Saturday, 22 October 2016

Walking in the rain and enjoying it

Hi Everybody!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Today I had pumpkin soup for lunch, so I am showing a hybrid pumpkin 
page to go with it. I am linking to Art Journal Journey, Indian Summer.

The past couple of days were cold, wet and windy, so I walked through 
the rain and enjoyed seeing the autumn colours:

The mist seems to suck up all the colour:

We needed the rain, the water in the Rhine is very
low, so I'm not complaining. Today was dry and I 
hopped on a tram and went looking for the middle ages
in a neighbouring town, but more of that another time

Have a great weekend, whatever the weather, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hi Val, we just got home and I saw your mail. Love your journal page and the autumn photos make me so home sick, I would love to be there! Hugs, Sarah

  2. What wonderful art, I love your pumpkin and tree, they are so very magical and I love the expression on the owl's face. Your photographs are beautiful as well.

  3. The page is wonderful Valerie and so is your new header. The stars of the post today are the amazing photographs with the stunning colours.

    We had rain as well and had to be at the docs for 8am for flu jabs.

    Sleep well

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Your pumpkin soup sounds delicious! Glad you enjoyed your walk in the rain, the photos are beautiful even in the wet.

  5. Oh your pumpkin page is magical, I am thinking Cinderella when I see the stars.

  6. the pumpkin is beautiful and I love the quote,,its lovely,
    your weather looks very much like ours and the trees here are about the same, still some leaves to fall,,,
    I have missed you,,

  7. I Love your piece of art! It is truly gorgeous! Pumpkin soup?? Yummy!!! Loving all your photos! Beautiful! Hugs!

  8. Yahoo for the owl on this page. :) I think its great with that little fall sparkle. And the leaves looks so pretty right now. I think they look even prettier with a little bit of dew and rain on them. can't wait to hear about your next little adventure. Hugs-Erika

  9. The art journal page is gorgeous - the pumpkin, the owl, the tree, the stars. Just wonderful. I love these colors.
    Your photos are beautiful as well - autumn is such a delicious season, isn't it? We had some rain here as well, much needed after three months without it. This upcoming week should be a wetter one as well - my garden loves it!

  10. Pumpkin soup sounds wonderful. I spent the day with Sally. We made turkey (she cooked it), mashed potatoes, asparagus, corn on the cob, and brownies. She also fixed some cranberry sauce and gravy, but all I had were the veggies because I brought them down to her place. If we'd had some pumpkin soup, I would have been in heaven!

    I love the quote you used and the pumpkin with the owl cleverly perched on top.

    Of course, I fell in love with the photos from today. I've never seen a sign before like the one showing how to park on the street. The row of trees and the photo right above it with trees on both sides of the lane were simply stunning. You have a great eye for autumn.

  11. I just noticed your new blog banner. It is very autumnal and beautiful.

  12. schöne herbtseiten und wunderschöne herbstliche bilder,die mittelaterstadt ist klasse,dann die lange baumallee,einfach traumhaft.
    einen schönen sonntag.

    hugs jenny

  13. Totally love your page Valerie x The depth of colour is wonderful and I love the owl and pumpkin

    Great photographs too xx

    Best wishes
    Annie xx

  14. Fabulous pumpkin page with magical colours! Loving your Autumnal photos too, - Autumn is truly a magical time! Happy Sunday!

  15. Eine tolle Seite und ein spitze neuee Header und fablehafte Fotos !
    Schönen Sonntag Valerie!
    oxo Susi


  17. The pumpkin page is magical Valerie and your soup sounds delicious.
    Beautiful photos, they caught the changes in the weather so well, of course the colours were lovely.
    Yvonne xx

  18. Gorgeous artwork Valerie - fabulous texture and detail, love the owl and the twinkly bits :)
    Your photos today are spectacular - so many beautiful shades of autumn and lovely trees - thanks for sharing - love them!
    Happy Sunday... Gill xx

  19. Awesome AJJ usual ;))
    Your "walk in the rain" photos were superb and re-enforced the sentiment on your journal page. Glorious colors of fall!!

  20. Gorgeous pumpkin page, love it. Also the walking in the rain with the fall colours is wonderful, I also enjoy it. Take good care, Shirleyxx

  21. What a wonderful page! Your walk in the rain looks so colourful even though it is wet underfoot! Chrisx

  22. Love the Pumpkin page ♥♥♥♥ The photos are beautiful even with the rain :) We need rain here very badly!!! Old Clyde (the sprinkler) doesn't like working this late in the year but he's busy busy! Got to keep those perennials going until the go into hibernation.... which should be soon.

    1. Poor old Clyde! I would go into hibernation if I could, feel like crawling int a nice warm hole today!

  23. LOVE the fall pumpkin art here! It looks fabulous!

  24. I love your piece! So mystical and Halloweenish.

  25. My husband and I were talking the other day that for Europeans, there is so much available and all so close. Here in the US it usually means a substantial drive and overnight stay. I love your walks - is it really Autumn? Here it looks pretty much the same outside - it it cooler though.
    I do love the color orange with yellow and reds together. The colors of Autumn and the colors of Halloween!!!
    Fantastic art journal page. The trees are absolutely magical with their sparkly foliage. You have captured the wonder of the season so perfectly!
    Sandy xx

  26. Auf dem fantastischen Blau leuchten Kürbis und und Glitzerelemnte ganz besonders schön.
    Das schöne Eulchen ist da das I-Tüpfelchen. Super gemacht.
    Die Regenfotos beweisen, daß jedes Wetter auch seine schönen Seiten hat. Warm gekleidet und beschirmt kann man fast jedes Wetter genießen, und freut sich dann Zuhause auf ein schönes warmes Getränk oder eben auf eine leckere warme Suppe.
    Liebe Grüße


  27. Wonderful pumpkin page you created liebe Valerie.
    It looks like a magical fairy waved her wand over it making it glimmer and twinkle and shine ♥♥♥
    We are having leftover homemade vegie soup today even though the sun is shining it is much cooler out.
    Rain makes all of the colors look so rich.

  28. I just LOVE pumpkin soup and I just love your page!! Beautiful Valerie!


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