Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wonderful mail art and presents and Blue Chair Diary Day

Good morning everybody! Well, I am very pleased to say that after several bad nights I managed to sleep through this time, and slept for nearly 10 hours. It was really necessary, and I am sure I will feel the benefit later on when I am quite awake.
Yesterday was a busy, busy day, filled with tidying all the craft drawers and putting everything back in again - tedious, hard work, but worth it - then I have rediscovered lots of things that were lost....
But the nicest part of yesterday was not all that yucky clearing and cleaning, but my POSTMAN

He came yesterday and brought me a beautiful mail art envelope from Donna and another large envelope from Tee. And then my trembling-with-excitement-fingers opened them, and found goodies galore.
From Donna a pair of her wonderful *Dia de los Muertos Earrings* from Mexico, on a wonderful presentation card, and from Tee two things that we swapped - an egg and a mini-book, and loads of other beautiful things to fill the envelope,
So I won't torture you more, here are the lovely pictures;

I have made a separate photo of the earrings so that you can see them better!
And not only did I get all those lovely things yesterday, during the week I got a beautiful book mark made of handmade silk from Julie of Sesenarts
in faraway Australia. The pictures are all in the little slide show, you can set it to view with or without captions.
I just want to say a really huge thank you here to all those who support me, visit my blog, mail me, send encouraging messages when I am down etc. This is so much more than I ever expected here in Blogger Land. We really are a community, and I have found many good friends here. Donna is a wonderful artist, always busy and full of new ideas, ready to start new projects, and Tee is always trying to make things personal, by organising swaps and contests, and making lovely hand-crafted things. Julie makes the most wonderful things from silk, well worth looking at. So If you haven't yet visited these ladies' blogs, it's time!
An now to Sketch Sunday, over at Sophia's *Blue Chair Diary*
I am sharing two masks I made some time back. I have a whole series of these masks in different sizes and colours. They have been painted using gouche colours. For those who don't know them, these are water based colours, which are thicker and have more coverage that water-colours, but are just as easy to work with.
The maks have just been painted using my fantasy, I just like doing them. It was a phase where I painted nearly all my pictures divided up into separate colour fields, I think I must start doing more like it!
I am also entering them into the *Color my world challenge* over at *The cheerful stamppad*
And last, but not least, it just remains to say a huge *THANK YOU*
once again to Donna, Julie and Tee, and to wish you all a happy Sunday. Take care of yourselves, and thanks for visiting, thanks for being friends!


  1. Just love those masks Valerie - so bright and colourful and cheery on a rather cloudy and very windy day.
    You're very lucky to have received such lovely goodies yesterday too.
    Glad to hear you slept well too as I'm sure you must have been shattered. Also glad to hear you have sunshine so perhaps you could send it this way!
    Happy Sunday to you too, Fliss xx

  2. How wonderful to have the postman bring you such wonderful treasures.

    Masks WOW these are sensational! XOXO Zoe

  3. HI Valerie
    What a bumper mail day!!!
    Thanks for sharing all the artwork you received in the mail.

  4. You found some great things in your mail, and your earrings are making me droooooooool!! Enjoy! I love your masks, too! Hugs, Sarah

  5. Wonderful crafty mail - adore those earrings!
    And, wow, those masks - great work Valerie.
    Enjoy today and feel virtuous after all your tidying.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. you wouldn't like to come and tidy my craft area would you?lol

  6. wow, that's some great artwork! You must have had a great time looking through all of that fun art! I like your color field masks too - those are cool - a great idea to divide a piece into different shapes!!! now that's creative! enjoy your sunday!

  7. Thanks Ladies! Sue, err, I think I must refuse your kind offer, I am just happy that I have managed to get rid of my own chaos!

  8. your masks are incredible, thanks for explaining the colour technique.

    you slept well as you were probably exhausted from the previous bad nights!

  9. Great post Valerie, love your masks they are so exotic looking. Your mail art and earrings are so pretty too. Hope all is good with you my friend
    hugs June xxxxx

  10. I've always loved waiting for the postman. You never know what treasures he will bring!

  11. Getting goodies from the Postman is always exciting isn't it? Glad you finally got a goods nights sleep Val.

    Love the Masks, great to cheer me up on a dull and dreary day.

  12. Wow, all this JOY in your mailbox--how amazing and from such wonderful women--this is so special!! I am so happy for you~Have a beautiful Sunday!

  13. What gorgeous goodies you have received and so nice of you to share them with us. Maybe clearing your work space also cleared your head and allowed you to have a good night's sleep (think I need to try that myself!) xx

  14. Glad you got such lovely presents, enjoy them! And I love those masks you made. Hugs, Barb

  15. oh lucky you! I love the things you got from your friends! Your masks are in such bold and beautiful colors!

  16. Valerie, don't you feel special? It is so much fun to receive an envelope from a friend filled with home-made treasures. I love all of the items and I'm very happy for you. Donna is Queen of Mail art along with her other talents. The tiny booklet, tags and all of the other goodies are fabulous. Have a great week.

  17. Wow, what treasure in the post, lucky you! Much deserved though. I'm glad you had such a long sleep, you must have needed it. Glad too that you've found such friends and support in blogland. god bless the internet! Hugs, CoB

  18. WOW! Lucky you...such amazing and awesome gifts! Love the masks...the colors are very bold expressive!

  19. Love your masks and glad you got so many pretty things! Your earrings are fantastic! Hugs, T

  20. Congrats on all your wonderful packages! So fun to receive gifts in the mail!

    Great job on your pieces too! Very creative and love the end results!


  21. Very cool masks and what lovely things you received!

  22. Good day, Val ... it's late in Germany now. I've had a late start today. Company yesterday and today ... Thanks for dropping into my blog this morning to say hi even though I hadn't posted. It was such a lovely surprise! You did receive some SUPER stuff ... Happiness in your mail box. Thanks for posting my earrings, it was very sweet of you. The MASKS! I can't tell you how impressed I am. They are very theatrical and belong on the stage. What did you use for a form? Incredibly dramatic .. absolutely in love. Hope you had a lovely day .. perhaps a nap in the recliner on your balcony? hugs from Mexico,Donna

  23. Wonderful presents for a wonderful and kind lady and yes Valerie I mean you.
    Loving your masks, so creative. Hope you have had a good day. Annette x

  24. Such fun things to get in the mail!

    I love your color choices for your masks :)

    I'm so glad you got some sleep and I hope you continue to feel better...


  25. Glad you managed some much needed sleep! What a fun mail day for sure. Enjoy all your lovely treasures!

  26. That's a good mail day! Very interesting masks, especially several together as a series.

  27. I love your masks. Beautiful work! Congrats on your gifts and they are awesome too. :) Have a great week Valerie.

  28. What a lovely surprise! You deserve every little gift! I know all about the 'sleeping thing' too, the full moon does it to me every month! I had my first full nights sleep in a week last night. Bliss!
    Thank you for including my silk bookmark ( the pic show the back of it :-) and for including the link to my blog. Lei molto gentile

  29. Your masks are fabulous Valerie and what a great mail day you had.
    xxx Hazel.

  30. Nice gifts. Congrats to you. It's always nice getting something special in the mail. :)

    And look at those masks! Very intriguing. The first one is my favourite. :)

  31. Your masks are absolutely fantastic, LOVE them with the colours so vibrant and cheerful - just amazing! Thank you for joining the Cheerful Stamp Pad challenge.

  32. So sweet of your friends to send you those lovely treasures.

  33. Your masks are gorgeous. They really look difficult to do. Thanks for joining "Color My World" at the Cheerful Stamp Pad.


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