Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A heart, an owl and some birds

Hi Everybody!

Today we have a new theme at Tag Tuesday - Valentine.
Hmm, not really my fave theme, and at the moment I can't cut things, so I am showing a refurbished Valentine heart from last year. I added new flowers to freshen it up, and it will have to do this time. I can do some painting and doodling just now in spite of my injuries, but it is not possible to use scissors!

For Art Journal Journey, 'Birds, beasts and humans', I made an owl page. The A4 page, painted with black gesso, is a remnant from another project. I added colour with oil pastels and pastel chalks. The owl was added with a stencil, using gesso sprinkled with fairy dust. When it was dry, I coloured some parts with gold gel-pen. I added some little scrolls and stars, and stenciled the houses along the bottom of the page under the light of the  moon.
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I enjoyed watching the birds this morning

The heron and gulls were out fishing again

Have a great day you all, take care, 
and thanks a lot for coming by.


  1. Lovely owl page and Valentine. Hope the birds cheer up your sore hand.

  2. Great post - love the pretty heart, the owl page is magnificent, and wonderful photos! Take care, hugs, Sarah

  3. WOW WOW WOW. Fabulous and brilliant card...love the design of this it's awesome.xx

    {The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  4. Love the owl page and the heart looks very romantic! Hope your injuries get better soon!

  5. Your golden owl looks great against the nighttime sky and even though I'm not into Valentines either, your heart is very pretty. Rest up that hand now! Xx

  6. Your bird photographs are amazing as always.

    Sorry you can't cut out still but your renewed heart is very beautiful.

    A wonderful journal page with lots of richness and a beautiful owl. Your writing is always so neat.

    Love Chrissie

  7. Great art pieces and photos, Valerie,
    hugs xx

  8. Das Herz sieht toll aus... Du hast recht, dass Du es erneuert hast!
    Die Site ist sooo schön, ich nehme mir immer vor Deine Hintergrundtechniken auszuprobieren.. Ölkreiden , Pastellkreiden über schwarzem Gesso.. das klingt schon so cool...
    und sieht herrlich aus. Du Arme kannst nicht mit der Schere schneiden.... dann male und werkle bitte bitte weiterhin so schöne Sachen ohne Schere! LOL!
    Hatte bis eben kein Inet... macht auch nichts -- hab ich einiges erledigen können!

    Einen schönen Tag Dir!
    Die Vogelaufnahmen sind wieder allererste Sahne!

    1. Die Farben leuchten schön über schwarzem Gesso!

  9. Love that refurbishes heart Valerie, gorgeous flowers! Wonderful owl artwork too! big hugs :)

  10. Absolutely loving the gorgeously feminine heart with the wings and scrumptious flowers. Love the sense of drama on your journal page. Great photos once again.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  11. Oh my, it sounds like you really did a good job of injuring your hand! Hope it is better soon! At least you can doodle! I like the colors in the owl piece!

  12. The heart is sweet and I LOVE the owl!!! Great bird photos again. You know the heron is my favorite :)
    Sending healing thoughts for your hand.

    1. The heron is my fave too, always so graceful. Hope you are keeping well.

  13. I totally love your heart, so who needs to use scissors? Love the old key with its pink tag, wonder what it is the key to?
    Great owl too and the town below. He actually looks quite contented, not wailing just now.

  14. Beautiful heart shaped project with the new flowers, Valerie. Owl's are always fun and your piece is too. Hope each day gets a bit easier for you. This morning, a friend is picking me up and we are going out for a milkshake. They are so easy on my throat.

    Love hugs,

  15. Das Herz ist sooooooo romantisch <3 und deine Eulenseite einfach klasse gestaltet! Liebe Grüße, Dagmar

  16. Love the owl page , he looks like he is watching over the town, fabulous colours. Great make over as well with the pretty heart.
    Yvonne xx

  17. Fabulous tag Valerie. Love the stunning Lily. Your Owl page is wonderful and you captured the look well. Again great pictures, love the heron. Hugs Rita xxx

  18. Love your owls!!! And your pretty valentine is special!
    I also enjoyed bird watching!

  19. Hi Valerie, your card is beautiful and the perfect Valentine. Your owls are beautiful too and so striking.
    Always great pics you share.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs, CM

  20. Your valentine is full of layered goodness... I Love it. Your owl is pretty amazing as well!! Love your bird shots!!


  21. This is gorgeous, Valerie. You really gave it new life.

  22. Die Eulenseite ist traumhaft schön, was für eine Farbbrilliance, einfach nur klasse.

  23. your art is wonderful and your bird photography is amazing


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