Thursday, 24 August 2017

In orbit

Hi Everybody!

Yesterday I met up here with my 2 cousins who live in Wales
and Holland respectively and we spent most of the day
visiting the various big
art Museums in Düsseldorf. I was completely knocked out
by the end of the day, but it was worth it!

For Jo's 'Poetry in motion' theme at Art Journal Journey I have another
mixed-media owl piece, (just over A5) once again using fabric, cardboard,
 painting, stamping, embossing and lots of stitching. The canvas was
dyed and stamped using my home-made vintage ink. The beading 
was ironed on. I am also linking to Paint  Party Friday:

For Michele's 'Back to school' theme at Tag Tuesday
I have a digital tag. I'm there, as well as Erika and my mum:

Yesterday started off with a wonderful sunrise:

 In the K21 museum there is a wonderful installation, 'In orbit'
from Tomas Saraceno. You can see more here

This is the view from the entrance hall looking up to
this madness under the glass roof, wow:

People were enjoying climbing around in the net, like being in space:

Here we are upstairs and next to the installation:

It was very exciting and totally surreal:

More photos to follow, I need time to process them!
It was such an exciting place to visit!

Have a great day, take care,
and thank a lot for coming by!


  1. das kann ich mir vorstellen bei Zwei Museums dass du ko warst tolle Fotos von diesen faszinierten Kunstwerke! Schönen Sonnenaufgang war das.
    Dein Journal ist wunderschön mit all den Details und mit dem tollen Spruch!
    und das andere von der früheren Schulzeit klasse wie die Mädchen an gezogen waren so hübsch!
    Ich wünsche dir eine erholsame Zeit heute!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  2. Wonderful mixed media piece, just fantastic, and a gorgeous tag, nice to see the familiar faces! I'll show it to Mum later, she'll love it. Great pics from the museum, a real wow! exhibition, just breathtaking! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Beautiful artwork and photos! Thank you for yet another great entry linked to AJJ! Happy Thursday!

  4. Wonderful page for AJJ with the beautiful beaded owl. A great tag that is special to you as well as terrific Valerie.

    I am just stunned by the photographs of the place you visited--how amazing was that--thank you for sharing your day out with your relatives. I bet they were well impressed and there won't be anything like that in Wales for sure.

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Do you ever post anything boring? NO, this is amazing and full of earthly wonders and wonderful artistic work.xx [aNNie]

  6. The owl is gorgeous Valerie, it would be a great piece to hang on the wall.
    I loved the tag with your special photos as well
    It is an amazing gallery you visited, the spaciousness looked wonderful, a great venue to take your visitors, I think they would be talking about that for days when they get back home
    Yvonne xx

  7. Just love your artwork.
    Just love the photo's of the sunrise too.

    What an amazing day out you had with family, looks such a different and fascinating place.

    Great post, with great photo's.

    All the best Jan

  8. What a stunning owl piece, I'm in awe of how you use fabrics and stitching on your artwork! The gemstone owl is beautiful as it shines and sparkles and that's a great quote too 😁. Wow, the art installation is amazing, it is such a clever design and I enjoyed reading the link, thanks! It must feel like your floating in the air and I suppose quite confusing for the senses too climbing around inside it, I wouldn't be brave enough to venture into it though. I enjoyed seeing it though and your photos are fabulous! Thank you for yet another inspiring page for Art Journal Journey and wishing you a lovely day! J 😊

  9. Wonderful owl tag with all the texture and the beaded owl. So cool. All the little girls in the school tag look eager and ready for the first day of School. I am not ready to give up Summer. The gorgeous sunrise pictures. How cool for people to be able to become part of the art! I would't be so brave. Have a great day!

    1. It was just wonderful to go into that installation!

  10. Gorgeous texture tag, I love your owl ! Fabulous photos as well, sounds like fun. Take care xx

  11. Beautiful owl page and a lovely tag. What an amazing installation, love the glass ceiling itself

  12. Another fun,creative owl. And your back to school tag, wonderful. What a way to create a family tree. Oh my gosh, isn't that museum out of this world:)
    YOU have a pleasant, productive day.

  13. Your mixed media pieces never disappoint! I absolutely love the beaded owl and all the background layers. So pretty! And your pictures are magnificent. I love all the glass.

  14. Wonderful art pieces. I love the Owl. Great shots of the sky, but the photos of the museum. WOW!!! I bet it was surreal. Thanks for sharing it.

  15. your journal page is quite something -- amazing work on that owl. i love your latest school tag with all the school girls. and as always am loving your amazing photos of your amazing (and exhausting!) day! happy weekend! xo

  16. you could not have gotten me into those! I'm so afraid of heights. Your owl looks like a lot of work, well done! Happy PPF

  17. Two lovely pieces Valerie and thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.

  18. fabulous owl project Valerie! Gorgeous sunrise, and that museum looks fascinating-very impressive architecture. Happy PPF!

  19. Lovely art work and cool pictures, a veritable feast for the eyes!

  20. Thanks for sharing your sunrise. Luv today's art share

    Happy you dropped by my blog today

    Much love...

  21. How wonderful your cousins visited you recently! And what a neat museum with the globes and nets where people could "fly" :-) Very pretty sunrise pictures and bead work!

  22. What a gorgeous sunrise, and art. I don't think I've seen you do this kind of work before. You never cease to amaze me. :)

  23. Wow! An amazing owl! I love the school tag too and the way you have added your family! The museum pics are great - don't think I would be having a go with the nets though! I am wishing I could see sunrises like yours! Hugs, Chrisx

  24. Wow! An amazing owl! I love the school tag too and the way you have added your family! The museum pics are great - don't think I would be having a go with the nets though! I am wishing I could see sunrises like yours! Hugs, Chrisx

  25. Lovely work, and I bet the museums were fantastic! I've never been there...but it's on my list! Happy PPF!

  26. OmGoodness! Those are real people in the exhibit? I thought they were just part of it!! How totally cool Valerie!!! Those nets must have n]been very strong- I am in awe!!

  27. What an amazing post! I loved the little beady guy. I had no idea you could iron on beads. LOL Your pictures are wonderful as always.

  28. Your owl is such a beautiful piece of art and I love your school tag!! Priceless! Gorgeous photos and I love that museum!! Did you climb around in the net?? Big Hugs!

  29. Wow -- now I know where you new header came from. The photos are just fabulous. The light and the piece -- they work perfectly together. And that first piece looks like a ton of work. Beautiful.

  30. I was so impressed with this post. I love the owl, the beading, and the quote. Beautiful, as well as your wonderful tag for back to school.

    I was super impressed with the installation at the museum. This was wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing the bubbles, too. What fun you must have had in the "contraption."


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