Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sketch Sunday and some painted notebooks

Good morning, it's Sunday and that means another Sunday Sketch day over at *Blue Chair Diary*
Iam sharing a sketch I made some time back after a bad dream - about a spider! The astonishing thing in the dream, was that I was not frightened of spiders as I am in real life, but could stand and admire it. In my dream I wanted to pick a rose. As I stretched out my hand, it got trapped in a big spider's web, complete with spider, and I found it so pretty, that I forgot about the rose, which crumbled and fell to the ground. In real life I would have run a mile to get away from the spider!
I often try to paint or draw scenes out of dreams, as they are sometimes so fantastic and almost like a film!
Yesterday I spent the day messing with paints again. On Friday while i was tidying up I discovered some notebooks that I had bouhgt to alter, so I did just that.
I used the Five S technique again - splodge, smudge, smear, spray and scratch, and as usual, it was fun slapping paint on and just playing about. After the painting part was done, I heat dried it with my heat gun. This is also a real fun thing. The heat makes the paint bubble and boil and then the bubbles burst (sounds like we're getting to the B technique now!) forming little craters, which show the colour underneath. The thicker the paint, the bigger the bubbles! And when it is dry, it has a completely different feel to it, sort of rubbery. I do this over the kitchen sink, so that I have water at hand in case an accident happens, and I am not sure if the paint fumes aren't addling my remaining grey cells, but what the heck - no risk, no fun, and just now I NEED some fun.
So after all that waffling about nothing, here they are:

These are 2 small flip notebooks. I painted onto card, which I then glued onto the original cover.

These spiral bound notebooks are a bit larger, and as they have hard covers,I painted both front and back.

Okay, that was it for today. Hope you all have a great Sunday. Take care, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow these note books are stunning and also looks good fun to do will pop it on my to try list

  2. Really gorgeous artwork Valerie. Those notebooks are stunning and I'll have to try the heating as it does sound fun.
    I'm with you on the spiders as I'm scared of them too, or at least the big ones!
    Have a lovely day.
    Fliss xx

  3. Loving those colourful notebooks Val! Look great fun to make.
    Hope you are having a good weekend!
    hugs Alyson x

  4. The paint looks to 3D .. is it ordinary acrylic paint? Gorgeous effects and looks like fun. Must try. Enjoy today - hope you have some FUN! hugs from Mexico, Donna

  5. Love your notebooks, and the sketch is lovely except for the spider! We are off to the park now. Havea great Sunday, Sarah

  6. Wow! Love the notebooks - must try the "b" technique!lol
    Great sketch too.
    Hugs xx

  7. Hi Valerie
    Maybe sketching bad dreams is a good way of releasing demons, not tried this myself.
    Amazing notebooks.

  8. Beautiful sketch Valerie and love the notebooks with the flowers, fab texture and colours. x

  9. Interesting dream... I would call it a nightmare since I am terrified of spiders... I think it is the fact that they fake being dead that gets me.
    Your painted notebooks are really neat. How much paint do you use?

  10. good morning!
    Yes, indeed that is an interesting dream....I love that you can illustrate your dreams...what a great way to document your sleep!
    A really cool illustration to accompany it too!
    I am not really a fan of spiders, either!
    i like the notebooks, too! very cool...looks like you had fun creating them.
    thanks for all of your kinds words, too on my blog! they mean so much! !!!! xo
    enjoy your day.

  11. Loving the fact that you painted your dream, you obviously dream in colour, where mine are in sepia......such an interesting subject.
    Your notebooks are great and love the craters and splodges. Annette x

  12. Love your five S technique. Really beautiful covers for your notebook. Have a great week. Valerie.

  13. Your painting of your dream is another masterpiece, Valerie! Those Five S technique pieces are unbelievably gorgeous!!

  14. Oh wow, this is stunning! and I love the vibrant colors!! So beautiful!!

  15. Hello there Valerie, you made a beautiful painting from your dream I wonder if there's a message from your dream? You'll probably like spiders now, if you give them a chance, LOL Great colours in your books love that deep texture:0) xxx

  16. so productive as usual...awesome dream sketch Valerie!

  17. Gorgeous notebooks Valerie, so lovely and cheerful! Just caught up on your last few posts too, and loving your under the sea tag - I've got a thing for turquoise at the moment!

    Sending you lots of hugs and sparkles

    Carole xxx

  18. Fabulous notebooks Valerie, so colourful.
    Love your sketch as well.
    xxx Hazel.

  19. Thanks for sharing your sketches and art. Appreciate you sharing how you did them as well. :)

  20. Good Morning and Happy Sunday Sketches Day! I do believe I would have been afraid of the spider in the dream and yes, out of the dream as well! LOVE the textural art in your journal! SO cool and colorful!

  21. Fantastic books, the colours are stunning. Love your dream picture as well. Yvonne x

  22. I wish I could interpret my dreams the way you do. if only I can remember them.

    great sketch.

    have a sweet day.

  23. Notebooks are fabulous!!!!!!!

    The drawing is really cool - you definitely achieved a dreamlike quality!

    Great pieces all!


  24. great sketch Valerie. The notebook heated crater tops are amazing. I have to try that. Your effect is amazing, thanks for showing me! take care, gerri

  25. Loving those backgrounds - so textural. One of my favourite things to do is to heat thick paint and you have reminded me that I can use some of my dried up paints like this and create some wonderful texture for use later.
    Love your drawing, especially of the rose.

  26. I like the sound of the 5 S technique. I hopped on over to your blog from Kat's Liberate your Art post - nice to "meet" you :)

  27. I would love to hear a dream interruptor assess your dream...the sketch is excellent.
    love all your colors and layers in your work in your book.
    cheers, dana

  28. gosh looks like you had a blast making those, such funky colours and textures.


  29. such an interesting dream you had. I love that it inspired you to do this art which is wonderfully interesting.

  30. You create such beautiful and interesting textures! They make such a great notebook :)



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