Tuesday, 19 December 2017

T stands for Snowmen

Hi Everybody!

Today is Elizabeth's
T stands for Tuesday, so here a big
welcome to all the nice ladies of
the T Gang.

My drink is in a huge Snowman mug filled
 with a delicious mix of cappuccino and
hot chocolate - just the thing in this cold weather!

For Tag Tuesday, Joan's lovely 'Christmas memories'
 challenge I made a couple of quick snowman
tags. The first one was made with scraps of
DCWV Christmas cardstock and a die-cut snowman
with Stickles. I grew up in London, and was 7 the
first time I saw snow, so building a snowman
was a big thrill, but my Auntie was very cross because
my shoes got soaked.....

The 2nd one was made with scraps from one of my bit-boxes:


 On Saturday we had a nice sunset down by the Rhine:

The Rhine is still very full:

The Nativity in the Basilica is beautiful, as always:

 Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Your drink looks yummy, love the beaker, too. It looks very cold down by the Rhine, hope it doesn't get any higher. Love the snowmen, both of them! Have a lovely day, hugs, Sarah

  2. LOVE the nativity scene, so beautiful. Your cup is gorgeous as I am sure the coffee is, now I feel like one. Mr snowmen are gorgeous and too cute and loving your photos. I will catch up with you on January 10th...have a lovely Christmas.xx[aNNie]🎄⛄

  3. This truly IS a snowman day. I adore the snowman mug. I only get mine out in the summer so I can cool off, but yours looks perfect with the cappuccino and hot chocolate mix.

    Your two tags are fabulous. I always like it when you use scraps and bit from previous projects. It makes it even more meaningful. Building your first snowman must have been quite memorable, because it left such a lasting impression. I can't remember my first snowman, but I'm sure I was about the same age.

    The nativity scene is lovely again this year. I remember you shared it last year, too. It's worth seeing again this year.

    Thanks for sharing your snowmen tags, your trip down to the Rhine, the nativity, and your snowman mug with cappuccino and hot chocolate with us for T this Tuesday. It's a wonderful mug!

    Only two days until a very special day. I wonder what it is!!!

    1. It is the day someone has to clean the place as people will be coming, aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Lots of cakes need to be baked, too....

  4. Hi Valerie ,love your snowman tags and how beautiful is the Nativity scene,so pretty thankyou for sharing my friend 💋

  5. OMGOSH. I just read your comment on my blog. I'm simply thrilled it arrived on time!

  6. Oh I am in love with all of your snowmen and your Auntie sounds like she was no fun at all back then. Enjoyed all the photos so much too
    Merry Christmas Kathy

  7. Nadolig hapus a blwyddyn newydd lewyrchus (Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year in Welsh).

    Back from Australia and hope to return to blogging in the new year

  8. Your snowmen tags look fantastic. I liked your memory of your aunt, I was always in trouble for getting shoes wet as well.
    Your mug looks lovely and so does your delicious drink.
    Happy T day wishes Valerie.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Your snowmen-all of them- are festive and happy. I think your drink sounds good, even if I don't like plain coffee, I bet it would taste good mixed with coco. And your tags are so cute! :) Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  10. Hi Valerie, I love your new heading with the ice skates and street lamp – it makes me think of Narnia! I also love all your snowmen, what a shame your auntie got cross, but maybe she thought your parents would be cross with her. :)
    The river and Nativity photos are beautiful. Hugs Barbara

    1. There are lots of places here which look like Narnia. When I walk through the park I sometimes think I could meet Mr Tumnus.

  11. that is one charming mug of cappuccino! And your tags are just delightful Valerie. The Nativity is gorgeous looking and to see the Rhine each day is just wonderful no matter what the weather. Happy T day and a Merry Christmas too!

  12. The snow in your header photo is so beautiful. We have not had any snow yet and it's still unseasonably warm and very dry here :( Your cards are great and I love your photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Wishing a Happy T Day and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  13. Your cards are very sweet- love building snow men! and snow dogs as well! heehee
    The nativity is beautiful! Do they always put the Christ child in before Christmas? or is He part of Mary's figure? The church I grew up with is having a living nativity this year, something quite different. It is a bit of a drive for us, but i think I would like to go and see it. Have you ever seen one Valerie?

  14. Totally love your snowman mug!! Wonderful tags, more snowmen, so cute! Your sky shots are beautiful, but those misty water shots really grab my eye, wow! Guess all your snow melted, us too. have a great day :)

  15. that is the cutest mug -- but what's REALLY cute -- adorable, in fact, are those terrific snowguy tags! I love snow people. Love 'em and these are just the best I've seen so far! Beautiful nativity.

  16. Had to smile at your mug, I am having my coffee in one that is so similar they could be from the same set. *grin*
    Cute little snowman tags.
    Merry Christmas and Happy T-day

  17. Your snowman mug is so cute. Your adorable snowman tags bring back some happy memories of when I liked snow. My mother would make me wear plastic bags, the kind bread came in, over my shoes and inside my boots so my shoes wouldn't get wet. I enjoy your Rhine pictures. Looks like the ducks don't seem to mind the cold. The Nativity is gorgeous. I have never seen one where the figures are wearing clothing. Love the color of Mary's gown. Happy T Day!

  18. Your drink looks delicious in your Christmas mug! The snowman tags are adorable memories. Thanks for sharing the photos, the nativity scene is beautiful.

  19. Those snowmen are wonderful! I love snowmen mugs and art for the winter season. That nativity scene is a beautiful inspiration. Happy T Tuesday

  20. I love your snowman mug and the combination of cappuccino and hot chocolate is a fabulous idea, enjoy! Your tags are beautiful and full of Christmas cheer too 😀. Your misty photos are lovely and so wintery too - perfect! Wishing you a Happy T Day and a very Merry Christmas! J 😊

  21. What sweet snowmen, I love them! I love your photographs as well.

  22. A yummy looking drink and two lovely tags! Great misty witry photos too and that Nativity scene looks amazing!!

  23. What a beautiful nativity scene. It looks like the perfect place to sit and take it all in.
    And your snowman tags are so pretty and look perfect with your snowman mug ;)
    Merry Christmas,

  24. Valerie i'm so late to the party.. Long story short... Very early drive to the airport three hours away... i did say EARLY... uuggh came home fell into bed slept til noon... I'm still discombobulated ... lol Love seeing your photos of the Rhine.. in all its overflowing goodness.. And that snowman mug is just perfect.. Your snowman story made me smile.. I would love to get to make a snowman here in Arkansas this year.. fingers crossedd! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  25. What a festive mug! Mixing coffee and hot chocolate sounds delicious. I picked up the fixings tonight for a hazelnut hot mocha.
    The snowmen made me smile:)
    The nativity is beautiful as is the Rhine and the sunset.
    Have a jolly day.

  26. I have never had a mix of cappuccino and hot chocolate- but now I want to try it!

    Love the tags- I am a huge fan of snowmen. :)

    You know I love your sky and tree pictures. Gorgeous!

  27. Love your snowman tags and Christmas memories, Valerie. I grew up in Wisconsin. You made me think of sledding down snowy hills and ice skating on a nearby river and pond.

    Thank's for sharing the beautiful Nativity scene.

    Happy T-day and Merry Christmas! Hugs, Eileen

  28. Those glittering eyes on the second snowman makes me smile. I love them.
    Have a jolly day.

  29. Beautiful artwork Valerie and love both those handsome chaps. I love my mocha too and hope yours did the warning up trick.
    Fliss xx

  30. the snowmen are lovely! the nativity scene is really a treat as well. happy christmas! xo

  31. Your cup looks fabulous and I bet it tasted delicious! Your tags are both brilliant - a good memory too - oh yes…the wet feet and socks drying in front of the fire - no such thing as getting a new pair out at the end of the day in our house!! The Rhine looks very full - we have been to see the Mersey today and the little island can hardly be seen! The Nativity looks to be very beautiful! Happy T day and I have at last some time to catch up so I am starting here! Big Hugs, Chrisx

  32. I love your snowmen Valerie, and that beautiful Nativity scene!
    Wishing you a very blessed and happy Christmas!
    Alison xox

  33. Like the look of your Snowman mug ...

    That is a beautiful nativity, I'm so pleased you shared these beautiful photographs.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

    All the best Jan

  34. I love your mug!! What a yummy drink!
    Your snowman story was precious! I love your two art pieces that went along with it!
    Love the nativity scene! So beautiful! Big Hugs!
    Merry Christmas my friend!


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