Saturday, 28 February 2015

Last Day of Birds, Beasts and Humans

Hi Everybody!

It's Friday evening already, so that means the weekend 
has begun - have a good one!

Today is the last day of the Birds, beasts and humans challenge at Art Journey Journal, and it was a great month. If you follow the link on my side bar you can see all of the lovely entries. Today I have put together a collage of all of my entries, a month full of colour and fun. Come back tomorrow to see where your next flight of fantasy will take you!

I have often showed photos of this row of benches, where I 
like to sit, weather permitting.

Recently I showed this photo of the same path, a few yards further on, and Chrissie said she was pleased to see what was round the bend...
So I decided to show a bit more, although I am sure I have shown similar photos before, but not together to show the 'lay of the land'.
On the left you can see the jetty, where the white boats stop in summer, and exactly opposite, on the right of the photo, is the main street.

The jetty is mostly used from the gulls....

Here you can see the entrance to the Market Street on the right.

There is a market held there every Wednesday, directly at the Rhine

When you continue on the towpath this bronze relief is on the wall at the corner of the Market Street, showing what it used to be like

This is a few steps further along the old walls

The old mill lost it's top many years ago, and is now a private house.

Here I am standing on the same spot, just looking back to the jetty. In the distance you can see the bridge over the Rhine very faintly.

The old fortification walls all have different names

These old steps, leading to nowhere, are under the mill. In the 19th and early 20th century the steps led to a room on the right where patients from the Florence Nightingale Hospital could change into their bathing clothes before being led to a bathing spot on the Rhine! The stairs are made of window ledges and lintels from the castle ruins.

Just past the stairs the path divides.The path on the left leads along the Rhine to the next little village, and on the right it leads round the old town.

These two made themselves comfortable at home again.

And Lilly. Both photos were taken by my neighbour Gabi.

That's all for today!

Have a good day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Beautiful collage of your wonderful work. And what a lovely walking path you have.

  2. Delightful creation on display today and gorgeous colour combo's....Those papers and added goods are so suited. Beautiful creation. Love the photos...xx
    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  3. A wonderful display of paintings, you can be proud of yourself, and thanks for the tour long the towpath, too. Hugs, Sarah

  4. Stunning set of pages this month from you Valerie and they have made a very bright and beautiful collage.

    Love the photographs and how the brightly coloured tiles and the green steps added so much colour to your day.

    I guess that the cats just love being with you

    Have a great day

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Your art collage is very bright and beautiful.
    The tour was fabulous, I really like the old walls and the green on the lintel steps is simply fabulous. {{Hugs}} :o)

  6. auf deine februarkollektion kannst du sehr stolz sein, die leuchtenden hintergründe springen fast aus dem Bildschirm!
    und um deine wohnumgebung bist du auch zu beneiden. bei uns ist es zwar auch schön, aber es fehlt definitiv das wasser! wunderbare Fotos:)

  7. Deine Collage ist so schön anzusehen Valerie..diesen Monat warst Du in einem wunderbarem Lauf und all die Farben harmonieren in der Collage richtig toll!
    Deine Fremdenführertour heute hat mir sehr gut gefallen - eine ganz tolle Gegend ist das ... ich würde gern in der alten Mühle wohnen... herrliche Fotos auch von meinen Lieblingen, den Möwen und beim Anblick dieser uralten Treppensteine denke ich dass ich sehr froh bin, dass unser Treppenhaus doch ein wenig moderner nun!
    Die beiden Katzen von Gabi sind echte Prachttiger.. gefallen mir sehr gut!
    Dir einen wunderschönen Samstag!
    Danke für den tollen Art Journal Journey Monat Valerie♥♥♥

    1. Ich wuerde auch gerne dort wohnen, mir fehlen nur die Millionen!

  8. Beautiful work from your series on Birds,beasts and humans. I also enjoyed the photographs and history. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. A wonderful collage of your colourful work and your photos are beautiful.
    xxx Hazel.

  10. It's amazing to see all of your artwork lined up like that, you were busy this month! It was so lovely to take the tour with you this morning, I can really picture your wonderful home town now! Have a wonderful Saturday! hugs :)

  11. Thanks for the lovely walk around. I was happy to see more. Your artwork looks super all together!

  12. What wonderful photos today, Valerie. I really enjoyed seeing your town. Lilly looks just like the Russian Blue my Mom had and loved for so many years. I will plan on looking at your past posts of journal pages...can only sit for so long!

  13. GORGEOUS, gorgeous work you did this month for your art journal. And I can never see too many shots of your beautiful surroundings. Such a magical place where you live! <3

  14. What a wonderful collage Valerie. Such gorgeous work.

    Loved seeing the shots of your local spots.... it looks lovely and very peaceful.

    Karen x

  15. Love seeing all of your art together. ♥ The roofs on the buildings on Market Street are beautiful... I love tile roofs :) Love looking at all of your photos ... It's snowing here again today... supposed to get 6 inches or more again. Fortunately most of the old snow had melted in the past 3 days and it's supposed to warm back up by the middle of next week so this snow will be gone soon too :) So I'll just enjoy it's beauty while it's here.

    1. Enjoy your snow, keep warm and have fun with all your hobbies!

  16. Wonderful photos, I felt I was on the walk with you, you gave a super guided tour . This months artwork looks stunning as a collage piece.
    Yvonne xx

  17. What a beautiful place you live and so many walking places, what a treasure. You certainly are prolific with your challenges, I shall never be able to keep up with you and Susi. xox

  18. What a great walk, loved it, thanks. It was good to see the photos along the way. Loved seeing the old steps and the bridge over the Rhine.
    And you can't go wrong with photos of Lucky and Lilly. Was Lucky not the large cat? She seems to have lost weight.
    Finally what a collection of wonderful artwork for the challenge.

    1. Lucky is large and has NOT lost weight! It just looks like that because of the angle from which the photo was taken.

    2. Every cat know his best angle.

  19. A lovely collage of all your beautiful art, Valerie. My favorite is the one with the bubbles and birds.

  20. The collage of your art looks amazing.
    Valerie, do you remember I told you about the two kittens who live nearby and how one has not been seen for weeks and weeks and weeks. I now know where she is .... in your home. Lily is the double of the beautiful grey cat that would visit, the likeness is remarkable!

  21. What a wonderful body of art work Valerie - you should feel very proud!
    I really enjoyed your pictures today. What fantastic walking areas you have to enjoy.
    Sandy xx

  22. Tolle collage - da sind so viele schoene Werke mit dabei! Die Fotos sind auch schoen - da krieg ich gleich Heimweh nach Deutschland!

  23. Excellent work my friend. You are so talented.. And I really enjoyed your photos. TFS...

    Hugs, Linda


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