures and creative art ;O))

  16. Beautiful postcards and I loved looking at the wild flowers on your walk!

  17. Love your album, it looks awesome. Very interesting front too.xx
    Have you joined my candy...xx

  18. Great post card album Valerie - I have that embossing folder too and hardly used it - I love the blue and how you made the letters pop.
    The stamped postcard is fabulous - great stitchwork as always :)
    Theres always interesting things growing by the side of railway tracks - loved your photos..
    Oh and thanks - I looked more at Rachel Carson - looks very interesting - she certainly seemed ahead of her time with environmental things considering she died in 1964.
    have a great day Valerie
    Gill xx

    1. She was way ahead of her time, a lot of critics called her crazy, but the truth puts them to shame.

  19. Wow everything in this post is just impressive.

  20. What a fabulous way to store your postcard collection! I love the linen post card -it has a lovely vintage look! Your walk and view is lovely and green! Hugs, Chrisx

  21. Love your postcard album Valerie, the colours are perfect, and your sewn postcard is just fabulous! xx

  22. Super album and wonderful creations and photos!!

  23. Ilove your vintage photos! And postcards -- Oh, I'm such a sucker for postcards of any kind and I do love this!

    Have a lovely weekend, Valerie!

  24. What a fantastic post card album! I love the use of the embossing folder for the cover, and the handmade fabric postcard with the butterfly is just brilliant! What a beautiful rest stop you have there. So much lush foliage and pretty flowers, a lovely spot to spend a few minutes or so. sending hugs :)

  25. Valerie, your album is fabulous and that postcard you made and sent is even better! I love how you stitch on things- have i told you that before?? It really adds so much interest!
    Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time my dear, sending healing wishes and thoughts your way love to you,Jackie

  26. Your post card and post card book is amazing Val!! I love your pictures of your travels! Please take care of yourself! Big Hugs!


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