Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Landscapes, a face and windows

Hi Everybody!

Today we are beginning a new challenge at Moo Mania and More - Landscapes.
All forms of projects are allowed, not just Moos, and you have 2 weeks to join up with us, so hope to see lots of you there.

I made an A3 mixed media Journal page, using a landscape from Vincent van Gogh. I saw the statue of him in a magazine at the dentist's, and took a photo, and it is from a Sculptor called James Buttler.

I made this face from an inspiration I found on the net, using a black Edding to draw the hair and features, I am linking to 49 Faces and to Art Journal Journey, through my window, and to Kim Dellow's Friday face

It was difficult to take the photos of this house, as it is standing on a busy road. I had to stand on the other side of the road to take the photos, with cars driving by all the time.

Windows in  the little houses here:

And these photos were taken in Linz, a little town further up the Rhine-
I'm the one holding the camera:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Love how you worked the window into the Van Gogh! An interesting face and charming houses.

  2. Beautiful work, I would love to have van Gogh's landscape outside my window. The face is beautiful too, very striking. Hugs, Sarah

  3. You are truely amazing Valerie, love your work and beautiful photos.xx

  4. ja, diesen ausblick hätte ich auch gerne:) eine tolle Idee hast du da umgesetzt.
    und deine häuser-Sammlung muss ja inzwischen riesig sein... du findest aber auch immer so schöne mit tollen Details!

  5. Amazing artwork and photographs. Such an array of different windows you find along the way when you are out and about and all of them interesting.

    Love the Van Gogh and the way you added him at the side of his wonderful painting. The face today is interesting even if she is angry about the rain. I still marvel at how you can get so much expression with so few strokes.

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Wunderbare Seiten Valerie und spitzen Bilder- bei Euch gibt es auch ein Linz? Hab ich wieder was gelernt.
    Herrliche Aufnahmen .. so schöne Architektur!
    Hab einen feinen Tag

  7. Nice art pieces today. I love the face. It is very graphic. And your photos are very pretty today- what interesting architecture! I've never seen the octagon lattice like structures in windows before either! Is this town on one of your walks? Hope its a good day so far!

    1. No, Linz is further away, I sometimes visit there just for the fun of it!

  8. Amazing pieces, I love the Van Gogh and the face looking at the rain is brilliant.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. Great artwork today and fabulous photos, so many different shaped windows.
    Avril xx

  10. Wow Valerie, you sure get out a lot. I love the photos of all those windows, but I am especially happy to see Vincent and your interpretation of his face and paintings. He is one of my very favorite artists and you drew him perfectly. Simply stunning!

  11. Wieder eine wunderbare Fenster-Galerie - mit und ohne Kunst! LG Ulrike

  12. Van Gogh had some amazing window views didn't he. They were his inspiration. The mountains, gardens and starry skies. Adore that black and white building grid with the window. xox

  13. Very well done on the art. I love the black and white woman. The houses are amazing. So much character.

  14. Love the Van Gogh Page!The black & white is very interesting too. Love those house and building photos. So much rich architecture !!! Have a great day! I'm watching caterpillars make cocoons ♥

  15. Your page is gorgeous. Wow - I love those wild clouds. I could look at those for a long time and probably see something different each time. I love art that unveils itself slowly.

    Your B&W lady is very cool.


  16. Lovely page your lady is great and what a lovely selection of windows x

  17. Fabulous pages Valerie, love the striking black and white one and the words you added were just super.
    Yvonne xx

  18. Very clever interpretation to your themes! The black and white one is specially expressive!

  19. Beautiful, Beautiful work! I am so enjoying your window photos! The cake in the last post looked absolutely delicious--so glad it has no baked in calories!

  20. Wow! Fantastic window page! Your face looks so dramatic. .but then she is looking at the rain! I must say your photos are incredible today. .such beautiful buildings! Chrisx

  21. Valerie, your window page is stunning! i love how you created it!
    and your photos- WoW the architecture you have there is just glorious! xo

  22. I think I told you that I adore Vincent van Gogh. And I believe I asked you if you had read DEAR THEO?
    One of my favorite books and I think you like it. A compiled translation of all of his letter to his brother Theo.
    Sandy xx

  23. That woman at the window looking at the rain...
    that is ME and I am dancing in the window too because it's been SOOO hot and dry here.
    Grateful for some long awaited rain.
    Your creativity is so diverse. It is always fun the places you take us.
    (Oh I noticed that when I try and visit your individual AJJ posts from the website they all take me to just your blog...makes it hard for someone like me that keeps getting behind in visiting everyone. Ever since I stepped away from my blog on weekends more things have been getting jammed up...sorry didn't mean to ramble!)
    What a great statue and fun to know other people are finding inspiration everywhere they turn :-)
    Hello liebe Valerie in those fancy lace curtain windows ~♥~ fun to "see" you.

  24. Love your artistry and your photos too. I can see your art is your passions.

  25. Great pages and so strong. I love your stylised face. So why did you cut off the picture of you taking the photo? :) :) Great shares as always, thanks once again for linking up to Show Your Face and for the shout out again too. Kx


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