Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Black and white, coffee, cake and more

Hi Everybody!

Today I realised that I need to post the black and white pages I made, as the challenge at Moo Mania and More ends today - time flies by and I can't believe we will be starting a new challenge again tomorrow.
I am also linking to Art Journal Journey, through my window, as the zebra is looking through the window of his house at the zoo, watching all the strange people who pass by.

Here I reversed the colours:

Today is Elizabeth's and Bleubeard's 'T stands for Tuesday'
so I want to greet all of the gang.

I am showing you a cherry cake I made some time back when I had visitors. There's a layer of short-crust pastry, then one of  cheesecake, and on top of that the dark cherries. When the cake was nearly finished I took it out of the oven and added a glaze made of cream mixed with some melted butter, brown sugar and almonds and let it bake for another 20 minutes. It was delightfully sticky and buttery and tasted of caramel and cherries and cream cheese, yummy. I was rather disappointed that my visitors ate it all, so I had none left over for the day after. But it was really good, and I did not put any calories in it. If you are looking for calories you should know that they are mostly to be found in closets, where they hide and make your clothes smaller each night.
Next week I will make another cake specially for you.

And my drink is once again cappuccino, which is my nectar and medicine:

 At Tag Tuesday our theme this week is 'I remember when...'.
The text is on the back and reads: I remember when I thought lavender and purple were colours for old ladies. Now, 50 years later, I like these colours....'

When I was at Schloss Kalkum I was very sad to see how run down and dilapidated the castle looks. They are starting to do some repairs, so I hope it will soon look better.  Paint is flaking off everywhere:

Looks like the dungeon window:

And even shabby shutters and windows look better with reflections in the moat:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Wow-that cake looks delicious. I know about those calories hanging out in the closet all too well.Oh my, I wish I could find an exterminator to get rid of them permanently. The zebra and tag are great too. Maybe we all like zebras because they are dressed in the classic black and white. Great window photos too, especially the reflections. hope you day is going well!

  2. Lovely work, the Zebra might have worked for the faces challenge as well! Your cake looks amazing no wonder it was all gone! Glad they are updating the castle, it is a lot of work to keep things updated.

  3. Ah yes, those calories....great post, lovely art and cake and photos! Have a lovely day, hugs, Sarah

  4. That cake is making me SO hungry. I want to head for something sweet and gooey, although I'm trying to diet. I'm so glad that calories hide in closets, but I fear they hide on my body, too. When you're 4'11" tall, every pound shows.

    Golly, your zebra is beautiful. I liked it both ways.

    I would hate to have to repair that side of the castle. Painting it would be dangerous, at least it looks like it would. But the photos you took were quite stunning, even if the subject matter was a dilapidated castle.

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art, your cake, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday. I would gladly join you for coffee any day.

  5. ooh I love all your gorgeous creations and photos! the zebra is perfect and the tag is like a gorgeous antique perfume label or something like that. wonderful. xo

  6. Wonderful photographs with all the windows and the amazing reflections Valerie. Nice to think of a theme and then take lots of pics--a great idea.

    Love the zebra looking out at the world and the tag is so beautiful. I always think of lavendar rinse on hair as for old people but it is very in fashion for the young now--how times change

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie x

  7. Das Zebra gefällt mir, wie es frech aus seinem Fenster schaut und Dein Tag ist auch bezaubernd!
    Ich hab immer schon gern Lila und Lavendel getragen..wahrscheinlich bin ich von Geburt an alt gewesen - lol! Kein Wunder dass die Gäste den herrlicehn Kuchen ratzeputz verdrückt haben!
    Eine Köstlichkeit!
    Das Schloss braucht ein bisschen Pflege - hast recht - aber die werden das schon hinkriegen!
    Hab einen wunderschönen T-Day!

  8. Cake please? Looks yummy. What is it about zebras that we all find so attractive, they are so cute because they are different? xox

    1. Help yourself to cake! I don't know why zebras are so attractive, they just are!

  9. Love your Zebra, looking out of the window, wonder what he thinks of us. Fabulous projects and a wonderful selection of photos, super reflections.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Your zebra is so cool! My niece is crazy about them and would love what you did.
    Your cake looks very delicious and I wish you a Happy T Day :D

  11. Love the Zebra, the cake looks yummy and the photos are great

  12. A very handsome Zebra and a yummy cake, beautiful photos as well - have a good day.
    xxx Hazel.

  13. Schöne Fenster-Fotos vom Schloss! Es ist schon traurig, wenn schöne alte Dinge zerfallen, aber ich mag ja diesen besonderen Charme.
    Zebras sind immer toll mit ihrer so auffälligen Zeichnung - und, dein Kuchen lässt mir das Wasser im Mund zusammen laufen! LG Ulrike

  14. Absolutely gorgeous, Valerie! Your post is wonderful. I love your Zebra work of art - so much! And the T stands for part of your post - your cake looks delicious! Yum! And your window photos are simply amazing and so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  15. wow everything is GORGEOUS AND YUMMY.XX

  16. Your zebra is such a powerful image in black and white. A really great looking cake no wonder it was all eaten. My mother used to talk about lavender and mauve. Whatever the colour your tag is lovely

  17. Oh thank you for showing that lovely cherry cake! Oh yes, I have calories in my closet too and they constantly make my clothes smaller! Once a year I go on diet so I can fit in my smaller clothes again. lol.
    What a shame about the castle. It costs a lot of money to restore old buildings like that one. I hope they will give it some priority soon.
    I love the purple tag!
    Have a great Tday,

  18. I forgot to say that your zebra is amazing! I love B&W.

  19. I love your fashionable zebra! I love your tag! I love your photos! I'm sure I would love your cheesecake! Ha! b….. diabetes!!! Hugs, Chrisxx

  20. Love the zebra and the tag! Your shabby castle pictures are wonderful. I'm sure it was a beautiful building in its glory days but I can still appreciate the architecture even in a state of disrepair.
    Happy T day!

  21. Love this design. What a stunning tag. I love black and white. Gorgeous photos. Your cheesecake looks delicious!! Have a wonderful day!

  22. Hello and Happy T Day! How pretty your zebra and tag are, well done. Love the castle pictures, chipped painting and all were lovely. Wish I had me some cake now, looks so good! Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  23. Always such fun popping in here. Just adore your very fashionable zebra lol, coming from South Africa we of course adore zebras. Then wow your cherry cake got me all drooling now and I am off to put the kettle on. Love your pretty vintage tag too.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  24. Love that Zebra! Great job! And that cake looked yummy... I love seeing pictures of the castle. What wonderful things you shared this Tday! Hugs! deb

  25. what a gorgeous looking cake-yum! Love the zebra art. That looks like a magnificent building so I do hope it gets repaired to preserve its beauty. Happy T day!
    PS fantastic tag! I too have never been fond of purples and still have to force myself to use those hues sometimes.

  26. I imagine keeping up with maintenance on a castle is not for the faint-hearted! Zebras sound like the perfect Black&white picture. Happy T Tuesday :)

  27. That Zebra is definitely in fashion!
    LOVE the look of that cherry cake, especially as there's no calories in it, yummy.
    Great photos, it's a shame when building start to look in disrepair. Loved the reflection photo.
    Avril xx

  28. liebe das zebra,und der kuchen duftet sooo lecker,spendirest du mir ein stückchen???
    tolle fennster bilder hast du wieder gemacht,und auch für mich ist cafe meine medizin,ohne geht gar nichts.
    schönen abend dir.

    hugs jenny

  29. Happy T-day, and thank you for visiting me earlier.

    What a great post, full of beautiful art and architecture. Wonderful old castle, hope they get it all renovated and looking good again. Shame it was let to become in this shape.

    LOVE the tag saying.....LOL

  30. I love this post. So much news and art and beauty.

  31. LOL!! You are SO funny, Valerie! I love the one about calories hiding in closets and shrinking our clothes.

    Great sentiment with that majestic zebra. Your tags are gorgeous.


    ps- It is challenging to type when a cat is lying across one third of your keyboard.

  32. Lovely zebra! With no calories I can see why there was nothing left for the following day--LOL! Yummm!
    I guess you aren't meant to look closely at the old castle, eh? I hope they do fix it up.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  33. Fabulous post! fun zebra, and got a kick out of the caption on it - I wear black a lot just for that reason! lol! oh my goodness that cheesecake.... heavenly dear! gorgeous photos all....happy Tea day!

  34. Great page with an amazing Zebra! Your tag is so beautiful and so colorful, I love it!
    And the cake looks delicious and the cappuccino as well. The windows photographs are super!
    Hugs, Mar

  35. Yum Yum Yum on your gorgeous cherry cake...your guests were no dummies eating it all up especially with no calories! I almost shared a plum cake that I made today for T but will do that next Tuesday instead.
    Black and White and White and Black your handsome zebra is very cool Valerie.
    Cappuccino is my favorite coffee drink too...how special yours is with YOU peeking out of that foam heart "window" :-)
    Happy T Day oxo

  36. hello, sorry I have not been round for a visit for a while. I have not been on blogger for a while. Life has been getting in the way. Great photos and work as always. T x

  37. I like your zebra; she gives good fashion advice! :) Your tag is pretty, too. I think that purple and lavender are good for all ages--especially when they are as pretty as this tag.

    Thanks for sharing your cake photo. It looks delicious! I love to bake, and it's always interesting to get new recipe ideas.

    It's too bad that the Schloss is getting a bit shabby. But since it is pink, perhaps it is shabby-chic. :)

  38. Oh, Valerie, what amazing photos of the Schloss. Yes, so sad about it's becoming shabby. But your photos are exquisite! What a fun visit, and I love the zebras and your beautiful card! And yum...your cake looks delicious! Hugs!

  39. So when did you say you are making the cake again...cause I certainly want to be there :) Love the Zebra and the tag! The castle does need some TLC :(

  40. Love your zebra, he really looks as if he is looking out at you! The tag is very pretty too! The cake looks truly yummy and let's hope they do fix the castle, it certainly looks as if it needs it....

  41. What is there about a zebra that makes us all smile? Great black and white journal page today and I certainly needed a smile. Your purple tag is fantastic. It is sad how buildings, autos and yards can look so worn so quickly. Everything needs a gentle hand to keep them well maintained. That was what I was up to today, helping my brother clean out a downspout from our roof.
    The photo of the cake made my mouth water. No wonder there was none left.


  42. First that cake looks amazing I am drooling the zebra is amazing and so are the tags

  43. What a fun filled post, I really like your art, especially the black and white, Wonderful shots of the windows,


  44. Love your creations Valerie!The tag is a gem!Your cake is beautiful and I wish I could have a piece.It looks yummy yummy and I love sweets.Love the castle, We don't have many here. They are fascinating!Have a creative week!Happy T-Day! :)

  45. Thank you Valerie, for now I need to wipe the drool from my keyboard!! heeheehee
    Love your violet tag-beautiful! xo

  46. Zebra very complimentary piece . Oh that dessert and I like the picture in the cup. Imagination is fun .
    Can take you anywhere as long as you hold on .


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