Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Drips, splatters and autumn colours

Hi Everybody!

Today we are beginning a new challenge at

-Drips and splatters-

As always, you have 2 weeks time to get inspired.
Projects of all formats are welcome,
so let those creative juices drip and get splattering!

I made a hybrid piece, using a painted  and dripped background with some digital extras. It is also meant for Art Journal Journey, Indian Summer:

This is the original background:

Our theme at Tag Tuesday - also chosen by me - just happened to be
autumn colours, too - what a coincidence!

It has got colder here, and feels more like autumn but we are still enjoying blue skies and lovely mornings:

The row of little 'moons' are the lights at the airport:

The Rhine is very low just now, and the wild geese are spending a lot of time

These photos were taken last week in the 'Altstadt' of Düsseldorf:

This tower is the last remnant of Jan Wellem's palace, now 
a museum for ships:

 One of the restaurants along the Rhine:

This is a clock which shows the amount of water in the Rhine as well as the time:

Here it's showing 1 meter 20, which is extremely low:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. I don't see how you have time to do such beautiful art AND get out and take such terrific pix! As always, love the post!

  2. Lots of wonderful blue skies and a great journal page love the colours and the fiery colours. Your skies are bluer than ours! Take care, hugs, Sarah

  3. Love your Tag it screams Autumn, and this Indian Summer we seem to be having is the perfect platform for Autumn Colours. XOXO

  4. Oooh! The drips and splatters in your autumn colors are wonderful. Your photos are lovely too, the geese are wonderful.

  5. Your autumn colors are just stunning. So rich and beautiful ;) And your pictures always make me smile, thank you! xo

  6. Lovely work for your challenges. Enjoyed your photos today. Sometimes the rhine is dangerously flooding now it is low, wow, always changing.

  7. How gorgeous is this It is one awesome creation.Loving the drips splatters and autumn colours AND those adventurous photos xx{aNNie}

  8. I can't wait to try a few drips and splatters. The fact that you combined them with your autumn colors was the perfect combination.

    That tag is wonderful. I love the pumpkin. And of course, all those wonderful photos you shared today are awesome. I love those weather vanes on the tops of the buildings. I've never seen anything like that clock that tells time and water levels. That's really a masterful piece of engineering.

  9. Liebe Valerie,
    was für eine Farbenpracht - passend für
    den Herbst. Allein der Hintergrund ist schon
    super, aber wie du diesen Farbkleks so plastisch
    zu Papier gebracht hast, einfach toll.
    Schönen Tag für dich.
    LG Sadie

  10. Eine geniale Herbstkleckserie Valerie und auch Dein Herbstfarbentag zufällig auch zum Thema Harbst sieht toll aus mit dem Glitter!
    Wunderschöne Fotos von der Düsseldorfer Aötstadt, von Himmel und von den Rheingänsen!
    Schönen Tag - Bussi

  11. sorry bin noch nicht ganz da..oder die Tastatur hat mal wieder Muskelkater...alle Tippfehler stehen frei zur Verfügung!

    1. Thanks for the smile, my keyboard is often like that, especially early in the morning!

  12. Drips and spatters are the story of my paintings ;)

    Lovely photographs as usual;I really enjoyed the views.

    Neap tides usually fall around the quarter-moon - not a time to be up river and hoping to get home for tea: up to your gunwales in mud.

  13. Stunning autumnal colours, loving these! And another great blogheader too!

  14. oh was für tolle seiten,,ich bin ganz begeistert,es scheint dein thema zu sein.
    ich finde auch die alttsadtbilder klasse.
    bin zur zeit viel draussen und schaffe kaum eine seite,gestern aber hab ich eine doppelseite geschafft.
    wünsch dir einen schönen tag.

    hugs jenny

  15. That's great splatter on your piece today. Its pretty intense., and I like your piece. More great photos too. The steeples are really pretty too. I still can't get over how pretty it is there. I don't know what I thought, but maybe that it would feel more like a big city. I am sure there are parts where it is full of skyscapers. Hope all is well. Hugs-Erika

  16. Beautiful autumn colours works.

  17. Gorgeous art Valerie - love the new Moo Mania theme now too.
    Lovely pictures of the Geese, but it looks more like winter than autumn.
    Great photos of 'Altstadt' of Düsseldorf' - I especially like the second clock (Art Nouveau-ish?).... so many clocks around - so no excuse to be late for anything.
    have a great day........ Gill xx

  18. Terrific pagewiththecstrong colours and a beautiful tag

    The photograghs are full of rich colours and the many interests along the Rhine

    Hope your day is going well. It is sunny, cold and very windy here

    Love Chrissie xx

  19. So traumhaft schöne herbstliche Impressionen, liebe Valerie.

  20. Love that tag.
    Aren't the geese magnificent?
    I've never seen clocks that shows the water level. Very cool:)

  21. Everything is just beautiful. I love your fall art. My colors. The photos are so bright and elegant. Have a great day.

  22. Great autumn tag and wow, that splatter at the bottom of your page is fantastic. hugs, Teresa

  23. Gorgeous rich oranges on the super atutumn page. The photos are all fantastic and the clock that shows the height of the Rhine is amazing.
    Yvonne xx

  24. Super dein Herbstbild mit dem feurigen Splash. Das Tag ist so schön gestaltet, gefällt mir sehr. Deine Fotostrecke ist auch wieder erste Sahne, du hast ein Auge für schöne Szenen. Große Inspirationen.
    Liebe Grüße

  25. Love the drips and splatters!!! Autumn colors have always been my favorite, even though Summer us my favorite season. Beautiful photos of your world too. It's always a pleasure to visit you ♥

  26. You totally nailed the Autumn colors and feel of Fall! Gorgeous hybrid and awesome sauce details. Hugz! ~Niki

  27. Sandra is very right about your immense artistic talent and flair and beautiful photography.

  28. Your drips and splatters are fabulous - what brilliant theme! I love that tag too - a beautiful Autumn scene all on a tag! Your photos have me thinking once again that we should holiday in Germany! Hugs, Chrisx

  29. Fab drips and SPLAT!!! and your tag is so festive and beautiful! ")


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