Thursday, 17 September 2015

Windows again

Hi Everybody!

One of the things I like doing is to look out of my window at the flowers on my balcony, and watch the birds and insects flying by, and this is reflected in this  A3 Mixed media page, using stamping, colouring and stenciling over a gessoed and painted background. The flower stamps are from LaBlanche, the dragonfly stencil from EBAY. Made for 'through my window' at Art Journal Journey.

I drew this lady looking over her shoulder while watching TV. She did not turn out how I had hoped, so perhaps it might be better either to watch TV or sit down and draw! She was drawn with charcoal pencil and chalks. If I have counted right she is no 27! Linking to 49 Faces.

These pretty half timbered 'Fachwerk' houses with their beautiful windows, doors and shutters are to be found in Unkel, a little town further up the Rhine.
'Up' means towards the south and the source of the river in Switzerland; 'down' means towards Holland and the sea. We're more down than up here!

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks for coming by!


  1. Love your window view. Sounds like your balcony is a little min-garden. And I think your face came out nicely. She may not be a beauty, but it is still a nice realistic face. And I love he photos of those Fachwerk houses. How pretty and old looking! I am curious about the bare branches on them.I was wondering if there is a reason they are bare. Have a great day!

    1. I was there in early spring, the leaves were not yet on all of the trees!

  2. Your window has a 3D effect today. The face does give that impression of looking over her shoulder. Your town has so much character!

  3. Love your window art. I also am in love with these houses in your photos.

  4. Beautiful face and love the photos...your view from the window is spectacular in colours and design.xx
     {The Journey Is The Start  aNNie  my personal blog}

  5. Beautiful EVERYTHING again - love the journal page, and the face and the Photos of Unkel! Hugs, Sarah

  6. Eine fantastisch schöne Seite Valerie... bin begeistert wie Du die Stile der Blüten kunstvoll gestaltet hast und Dein Gesicht ist doch gut, denke Du bist mal wieder viel zu selbstkritsch! Schon 27! Wow...
    Ich fürchte die nächste Challenge müssen dann 100 sein, wenn Du so schnell!
    Was sind das für herrliche Fachwerkhäuser in Unkel! Sehen toll aus!
    Einen schönen Tag von einer hausarbeitenden Seele zur anderen!

    1. Okay, wenn die 49 durch sind fangen wir mit 100 Faces an!

  7. Love your window page Valerie, super layers and composition! As to the face, - ha, I think being a woman you can do two things at the same time, she is perhaps not exactly beautiful, but very expressive, - don't be too self critical.....:o) (Another woman's trait I believe)....

  8. Love your fantastic window view! Beautiful flowers and dragonflies. And another great face with a strange expression. Beautiful houses and windows in Unkel.
    Hugs, Mar

  9. How I would love to sit on your balcony with you and enjoy the early morning light, then appreciate the flowers and dragonflies as they circle about. What a magical place it must be.

    I actually adore the face. I have no idea why you think it didn't turn out right, because she is lovely.

    I confess I had to look up Fachwerk and that town must have a lot of those half-timber houses and shops. This is an architectural style that looks a bit like the timber framed Tudor farmhouses to me. What a different and beautiful city on the Rhine.

  10. Your face is fantastic, she has such an intriguing expression.

    La Blanche stamps are fabulous - love your window!

    And lastly I have my daily virtual walk through your photos, enjoying so many beautiful places and views that I would otherwise miss out on - today you have some wonderful timbered buildings... love them!

    Have a lovely day Valerie........... Gill xx

  11. The photographs are amazing Valerie. It looks like a film set not for real at all.

    I love the face you drew while watching television it . I sure you could write a whole book about her life she looks to have lived already..

    Great artwork for the window page with the rich colours and images

    Love Chrissie xx

  12. I love dragonflies and so glad we have lots here in our new location. They are the harbingers of transformation so they are always welcome. Love the tudor type buildings with their white - almost cutouts applied on the surface, looks like a puzzle. Great photos and pages as always Valerie. xox

  13. It must be so pleasant to have that site outside your window. I really love that style of house and those gorgeous windows!

  14. Glorious window page - what astounding colours, and the face is one of my favourites ever. Great photos of the Fachwerk houses - so many of those in Stratford upon Avon too, where I often work - I do love them.
    Alison xx

  15. Beautiful page, face and photos ! Have a great day, Shirleyxx

  16. Valerie, I love the view from your window- so cheerful and sunny!
    I love those photos of the windows you share- as I have said before- such gorgeous architecture! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy Thursday! xoxo

  17. Beautiful and magical view outside your window Valerie!
    The first thing I do each morning is stand and look out the window into our back garden.
    You are doing great with face challenge.
    Such charming scenes you've shared with us...that last photo is especially wonderful with the painted shutters.
    Thank you also for your good wishes my friend.

  18. Gorgeous window scene.
    I think your lady turned out fantastic. She has such a suspicious look on her face; very intense.

  19. Beautiful window with the flowers and dragonflies. Your balcony is the perfect spot to start your day and relax later in the afternoon. How fortunate you are! The lady watching TV is wonderful too. Take pride in your talent to draw faces. They can't be easy. Germany has lots of interesting towns and reading about and viewing your photos of Unkel was delightful. The town appears to be popular with the tourists during its many festivals. Loved the buildings. Thanks for another great history lesson and photos.

  20. Love the window art and such great colors. Also one of my favorite pass times. NICE PHOTOS TOO.

  21. Valerie your window art is gorgeous. Love the drawing of the girl looking over her shoulder. You are so talented. Wonderful walking photos too.
    Have a great day! cm

  22. Gorgeous flowers in your window today, super vibrant colours. The girl looks beautiful, coy and worldly at the same time.
    Yvonne xx

  23. You have really confused me with your down is up and your up is down and you live up or is it down. I am dyslexic to begin with and now you really have me going.
    Really enjoy all these pictures Valerie. I could go for some sausages and beer right now. Of course I prefer my pint ice cold!
    I like the drawing of your lady - I could not do as well on my very best day!
    Your journal page is alive with color - beautiful!
    sandy xx

  24. Wow, welch ein Blick von dieser Lady! Super Portrait!
    Ganz toll sind aber auch die Aufnahmen der Fachwerkhäuser - ein sehr schöner Spaziergang wieder einmal mit dir! Schönes Wochenende von Ulrike

  25. Love the view from your window Val, the colours are gorgeous! I think your picture is amazing, I really wish I could draw xx

  26. Wonderful, wonderful post and fitting that I have finally caught up- to see your fabulous face, wonderful window and beautiful black and white houses - I have really enjoyed my time at your blog! Hugs, Chrisx


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