Sunday, 1 February 2015

New Challenge at Art Journal Journey.

Hi Everybody!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Today is the start of a new challenge at Art Journal Journey - 'Birds, beasts and Humans'. This gives us a wide field of possibilities to be creative. You can, for example, make portraits or pictures of people, animals and birds, or you can combine them to make fantastic  mixed beings - perhaps a bird's head on a human body with animal feet? Think about all the wonderful images of the ancient Egyptians, the Sphinx, for example - just wonderful for this challenge. May your creativity spread wings and fly in all sorts of fantastic directions - we are looking forward to see where your flights of fantasy take you.
For my first example I have made an A3 journal page with something of everything. The wonderful rhinoceros from Albrecht Dürer seems to be astonished by the little hippos splashing in a pond. Froggy is fishing, a little mouse is having fun, and a lady is emerging from a flower. One of the Gibson girls is staring haughtily at a mysterious lady in a mask, and they are both being slowly  over grown with climbing plants. Mr Umbrella Man is walking calmly through this strange jungle, doing his own thing, and perhaps wondering about the huge birds over his head....Just let your fantasy lead you into a strange land, and enjoy being there! I painted the background with acrylics, made the circles with a loo roll, and stenciled the Umbrella Man with a mix of blue and black paint. The other elements were collaged, and then I added some doodling for the plants and branches. This was fun to make, I enjoy just watching it grow.

I woke up very early this morning, sat at my desk drinking coffee, and watched the day dawning. The lights in the background are planes coming down to land.

Birds of a feather:

A hungry hawk:

Lucky went for walk in the stairwell:

A beach crow:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by.


  1. deine seite ist ganz gro0artig,gefällt mir sehr,schönbes neues thema,hab auch schon was gemacht.
    hab einen schönen sonntag.

    GLG Jenny

  2. Nice work on the new challenge! Gosh you are up early! Lovely photos too.

  3. LOVE your new theme, and your fantastic page, just wonderful. Great dawn photos, too. Have a lovely day, hugs, Sarah

  4. Traumhaft ist das einfach nur! Ich bin total begeistert und die Fotos sind wunderwunderschön Valerie!
    Super!!! Hab einen tollen Sonntag !

  5. A wonderful collage piece Valerie with lots of interesting elements. The new theme certainly does give lots of scope for creativity. Great photos too!

  6. Amazing collage for your journal page Valerie--love all the colours on it.

    Terrific photographs with all the blues. Nice to see lucky and also the wonderful birds-thank you for sharing all of your photographs

    Love Chrissie x

  7. Sehr gelungene Vielfalt und wunderschöne Fotos - einen wunderschönen Sonntag wünscht Ariane

  8. ein sehr schöner Auftakt in ein wundervolles und vielseitiges neues Thema... klasse beispielbild, an dem du sicher sehr lange gewerkelt hast!

  9. A super fantasy collage Valerie, such a happy piece, I think it's those hippos! Have a lovely Sunday. Xx

  10. A3 is so BIG and you never fail to fill it beautifully. There is so much going on, on this page. So much to catch they eye and inspire.
    Your daybreak pics are excellent. have a great day. ((hugs)) :o)

  11. Wunderschön, deine "Riesen"-Kollage! Tolle Farben und viele schöne Details! Die kleinen Hippos unter rechts sind einfach goldig!
    Einen schönen Sonntag für dich!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  12. wow, interesting page, there is loads going on (in a good way) It looks like your hippo is winking, I love it :) T x

  13. You've certainly covered the gamut of the theme and in a most inventive way. I fully expect Twiggy to pop up in some mod outfit on this page. Makes me think of the 60"s. xox

  14. Wow, an awesome fantasy page. Love the new theme, plenty to think about with this one.
    Yvonne xx

  15. That sounds like a fun theme--love your very creative first piece! Such a serene view you have for your morning coffee!

  16. A new month and another wonderful challenge from you and Susi!
    I will NOT miss playing along this month.
    Your fantasy page certainly IS fun dear Valerie (Durer always fascinates me!)
    Schöne , Ihre blauen Himmel aufzuwachen ... ahhhh
    Happy February already!

  17. Beautiful artwork as always my dear! Love the deep blue night sky shots, almost romantic if it wasn't so cold out! HA! hugs :)

    1. Yes it was cold, and I was outside in my pyjamas taking photos!

  18. Fantastic and beautiful collage! Very colourful as well. Lucky looks sweet. Take care, Shirleyxx

  19. Da hast du aber wieder ein sehr schönes Thema für den Monat ausgesucht, da ist wirklich für jeden was dabei.
    Deine kunterbunte Collage ist gleich ein toller Einstieg!
    LG Ulrike

  20. You have started the month off with an amazing collage :) Hopefully this month I'll be more able to contribute as I'm also doing #29Faces in February so the ones that get done in my journal will apply here :)

  21. Lovely art and great photos.... love those blue skies. Stunning!

    Karen x

  22. such a wonderful piece Carol
    quite dynamic
    a wonderful theme to inspire art
    sweet week to you!

  23. Wow this is so inspiring, beautiful page wich is so much to see on!!

  24. Another gorgeous piece of art. x

  25. Gorgeous and so clever, love all the elements you added and how they all fit together so beautifully! ~Diane

  26. I just love the vibrant colors of you creation. I LOVE it. Great photos as well my friend.

  27. A inspiring and wonderful page, so many beautiful elements, love the challenge and thanks for your sweet comment.

  28. This is brilliant and beautiful Val, it's good to see Mr Umbrella Man again. The daybreak photographs are just fabulous xx

  29. Wie genial - auf der Seite gibt es herrlich viel zu entdecken, klasse Details. Deine "blauen" Fotos gefallen mir super gut.

  30. Hi Valerie, Wonderful art piece and I always love to see umbrella man. great walking pics and Lucky is too cute. Happy Creating this week.

  31. wow! Stunning page, a real eyecatcher!
    Groetjes Karin

  32. I'm mesmerized by your colors. Scrolling through your posts felt like looking through a kaleidoscope. So inspiring.

  33. Deine Seite gefällt mir sehr gut! Die Farben und die vielen verschiedenen Bilder. So viel zu entdecken! :-)

  34. Eine gelungene Seite, sehr stimmungsvolle Photos. Ich mag ganz besonders gerne deine tierischen Begegnungen!!


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