Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It's Tuesday and the sun is shining!

Good morning you all, it's Tuesday again - just in case you haven't noticed! I am glad I managed to write the title before the sun disappeared again, perhaps we will have a nice day! Yesterday I was out and about nearly all day, and I did not have much time or energy to do much when I got home. It took ages to get home from the Doc's as there was a giant traffic jam. At least I didn't have any chance of speeding through the tunnel and getting a ticket this time! I had to get some shopping, too, as my fridge was almost empty, and I was sooooooo hungry that I really had to restrain myself in the store so as not to rip open the packets on the spot. But I bought myself a ready made sandwich - a luxury I don't usually allow myself! and wolfed it down in the car on the way back.
So, all I have to share with you today is one of the little books I made on Saturday at my friend's place, and a card I made on Sunday for my neighbours' anniversary. The little book is a folder which I made following the same pattern from Lesley that I used last week.

The card has a special envelope, made to match, as it would not have fitted in a normal one.

I am looking forward to this evening as I am going to see the new Harry Potter film with a friend, who is also a Potter fan.

Have a nice day, take care, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Love the vintage look of that sweet little book.

    Have a great day, hope the sun keeps shining! It's been raining here for days and days, no sign of any sunshine for us:o(

  2. Oh wow, enjoy the movie and your pieces are simply stunning!!!

  3. Love that little folder book, great idea! Hugs, Sarah & Kids (all very loud just now!)

  4. Valerie, your tiny folder is so charming!! I just love the card as well....you are so talented my friend!

  5. The card is stunning! Looks like it was custom made by a professional card maker. ... What am I saying ... IT WAS! .. and the tag book also looks like something a little different in shape etc. Very very nice. Hope the sun is still shining and the Potter film was a 10. take care, hugs, Donna

  6. A beautiful card Valerie and that wee book is fab. Also loved your fairy book and red paintings from the weekend. Have a great evening. xx

  7. The folder and card, although so different are both so stunning.

  8. Such an unusual shape and beautiful card :)
    Von x

  9. YAY - glad the sun peeked through for a bit to brighten your day!
    hope you enjoy the film, tonight!
    great card - i like the 3-d quality. and I love that book, how cool! have a wonderful day -

  10. Super projects. Love them both. The card is beautiful. Enjoy the film tonight.
    Regards Florence x

  11. your work is really so professional, handmade and priceless!

  12. LOVE the book Valerie! Very cool pocket pages and wonderful cover and vintagey feel!
    Enjoy your Potter movie!
    I've been known to rip open a box of crackers or so in the grocery myself;) so bravo on your self restraint!

  13. Enjoy the movie and loving your makes. x

  14. Good Morning...lovely day for creating and as always a wonderful share from you! Love the folded book...you always do such amazing work! POP ART MINIS

  15. Enjoy yourself, it is sunny and hot here today. Love these pieces, especially the card for your neighbor!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous, stunning card, Valerie. "CONGRATULATIONS" -- a WEDDING CARD?

    Love your other art projects too.


  17. Awesome card Valerie and I love that little book.
    Enjoy Harry tonight - we all loved it!
    No sun here. :(
    Hugs xx

  18. WOW! That book is amazing! I so love it!

  19. Hi Valerie, Every time (mostly) I visit you I see your profile and read the little sentence, Teacher retired(thank God) and it always makes me smile. You see I too worked in school and feel the same LOL I love your folder it really does have a very vintage look to it and the inside pockets are just brilliant, great card too, Gay xxx
    Hope you enjoy the film, I'm looking forward to seeing it too x

  20. Have a fabulous evening with your friend at Harry Potter.

    You may not have crafted yesterday these two projects still give us a real treat and teaser of your work.

    Hope the day has been kind to you XOXO Zoe

  21. Hope the film lived up to your expectations ! The folder is fabulous I can't even contemplate on doing something so complicated it's just gorgeous.


  22. Beautiful card Valerie. Love the little book I went to see HP today and I loved it. Have fun!

  23. I really like your book... great work!
    Love the pockets. :]
    I always have so much fun filing up the pockets.

  24. amazing books! Love that old looking one up top-very cool! Dang, you make the coolest stuff nearly every day! I'm in awe!


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