Sunday, 11 December 2011

Notebooks Galore

Hi everybody, hope you are all well and fit. I stayed at home over the weekend - well, actually I had nowhere else to go! I could have spent the weekend doing H*******K, which is rather necessary, but instead I started making notebooks. I found a big pile of lovely papers, mostly from Anna Griffin, and actually managed to cut them up. I suppose this is the destiny of papers, even nice ones.

The first one is an altered spiral bound notebook; I removed the covers, covered them, and then fiddled them back onto the spiral.

The second one is like the ones I made last week, with a tag-pocket inside.

The next three each have a *built in* matching bookmark, and a bookplate on the cover. I didn't use any lace this time, as there are some strange people who prefer it plain and simple!

And the last ones are small pocket books with lots of pouches for receipts etc. They would also be nice to give with a present of money, that is, if I had any to give away this year! The covers have been made from some leather-look paper, and for the pages I used 2 coordinating papers. I used small bookplates as decorations, and added thin ribbons with beaded ends to close them.

I tried making another one, but then I started to stick the wrong sides together, and thought it might be time for a break!
I have to go to the dentist today, for the final treatment - I hope! Have a good day you all, take care, and thanks for dropping by!


  1. Oh WOW, we must be connected, Valerie...I've crafted all weekend! and in the morning, I have to go to the oral surgeon--did I mention I'm scared to death? Good luck at the dentist!!!

    I LOVE what you created--it's amazing!! And I love your new blog background and header!

  2. Hi Val, hope your visit to the dentist really will be the last for now! Love all the notebooks you have made, really very elegant! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Morning Valerie. I knew something special was about to appear after reading your post yesterday. The books are all fantastic!!!!Love every one of them. Hope all goes well at the dentist.
    Regards Florence x

  4. Gorgeous Anna Griffin paper and love the books with the matching bookmark. Good luck with the D and I like the new wintry header! Suze xx

  5. Gorgeous notebooks Valerie! Hope all goes well at the dentist!
    Have a great day!
    hugs Alyson x

  6. More lovely booklets, love the AG papers but they are hard to cut aren't they?

    Good luck with the dentist must feel wonderful to think that after all this time its over, well for the next 6 months!!! XOXO Zoe

  7. Zoe, don't say that! I need years to recover!

  8. Just gorgeous notebooks Valerie and I too love your new seasonal background.
    Good luck with the you know who and sorry about your weather (the sun is shining here but we apparently have really nasty weather on the way so must make the most of it!)
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  9. Love your Christmasie banner! How Cheerie. AND, OMG, you have been busy. The papers are beautiful and I love the use of the book plates. All in all a huge accomplishment. Good luck at the dentist today ... so good it's your last appointment! hugs, Donna

  10. A wonderful selection of books, they are all goergeous.
    Yvonne x

  11. These are all absolutely wonderful, but that last pocket style book is just amazing! I really love that! Great work!

  12. I can't believe how many gorgeous notebooks you have created yesterday, Valerie! Much more fun than H......K for sure :)

    Good luck at the dentist!

  13. Lovely journals Valerie love the blog makeover too, good luck at the dentist. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my 12 tags - last one today :-(


  14. This is gorgeous Valerie! You have inspired me to give one of these a try!

  15. Fabulous notebooks Valerie!!
    Hugs xx

  16. Hi there Valerie, Gorgeous yummy books, love them all, I've got a thing about altered books ATM LOL Hope all went well at the dentist:0)
    Gay xxx

  17. What beautiful notebooks and love the album :)

  18. Such lovely handmade work, you should open an Etsy shop!

  19. FANTASTIC!! Love them all :]
    But to be honest... the small pocket books with lots of pockets, PRICELESS. Great book crafting, Valerie.
    You have been very busy, indeed.

  20. GORGEOUS notebooks which look so lovely with those AG papers - great choice.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful Christmas tag you sent me - I love it and it has taken pride of place on the mantlepiece in the sitting room, where I can see it all the time.

    ps hope all went well at the dentists :o(

  21. WOW val you have had a good weekend, love them all...

    hope all went well at the dentist, hugs...

    maria xx

  22. WOW, WOW AND WOW! The papers you used for your little note books are gorgeous. Each notebook is a beautiful little treasure.

    Hope the dentist was good to you today and I'm thrilled to hear it was your last visit. YIPPEE.


  23. Hi Val, hopefully you had a good and final treatment today. I think of OUCH when I go to the dentist even for a cleaning.
    Your notebooks are wonderful.
    Love your new background, so festive.
    Hugs, Lesley

  24. How do you get it all done? You are a powerhouse of productivity and creativity!

  25. AMAZING!!!! Each one of them :0) and I absolutely adore your new banner and background!

  26. Please do not mention H.......k even if you don't actually spell it out it still sends shivers down my spine ! Your notebooks are fabulous and those papers are just gorgeous such beautiful designs. I never or very rarely use my DP I just photocopy it and so I always have the original!


  27. My goodness, these are wonderful. Especially love that one with the bright pink 3D flower on it. Great complement to the stamping. So happy to catch up on all your creations today. Hope your mouth is healing at last.

  28. Gorgeous notebooks Valerie! Hope all goes well at the dentist! Have a great day! hugs Alyson x

  29. How do you get it all done? You are a powerhouse of productivity and creativity!


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