Monday, 24 October 2016

A lot going on

Hi Everybody!

Today we are starting a new challenge at TIOT

Hand Made by YOU.
As always you have two weeks to link to us, and projects of all formats
are allowed, but this time no digis or shop bought embellishments!

I made another button back album, using papers from 7 Gypsies. The back, front and back were made with thick card from a drawing block, and covered with the paper. For the pages I made 2 signatures using coloured paper to coordinate
with the DP I used. The signatures are sewn together and held in 
place with buttons fixed to the back of the album, hence the name. I cut a figure from the leftovers and decorated the front with it. This album is easy to make:

For Art journal journey, Indian summer, I made a hybrid piece using a rusty background and one of my autumn photos:

Last weekend I went to Duisburg looking for more walls from the middle ages.
Err,  no these shops are not from that time:

But at the old market place you can see the foundations of the ancient town hall, and the metal sculpture shows its size and style:

The model was most interesting:

By the harbour I found huge stretches of the walls, dating back good 1000

If you enlarge the photo you can read all about in in German and English:

On my way back I stopped to listen to this man playing classical music,
and he was really, really fantastic:

This shop was filled with Christmas biscuits and tea, which brings me to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, and here a big welcome to the T gang:

Before I went home on the tram I warmed up with a cup of cappuccino
at a little Italian ice-parlour.

Have great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Love the album, the journal page is gorgeous and the photos are, as always fantastic - another great post! Hugs, Sarah

  2. Wouldn't it be great to step back in time and walk those ancient streets. Super photos and I love the button book, I haven't seen one bound like that before. Hope all is well with you. Xx

  3. I adore that album. It reminds me a bit of my scrappy journals, only my covers are fabric. I like how you attached your signatures. It is not just functional, it is gorgeous, too.

    I was in awe of the photos, and the model of the building. I was also impressed with the houses at the base of the model, because they look like something I could actually make out of wood.

    I completely got immersed in the photos and nearly forgot there was T today. I would gladly take any of those tins, be it biscuit or tea. They are beautiful. And of course, it was fun seeing you visit a new "ice parlor" for your cappuccino.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome handmade book, the wonderful and atmospheric photos, and your cappuccino with us for T this Tuesday. Have a restful sleep.

  4. Such beautiful work for the challenges. Thanks for another lovely tour.

  5. Your button back album is fantastic, I have never seen this technique before - the colours, images and finish is beautiful - I love it! You have framed your gorgeous photo beautifully, your digital piece is so pretty! Duisburg is such an interesting place to visit, the model is facinating and the metal sculpture showing the size and style of the town hall is so clever. Thanks for sharing, I had such a wonderful time and I would love to stop and listen to the man playing classical music on his piano - wonderful! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  6. The journal you made is fantastic. Love the buttons on the binding. And nice colored leaves piece for AJJ. I really enjoyed your adventure photos. The model is really cool and the old wall is fascinating. We don't really have walled cities here in North America. The only one I think is Quebec City in Quebec-which is very interesting and very French. There seems to be so many round you. happy T day too. Hugs-Erika

  7. oh my- SO many wonderful things here again!! Love that journal. Oooh , the old brick wall and buildings-be still my heart...
    thanks for all the beauty you have captured so well, and happy T Day too!

  8. like that idea of putting buttons at the back of the book.

  9. like that idea of putting buttons at the back of the book.

  10. dieses Album ist klasse geworden, die knöpfe sind eine gute deko-idee!
    hab eine schöne Woche und happy t-day!

  11. An amazing posts today Valerie.The TIOT project is brilliant and such a great idea with the buttons. Also love the outside of it with the bold design and colours.

    The AJJ page is so beautiful with your own photograph and the terrific frame that looks just right.

    Then come the photographs! Wonderful with the reflections in the shop windows that you do so well and then finding the beautiful old wall with all the different textured and mixes. Love the piano man as well. A lot of places are adding pianos in unexpected places and inviting anyone to play if they want to.

    Looks like a great day out and thank you for inviting us all along with you

    Love Chrissie xx

  12. Beautiful the colours.xx {aNNie}

  13. Love that book you put together, wow! Great shots, that old guilding with the metal frame is very interesting, so much history. hugs :)

  14. Love the awesome colourful album and such a good idea, . Next to the beautiful autumn page, it would look lovely hung on the wall, to bring the outside into the home.
    Your trip must have been great. So much to see, from the new buildings to the old town.
    Thank you for showing us so many beautiful photos.
    Happy T Day.
    Yvonne xx

  15. Your mini book is fabulous Valerie x Wonderfully colourful..............truly amazing. Love your Hybrid piece too, which really showcases your gorgeous Autumnal photograph

    I love old buildings and walls and the classical music would have been great too xx

    TFS and hugs Annie x

  16. Hand made items really looks good. Enjoyed seeing all your pictures in the post...

  17. Dein Album ist ein Hit! Die Hybride Seite ist wunderschön und die Fotos sind absolut interessant - klasse mit diesen Mittelalter Stadt Modellen und den angedeuteten Aufbauten, da kann man sich richtig was vorstellen!
    Happy T-Day liebe Valerie.. Dein Kaffee sieht natürlich attraktiver aus als mein gepantschter!
    Gut ich nehm einen ! Danke!

  18. I love your album and your journal page is beautiful - great photos too.
    xxx Hazel.

  19. What a beautiful album you have made with the buttons. I love it! The journal page is very colourful and depicts the Indian summer perfectly.
    I enjoyed the photos of the old parts. The foundations are so interesting, as are the ancient city wall. I love those old remains.
    Ha the pianist is Dutch! That is great! Did he play well? (He'd better)
    Happy T-Day,

  20. Thanks for alerting me to the wrong link. I've changed it and I think I have got it right this time. Thanks.

  21. looking through your pictures this month it seems you are enjoying the perfect Autumn. Glorious colours, mystical mists, you almost bring us that smell. Combined with fabulous middle age architecture there cannot be a better place in the world to celebrate halloween.

    On top of all there your own fabulous art work that it is not possible to tire of looking at.

  22. Oh my goodness, Valerie! Something made me stop by your blog today and I am so glad that I did! Your new art journal is absolutely gorgeous. I love the cover and cannot wait to see how you fill it up with your magic! And your hybrid work of art for Indian Summer is so beautiful. I love the warm, fall colors and the way you framed your amazing photo! And speaking of photos, I always love to go along with you on your walks! Thanks for sharing them with all of us! Hugs, Sharon

  23. Wow, beautiful project, I like it.
    Hugs Marjut

  24. Love the album you made! Your photos are fantastic...I love the history.

  25. Love the album and the piece.
    And what could be better than Christmas biscuits and good music?

  26. I really like the button back book you created. I'm sure I've said it before but I always enjoy your photo's from your walks. The environment is so different from anything I see here.

  27. Your button journal is awesome.

    The miniature photo were fantastic, you capture the details so well, it was like standing right there. Loved it!!

    Happy T-day

  28. I agree! Your journal is like a virtual trip across the sea. You have a great eye for capturing the perfect scenes, Valerie. I felt as if I'd left home for just a moment.

  29. Love the album Valerie! Great design and what a yummy colour-combo! Hugs!

  30. What a great post Valerie! I love the button back album - great colours too! Your Journal page really is a wonderful splash of Autumn colour! I loved seeing Duisburg, glad you found the walls! What a find that piano player was too! Cappuccino and a biscuit sounds like a good idea - I like that blankets are provided to sit outside!! Hugs, Chrisx

  31. Love the journal cover, a great idea with the buttons holding the threads of the signatures.
    Wonderful Autumn page with your own photo. Great photos of your visit to Duisburg, it's amazing to think that the gent must push his piano around!
    Hugs, Avril xx

  32. Ein Traumcover hast du da gestaltet, gefällt mir farblich und von den Mustern her sehr gut. Die Figur finde ich besonders schön, erinnert mich an alte Muttergöttinnen so wie die Venus von Willendorf. Dein digitales Werk mit dem schönen Blätterfoto gefällt mir auch sehr, auch wegen der schönen Blütendeko die du hinzugefügt hast,wow.
    Deine Fotos sind, wie immer, sehr interessant und schön anzusehen,danke fürs Teilen.
    See you on Tuesday.
    Hugs Sabine

  33. The history of those places is fascinating! Your cuppa looks like quite the treat. Happy T Tuesday :)

  34. Fabulous album; I really like the buttons on the spine. Beautiful art page and gorgeous photos of those old buildings. hugs, Teresa

  35. Your album is really wonderful, Valerie! The covers are stunning with a super design.
    I also love the Indian summer page!
    Hugs, Mar

  36. Fantastic job on the album♥♥♥♥ You do such a great job on them ,I love the one you sent me ♥♥♥ Love the photos from your outing. It's so great that so much history has been conserved there. To see walls and structures that are ancient still standing and being used is wonderful. We don't have much of that in the USA .

  37. Wow Valerie!! Just gorgeous!!! Do you have a tutorial for creating your button back book?? I would love to learn how!

    1. I have a tutorial somewhere, I will look for it! If I don't find it, I'll make one again!

  38. LOVE your button journal and art work!! Always enjoy your photos too...happy T day!

  39. LOVE your button journal and art work!! Always enjoy your photos too...happy T day!

  40. Gorgeous pieces Val, the album is fabulous, I love the bright colours, and the hybrid piece is glowing. Great photographs too, it's not often you see a man on the pavement playing the piano lol xx

  41. Girlfriend you have sooo much to share this Tday!!! I hardly know what to comment on... AND on top of that i'm sooo late to the Party... But i did enjoy all your photos... Loved seeing that little village and all those ancient walls... Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  42. Lots and lots of lovely things to see here - love your AJJ piece
    and your album is really cool Valerie - I adore that - so clever!
    Gill xx

  43. You are so amazingly talented!!! Love the photos!! Christmas biscuits and tea!! Love!!

  44. I love your album, the journal page is gorgeous too.The phtos are just amazing.Happy Halloween my friend!


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