Thursday, 7 December 2017

This and that again

Hi Everybody!

Time is flying, once again, and I don't know
where this week went. It's cold and windy today,
so I will be spending the rest of the day at

For Paint Party Friday I have another of my heads
 to share. I did an updated version of my avatar -
I gave myself a new dress! The quote is from
Shakespeare's Hamlet:

 And I snapped the other side of the street with my 
smart phone camera:

Our lingerie shop:

Our little Christmas Market:

And I discovered this photo on my phone when I
was downloading the pics - I must have taken
this wonderful photo of my left foot and
blanket while polishing the screen:

 Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. ha ha,, the left foot shot is so cute lol,, what a beautiful peek at what its like shopping where you live it, I love it,, no big box stores, real people in small shops or open air,, how beautiful!!

  2. oh I'm so sorry I forgot to compliment you on your art,, another wonderful piece!

  3. Hi Val, love your latest head and your left foot is really photogenic! Lovely to see your little shops looking so festive, and the market is sweet. Did you drink a Gluehwein yet? Hugs, Sarah

  4. I loved taking a walk around your Christmas market, thank you. The last photo made me smile! I like your pretty new dress btw. Hugs Barbara

  5. I would love to see those little markets set up at Christmas here in the states. It's so different from what is available to us. I always enjoy this time of year when you share these markets with us.

    Of course, you have some lovely shops, too, including that lingerie shop.

    Really enjoyed your charming head, and really wish I knew more about Shakespeare and Hamlet. Wonderful art and photos today.

  6. Hi Valerie! Wow! I want to shop where you live! The shops look so festive and beautiful! And I love your adorable and creative work of art!! Hete’s Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season!

  7. Your head of ginger hair made me smile. The lingerie shop window is so tastefully decorated. Here, I think the bra and panty sets would have the focus. Oh, I want to stroll through the Christmas market. we don't really have anything like that. Your left foot looks quite cozy resting against the cushion that same color as your hair. That's what made me smile.

  8. I really do get the biggest kick out of the inside of your head! And all the marketing photos. Lovely territory!

  9. Oh for a chip implant of Shakespeare's thought processes. Wasn't he amazing?
    The Christmas market pictures made me smile.
    Loved the foot shot!
    Have a holly, jolly day.

  10. What an original idea, well done! Loved window shopping with you!

  11. Oh my. I love the new pink dress. Its a fantastic page with your new look inside it and a super quote as well.
    The photos looked lovely, but I was drawn to the last one with a big grin on my face. You never know when you may need , or use that photo, so some things are just meant to be.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Hihihi schöner Kontrast, blaue Socke vor orangem Kissen, perfekt!
    Schöne Weihnachtsmarkt-Fotos,Lichterimpressionen,gemütlich.
    Deine Figur im Kopf sieht total lustig aus, gefällt mir sehr.
    Liebe Grüße

  13. Great idea to shelter at home today. Your PPF avatar is so cute. Enjoyed your photos of the wonderful Christmas market. Your candid photo is very cute!

  14. Love the new pink dress! Some lovely shots of the market! I wish our was like that - ours sprawls and has stalls owned by the same people in different parts of the market, although there are a lot of independent ones too! I laughed at your last photo - I am often taking odd shots of things with my smart phone - never managed my left foot yet though!! Stay Warm, Hugs, Chrisx

  15. Hi Valerie love your avatar and what fun being able to visit a Christmas market,I had to laugh at the pic of your foot,that's something I would do,lol ,I am also your newest follower 💋

  16. Love your head and that stylish pink dress. Your Christmas market is quaint and beautiful! the picture of your foot ;)

  17. You're a girl of my own heart laying on the couch with a blanket.:) Amazing those photos we take when we don't know we took them. And I sure like the new pink dress too. I always enjoy your head art. And lastly I think the German Christmas markets are cool. What a great tradition. Thanks for taking some photos and sharing. Happy almost weekend. Hugs-Erika

  18. Fabulous post again and oh I love the markets, would love to just wander through...oh what a fab pic of your foot and blanky,,,,hehe..xx[aNNie]🎄

  19. Your bright new dress is so pretty.LOL I have said this before but I will say it again. There are so many interesting places where you live. I love your photos.

  20. i love your art, your avatar s too cute. also, love that photo of your foot. too funny! xo

  21. Good thine own self be true.

  22. You are an amazing artist--and loved the little market-I would love to visit and see what all they have
    too funny about your foot shot
    Happy friday kathy

  23. haahaaa Nice foot shot! heeheee

    Lovely new dress to match your pinky cheeks!!
    I love the photos of your village at Christmas time- so enchanting- thank you for sharing Valerie!

    Jackie xo

    Happy weekend!

  24. Lol! Love the little slice of life - the shopping and your foot! Happy PPF!

  25. Your Christmas market looks so amazing and pretty! I would love to walk around there. So cute and festive :)

  26. Great painting of your avatar with one of my favorite quotes. Looks like your foot and blanket may be reclining in a recliner.

  27. Finally caught up Valerie and so sorry to have missed such a lot lately. Your painting is gorgeous and love the funky hair!
    Great photos too and your market looks so much better than ours, maybe I should visit one day.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Fliss xx

  28. I think the quotation is true but hard to stick to. But I guess you are being true to yourself when you decide not to say what you really feel in order to protect someone??? Your little Christmas Village feels so warm and inviting, even on a cold day. I love your pillow-great design. Have a good week.

    1. Good question, and that would be fine with me!

  29. To thine own self be true...a very poignant "head" painting. I loved the Christmas market as well, and your reflective shots.

  30. Wonderful painting and quote! I enjoyed strolling round the little Christmas market with you and those Christmas shop windows are beautiful 😁. So funny you took a picture of your foot 😉. Thanks for the smiles and have a lovely evening and weekend! J 😊

  31. Adoro i mercatini di Natale e la loro atmosfera di magia. Grazie per aver condiviso un pezzetto della vita con noi. Un abbraccio.

  32. Lovely holiday photos ~ so festive and love your latest 'head' creation ~ colorful!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  33. Your updated avatar looks fantastic!!!! And the Christmas market looks wonderful! How fun to have one so close by!

  34. hi hi,wie lustig deine seite heute ist,fantastisch.
    die bilder vom weihnachtsmarkt sind toll,so einen schönen weihnachtsbaum,da freue ich mich schon drauf,wollte ihn diesmal in gold silber und weiß schmücken.
    ich wünsch dir ein schönes we,hier hat es gestern ganz doll geschneit,hab mir ein paar stiefel für matsch wetter gekauft wo der fuss trocken bleibt und das nasse nicht durch geht,in bronze ton.

    hugs jenny

  35. Fun piece, love the birds flying around your head. Your Christmas market looks so wonderful! We missed the tree lighting ceremony this year, but the window display contest always makes for a beautiful day of lights and decorations! happy weekend :)

  36. Face is so fun, by love it. I love your cozy foot picture too makes me giggle! I've done that so much but not as flattering as your picture!

    Hugs Giggles

  37. I love your face!! It's perfect!!! Gorgeous Christmas Market! Wish I could go! Waving hi to your foot! LOL! Big Hugs!

  38. Awesome face and update to your avatar. :) I love the foot picture- I do stuff like that all the time. Sometimes surprising photos show up of random floors or feet.


  39. Just love your left foot shot, and all of your other photographs.

    All the best Jan


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