Wednesday, 23 September 2015

New Challenge at Moo Mania and More

Hi Everybody!

Today we are starting a new challenge at Moo Mania and More -
 favourite colour combination.
As always, projects of all formats, not just moos, are allowed, and you have 2 weeks to get your creative juices flowing and link to us.

It is also meant for Art Journal Journey, through my window.
One of my fave combinations is blue with yellow and/or orange. As Vincent Van Gogh said, 'There is no blue without yellow and without orange'

I made an A3 Mixed Media page, using a ready made image, which I continued with acrylics. As many of you will have noticed, I spend a lot of time watching the birds on my balcony through my window, although I have only once seen a kingfisher there.

A few photos from a cold and wet day:

More windows:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. cold and wet it is. Fabulous colour combination in today's window page.

  2. Beautiful bird! Looks like you live near a river. That would explain the kingfisher since they eat fish. I am a backyard birdwatcher too but nothing as exciting as kingfisher :)

    1. The river is nearby and I live next to a stream which leads to it, I sometimes see the Kingfishers there.

  3. Love your art today, the colours are wonderful. Great photos, too. Have a great day, hugs, Sarah

  4. WOW WOW WOW Valerie, was für ein gigantisches Werk, diese Farben sind der Wahnsinn und der Eisvogel schaut wundervoll aus. Und der Spruch ist zu schön.

    Herzliche Grüße
    von Anke

  5. atemberaubend! eisvögel sind sooo schön und es ist klasse, wie du dieses farbstarke bild weitergeführt hast! BRAVO!!

  6. Die Farben sind umwerfend schön - eine herrliche Kreation!
    Es wird wirklich sehr herbstlich und kalt - schade dass wir uns nichts von der Affenhitze konservieren konnten ....


  7. This is a beautiful piece Valerie, Kingfishers are so lovely and I really like the quote you've used. Those clouds look mean! xx

  8. Amazing artwork Valerie, I love your colour combination.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. Yup it looks cold and damp. Love you kingfisher. I was watching one last Saturday on the boat, but it was too far away to get any photos of. I love them. They make that loud harsh call-love them. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  10. Wunderbar farbenprächtiges Werk heute wieder!
    Einen Eisvogel konnte ich bisher auch nur ein einziges Mal an einem Bach beobachten...
    LG Ulrike

  11. I'm only a garden bird watcher so nothing as beautiful as a Kingfisher.
    I adore your artwork today Valerie - a really beautiful piece and love the colours and quote.

    Hope your weather is improving as that cloud looks really nasty.

    I had a good laugh when the other day you said 'I think at my age I am starting to be a work in distress' - I thought, me too! .......and at least 'distressed and grungy' is fashionable :) Gill xx

  12. Me again - I replied to your question on my blog but I'm never sure how the reply thing works and if you'd see that - so just in case, here's what I said....
    ... Mod Podge molds are silicone molds made by Plaid Enterprises, they do all sorts of themed ones. I used the air-drying clay in them but they do some sort of glue stick to use thing to melt into them. ( I used a Steampunk themed one and one that had the daisies)... Gill x

  13. Your page is beautifully done - most of all I love the quote and strangely enough, you did not mention it.
    I do not have the birds here I had in North Carolina - well you jut can't have everything can you.
    As always I find your pictures interesting and your cloud pictures are awesome. Speaking of awesome, The Pope is here and we are all agog. Yes even me -- to me the pope represents a living history of religion in the world. Just like Queen Elizabeth evokes the history of Great Britain. I guess it's the representation of continuity that brings me peace. Of course I have not forgotten that without the Old Testament there could not be a New Testament for the New Testament stands on the shoulders of the history of the Jewish people.
    Well that is enough ranting for one day!!
    Sandy xx

  14. I do love the spread today.. ♥♥♥♥ One of my most favorite color combinations too. It does look chilly and wet there ... we are still having warm days here and very dry. I've had to finally drag out the sprinkler for the flowerbeds :(

  15. I think that your page would make an amazing Chrstmas card. It is very beautiful.
    The farmers work so very hard, I hope the weather is kind to them. :o))

  16. Gorgeous bird and background ! I hope you are having a great day, Shirleyxx

  17. Valerie, your page today is outstanding. I love your favorite colors on this piece of art. The kingfisher that visits us usually shows up in December or early January. They are a beautiful bird but hard to capture in a photo because they fly off if they sense movement. I read they dig into the side of a mud bank that is why we see them near the pond and probably near the stream and river where you live. Hope your weather improves to make your walks more enjoyable. Thanks for the photos today.

  18. Love your page. Church windows are pretty, pretty. xox

  19. It does look a bit chilly - I'm sure you know that today was the Autumn Equinox, but our weather today knew it too, an (extra) cold feeling in the air. Rather nice for walking in.
    Your little bird in the snow looks cold but beautiful.

  20. Your kingfisher is a very handsome bird, love their blue plumage, its a wonderful page and quote. Super photos again today.
    Yvonne xx

  21. Beautiful. That kingfisher is magnificent and such a beautiful quote.
    It certainly looks cold!

  22. Hi Valerie, Oh how gorgeous. I love your painting of the kingfisher. Simply stunning and the colors are beautiful. Looks like you are beginning a new season. Happy Fall, cm

  23. I'm having a terrible time leaving a comment tonight. This is so slow loading. I was sure impressed with the lovely bird, though, and the bird looked like it was caught in a winter snow storm, something I'm not looking forward to.

    Your photos today are lovely. I was especially impressed with the field and the boats. Autumn has truly arrived, hasn't it?

  24. Absolutely gorgeous page!! Do you bind these all together? Will you post photos some day of how you keep your journal pages?

  25. This is a gorgeous piece, the colours are favourites and you've put them together beautifully!

  26. I love the kingfisher and your photos, especially of course the stained glass windows! Chrisx


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