Monday, 16 May 2011

Less is More (more or less) and mail art

Good morning you all! Seems to be a cool and windy day here, no sunshine and not much birdsong. They are probably busy holding tight to their branches so as not to be blown away.
Yesterday I spent a lot of time painting again, but can't show you yet as it isn't finished. And I have started 2 mini books for different swaps, but they are also not yet finished.
In the afternoon I decided to do my card for *less is more*. This week they want a one layer card with some embossing. No problem. But which embossing folder to use? Or should I use heat embossing? Or both? Then I decided to make a little scene and emboss part of it. So I made the card with the hot air balloon. Not totally bad, but not good either....
Well, I can use the reverse for some trial stamping....

The next one I liked a bit better. Till I realised that the sentiment was not straight....
Then I remembered my Xmas folder. Brilliant! I embossed the card, and realised I had put it into the folder the wrong way round, so it was debossed. I thought I could put a sentiment on to it anyway, and promptly stamped it onto the wrong place. Said some naughty words while aiming card into the bin....

Tried again. Not bad, but not good either. Bin! (I love my bin!)

Then I remembered my lovely Penny Black cats and my *scrollswork* sentiment - and this was the result. It's not perfect, either, but I am leaving it as it is....enough of less is more for this week!

After that, I decided I was having a bad card day and decided to paint to soothe my nerves again. I made a mail art envelope to send the mini book I made last week. After painting and *bubbling* I distressed it with black stazon, did some random stamping and then decorated it with some rub-ons. The effect is rather wild, and I like it, so I hope the recipient will, too! I am wondering how the post lady will react, though....Anyway, who cares? Not my problem!

So, that was it for today. Time for some more coffee! Havea great day, whatever you are up to, thanks for visiting, and take care!


  1. @Oh dear you did use rather a lot of craft items this week, hope we don't get the blame LOL
    Your cat card is FAB, perfect CAS and one layer
    Maybe you can rescue the others by matting a sentiment over the top! 
    Thank you
    Diva LIM mandi
    Less is More

  2. I can imagine what sort of bad words you said! I dodn't think any of the cards are bad! But the mail art is really gorgeous! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Great cards, love the cats! xx Jan

  4. Well you get top marks for persevering and your cat card is sooooooooooooooooo cute


  5. Oh Valerie, you make me laugh. This less is more lark is pretty stressful huh? Your mail art is absolutely gorgeous (though I think it may just send her over the edge! hee, hee!). xx

  6. Wow Mrs how much work do you get done! All to a really high standard as well x

  7. Your post made me chuckle this morning ... one of those days when nothing is quite working! Your postal lady will be really put off, because the envelope is FABULOUS! Who's embossing folder is used for the Christmas decorations? Very nice and simple isn't is. Hope you have a better day .. more on the table .. less in the bin. :o)

  8. You just enjoy winding the Post Lady up! Stunning mail art what a treasure. Enjoyed your LIM cards the last one with the cats got my biggest grin wonder why LOL XOXO Zoe

  9. Thanks, Ladieas! Hi Donna, the embossing folder is from Crafts-Too. I got it from Craftsulove. Zoe, now I wonder why you grinned....

  10. What a fabulous selection of cards. Jo

  11. Hi Valerie, I am catching up with blogs today after a couple of week's of resting. I somehow knew I should make a cuppa and settle in for a long read for your blog, hee hee. Too many days to leave individual comments, but I have read each and every one. Sorry to hear that you were feeling low, I think it's in the air at the moment somehow. Anyway, fabulous work, what a variety of makes, shapes, colours, techniques and projects! I really enjoyed seeing your children's tags, and your 5 S's painting technique sounds great fun, you should give art classes cos they would be brilliant fun. Had to smile at your disgruntled neighbour being asked to pick out names from a bucket first thing in the morning. Am smiling at the thought of the post lady as well......she'll be muttering to herself all day now, hee hee. Hope you are feeling better today, thinking of you. CoB

  12. I think we often get days like this!
    It's great to see the process you went through, but I agree that your pussy cat card is the best...
    Thanks so much
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More"

  13. You should see the bin in my craft room - quite a few failures!

    However, I love the end result - the cats are such fun!

  14. lol, it's 5:00 am and you have me laughing. I love your reversed embossed card, it looks very cool. The envelope is something that I would want to frame, GORGEOUS, Valerie!

  15. So sweet of you to share, we all go through this, but we all think it's only us who have failures. Your failures look much better than mine I must say. Love the cats and the envelope is to die for! (Sorry I missed some posts Blogger has been down and would not allow me to comment, catching up is going to take too long, I will never catch up so I am probably just going to go forward) I know you will understand. ~Diane

  16. Hi
    Your posts showcase that you can tackle any style, whether the less is more or more is more!

  17. I had to smile I guess as crafters we have all been in that place (and best forgotten ha) but the mail are is really wild and will bring so much pleasure on it's journey to the receiver ;0)

    Love Dawn xx

  18. I'm still chuckling at the thought of the German birdies hanging on tightly to stay in their trees this morning!!!

    Love the cat card - just purrrfect, as is the mail art envelope, but rather you than me at the Post Office with your "friend"!

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  19. I think this one will kill or cure the post lady absolutely wild and amazing. I didn't even attempt LIM this week my bin and myself are firm friends. Back to rain here in Greece didn't last long that old sun !


  20. I wonder how much stuff gets thrown away each week!! It's comforting to know I'm not the only one! I love the card you eventually settled on - the cats are so cute. xx

  21. Some great cards there, the cat one is my favourite. I used some of those words yesterday as well - and I love my bin!
    Beryl x

  22. Love your chosen card, I am sure you could rescue the others they are good as well. The envelope is just Fantastic, love the bright cheerful colours. Yvonne x

  23. Valerie, you gave me a few laughs today. We can't be perfect all of the time, you know. I have made the exact same mistakes many, many times. It is frustrating especially, when the verse is usually the last stamp for a finished card and it ends up the wrong direction. Drives me nuts!!!

    Hope tomorrow is a better one for you. I loved your mail art envelope. The recipient will be thrilled. What goes with your mail lady? I would think she/he would enjoy something different to look at.


  24. I especially like those first 2 cards

  25. Der Umschlag ist absolut genial.. den würde ich auch gerne in meinem Briefkasten finden:)
    Ich liebe Mail Art! Die Emfängerin wird sicher begeistert sein.

    Ich wünsche dir eine kreative Woche!

  26. Wow... I just adore your first two cards! Great artwork :]
    You are so creative.
    Always enjoy visiting your site, loads of inspiration here.
    Take care.

  27. The cat card is soo cute - love it!

  28. Wow they are all Fabulous Val, do love you LIm cat card.. Chris xx

  29. I've enjoyed reading your post and seeing all your cards. I do like your pussy cat card best, it's purrfect! x

  30. I love these cats and the sentiment. I know how you feel about the ones that don't go right, I too have had that happen to me this week. The mail art is fantastic. It would certainly brighten any post ladies day.Sue x

  31. Val, it sounds like you really had a bad day! Maybe you can save the first cards. Love the cat card!

  32. I love the cats bt I also love the first two cards and the Christmas cards are fine.


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