Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thumbing my nose....

Good morning you all. Another cool day here, but I think it looks a tad better than yesterday - my heart ever hopeful! Anyway, the one thing certain about the weather, is that you have to take it as it comes, so no point in moaning.
Yesterday I drove to the post office and braved the dragon-behind-the-counter to give up my mail-art envelope. I stood in front of the glass window and showed her my envelope, as it was too thick to push under the slit at the bottom.
I looked at her.
She looked at me.
Her eyes narrowed to two mean-looking slits.
She pressed her lips together to make two even meaner looking lines.
She moved her right hand and opened the side window to take my envelope.
She glared at me.
She glared at the envelope while thumping it with her date-stamp.
I said *Thank you!*
She said nothing.
I went.
I hope it made her day!
The rest of my day was spent doing what comes naturally - painting and crafting. I made another 4 bookmarks for the Gingersnap swap, but they have turned out almost exactly like the first ones. Sort of same but different.... I will choose 4 and send them off now.
The last one shows the reverse, for which I used a sheet of scrapbook paper with vintage postcard motives. I am still not really happy with them, but as I don't have any other travel stamps I don't think I will be able to change much! C'est la vie!

And I made a mixed media portrait. The face has been drawn onto some ancient book pages - from 1768 - and then painted over with diluted gesso.
I drew the features and coloured the eye and mouth with pencil and watercolours. The rest has been painted with acrylics, using metallic colours, then smeared and smudged etc before heat drying and *bubbling*, which is always fun. Then I added rub ons instead of hair or is it the contents of her head? I like being able to see the print in her face - every line tells a story, so to say, no botox!

Is she thumbing her nose at the rest of the world, or does it just look like that?
Okay, that was it for today. Hope you have a great day, take care, and thanks for visiting!


  1. I love the mixed media piece Valerie - esp. the thoughts in her head - brilliant!
    Really like the touch of blue on your bookmarks too.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. wonder if the dragon will speak to you next time?lol

  2. Sue, I think she will close up when she sees me parking in front of her door next time!

  3. Seeing what's going on in her head is wonderful! Love it. Definitely thumbing her nose at the world ... she's got attitude! The bookmarks are great. The colour you used has given them a real life. Grumpy drawers will never change ... or will she. Tune in for the next installment .... hugs, Donna

  4. You are being cheeky again! Love your painting and the bookmarks! Hugs, Sarah

  5. No Bitten then shocking! LOL

    love your bookmarks they are extra special

    Your collage wow love her big cat earring.

    Dull and damp here hope your day is warmer and more cheerful XOXO Zoe

  6. Oh Valerie, I wish you could video this woman's reactions to your envelopes! Hee hee, you must be her favourite customer.

    Lovely work, especially the portait. The images instead of hair are a very creative idea, love that they are the thoughts in her head. Hope you are well. CoB

  7. More beautiful bookmarks! I love your mixed media piece, Valerie!

  8. Ha, ha, you're definitely blowing a raspberry at dragon post lady! She's just jealous cause she hasn't got got an ounce of creativity in her! Tags are super, love the touch of pink in them! xx

  9. Hi
    I'd say she is thumbing her nose to the Dragon-Lady at the Post Office LOL.
    Wonderful mixed media art and the bookmarks are fabulous also.

  10. maybe she is thumbing her nose at that mean post office worker!!!! can you imagine someone being that much of an unhappy person, not even to smile when they saw you with your envelope.!
    I am loving those bookmarks!!! have a great day! stay away from the post office! hee!!!!

  11. Fabulous bookmarks and your mixed media piece is brilliant.
    xxx Hazel.

  12. Dragon Lady must be a peach to be married to!!! Beautiful bookmarks! Your mixed media portrait is amazing and I love all the details!

  13. Wonderful work on this Wednesday! I think the the nosethumbing is for the mean lady at the post office! Love the idea that every line tells a story...clever and whimsical! Have a Happy Hump Day!

  14. I'd like to put that postal woman behind a bar for 8 hours @ $30- $35 a shift with the drunks & thief's. Than she would have something to moan about! LOL Some people just don't know when they got it made.
    Back to brighter things... your art work is beautiful! Hugs Tee

  15. The tags look wonderful! And I love the text on your mixed midea face as well.:)

  16. Beautiful tags and I love your painting, the newsprint is brilliant!

  17. Miserable PO lady, When I take mail art to PO I can't get out of the place they spend so much time looking and showing the others in the PO and I know you MA is just yummy.

    Have to say I love the journal page LOTS you should come to my journal blog and visit so others can come see your page it's that cool

    Love Dawn xx

  18. Oh my goodness... fantastic, all of it!
    You are so talented, thank you sharing your lovely art with us all :]

  19. Your mixed media portrait is fabulous! Love the colours and textures and the wordy wrinkles on her face!

    I'm also loving the on going saga of the PO dragon!

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  20. The canvas is definitely the ongoing fun at the PO, terrific fun. Annette x

  21. Thanks Valerie!
    You are amazing!!! I just love your bookmarks and anyone that can do mixed media well has my vote!!!
    Your mail lady sounds like adragon indeed!
    You have such a great attitude though!!
    Smiles and see you Sunday!

  22. More fabulous items to see today, the mixed media is fantastic. Loved reading anout your visit to the dragon lady. Yvonne x

  23. we've had so much rain this week, not much sun.

    you should have a store, you are so productive.

  24. Oh wow, your work is unbelievable!!! Such creativity, and joy, and humor too! But, most of all, pure inspiration!

  25. I think the same woman also works at the post office in a neighbouring village to us.

    Love your bookmarks and the portrait is wonderful.



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