Monday, 2 December 2019

T sTands for Tag Tuesday's new challenge

Hi Everybody!

It's December already, and the year is almost over. At Tag Tuesday we are starting a wintry challenge hosted by Joan, who chose 'White Christmas' as her theme. I'm not hoping for a white one here, I prefer dry weather without ice and snow, but we have to take it as it comes....
I made a hybrid tag using a photo of my 2 winter bird ornaments, which was placed on a water-coloured background using elements from Serif, blended together with a snowflake filter. The tag challenge goes live at 21:00 hours CET:

For  Elizabeth's 2nd on the 2nd I have chosen an A3 mixed media  Einstein piece from 2015:

And it's also time for T sTands for Tuesday, so here some of my beverages from this past week. The first one was in an 'in' cafe in Oberkassel. The decoration wasn't bad, there was a fun light-sign on the wall, but the chairs were uncomfortable and the coffee was weak:

I often nip in to a bakery for a coffee when I'm out walking. I managed 109 kilometers last week in spite of rain, frost and wind. I don't usually eat anything but it all looks and smells good:

And this was in a self-service coffee place, where you get a huge mug, twice as much as usual, for half the normal price, and it tastes good:

Cold and frosty weather, paired with a touch of mist gives us some beautiful sunrise and sunset pics:

And I am enjoying my evening walks through our little town:

 Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hi Valerie beauful work my friend and wow what a lovely cafe ,and the views that get to see on your walks are amazing,Thankyou for sharing your beautiful pics with us xx

  2. Hi Val, love your art, especially the Einstein piece, too funny and so right! the snow tag is pretty, too. Great photos, love how you always record what you do each day, and you surely had plenty of coffee, that's always good! Great photos of sunrise and sunset, that morning sun is fabulous. Have a lovely day, hugs, Sarah

  3. Valerie! :-) I just ... argh, Englisch ist einfacher! Ich hatte einen Schluck (Tee) als ich las du möchstest keinen Schnee.
    Meine Monitore hatten echt Angst dass ich sie anspucke, denn ich musste lachen!
    Oh, ist das ein weiterer König?
    Einstein war schon sehr schlau!!!! Gut, dass ich nicht noch einen Schluck genommen hab!

    Ein trauriges, beängstigendes Leuchtbild.
    Ist mir beinahe in Düsseldorf passiert. Ich hatte aber eine Freundin dabei. Und es war auch kein Seemann.
    Habe mich dort an der Uni umgeguckt und Abends in einem kleinen Retsaurant was gegessen. Notiz unter dem "bier"deckel und dann sowas.
    Schlimm. Der ist uns gefolgt und hat mich am Arm gepackt.
    Was denken Menschen, so etwas zu produzieren - Warnung? Es war Winter, keine "nackigen" Beine/Arme.
    Soo lange her, aber huiiii. Es macht noch immer Angst.

    WOW! 109 km!!! Sehr gut! In dem sch...-Wetter!

    Ist das die "Rücken Fabrik"????
    "Back-Factory" - tut mir jedes Mal weh, das zu lesen!
    (Ich hoffe, dein Zahnarzt-Termin war ok!)

    Schöne Bilder, trotz der Dunkelheit!

  4. Obviously Albert Einstein was wise in more ways than we ever dreamed!

  5. I really like your snowy tag, but I hope the snow stays on your tag and doesn't land on the ground. It's a lovely tag, regardless.

    I LOVE your Einstein journal page. It even goes nicely with Yvonne's theme at AJJ. I borrowed that Einstein stamp from a friend one year when I was working on my Hands AB. It's fun and I love that quote. Although I remember it, I had forgotten it until I read it. It's a wonderful second look on the 2nd, dear.

    You get around a lot, and you got a lot of exercise this past week. Too bad you experienced some weak coffee. I don't mind luke warm coffee, but I am NOT fond of weak coffee. It even looked weak. I think I would be going back to Back Werk more often, especially since it sounds like you got a good price, too. You had a lot of drinks to share with us this T Tuesday. Wonderful choices in cappuccino land! Thanks for sharing them, too.

    I really enjoyed the night views. There is something magical about nighttime, and your photos showed it. I really liked those white buildings and the fountain, too.

  6. Love the little birds on your tag especially the bird with the crown. I can do without the snow as we have enough on the ground this morning and more on the way. I've always loved that picture of Einstein and that's a fun quote. Oh, I can imagine the heavenly smell of the bakery. As always lovely photos. Happy T Day

  7. Beautiful tag and fantastic Einstein page.

  8. I Valerie beautiful tag, and loved the second look with Einstein-I love that quote had not heard that before. You find such neat places for a cuppa. Enjoyed all of your photos too-good for you walking every day-I keep telling me myself I need to start with that-where I live is in a circle with very steep hills-so I need to see if I can tackle that or not.
    Happy Second on the 2nd, T, and enjoy your new week Hugs Kathy

  9. Liebe Valerie
    das sind zwei grossartige Tag und Bild! Der Einstein ist ja lustig gemacht und der Tag ist so süss!
    Wunderschöne Fotos von dienem Abendspaziergang und deine Besuche in den Cafe´s. Der Backwerk ist für mal zwischen drin genauso gut.
    Schöne Woche im Dezember, bei mir ist eher Aprilwetter wie Winterwetter.
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  10. Kawa smakuje jeszcze lepiej gdy ogląda się takie piękne fotografie:)

    1. Thanks Lucyna! Glad the pics made your coffee even better!

  11. Lovely tags and a beautiful page. Enjoyed your photos today!

  12. Beautiful photos and I love your artwork Valerie! Xx

  13. Love the pieces. The first one is sooo cute and the second hilarious.
    I particularly love the evening shots of your town. Just beautiful. As far as walking, you are kicking serious butt.

  14. I can live without White Christmas too. I'd much rather see it on cards like yours! The restaurant looks lovely -- a perfect T place!

  15. There's no worse crime than weak coffee. Well, not really, but still ;) I'd love a bit of snow, but it's rare here. When we get frozen precipitation we usually get ice instead :( Your sunrise and sunset photos are lovely as always. Happy T Day!

  16. It sounds like another perfect week! That is a great quote!

  17. More beautiful art work 😁 great sunrise and sunset photos Valerie, I can see them being used in your art work at some stage.

  18. I'm not hoping for a white Christmas either, very pretty but my family will be driving that day. I love your artworks Valerie, these birds are very sweet, and your Einstein piece is wonderful - I love that quote. Have a very happy week, Sue xx

  19. I like to see White Christmases on Christmas Cards, but not so much in real time …
    Lovely seeing your art, and photographs - another very nice collection.

    Happy December Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  20. Love the White Christmas tag and even better that I made a tag that works for the challenge today, without even knowing the challenge. Smile. And I remember Einstein and that fun page. I read a book a while back about him and his first wife and he was quite the chauvinist, but I guess when you are that smart you can be whoever you want, especially in those times it was probably not uncommon. And congrats on all those steps! Very nice! Happy early T day. Hugs-Erika

  21. i love coffee with sth sweet from bakery:D

  22. Bummer about the weak coffee and uncomfortable chairs:(
    Hope your coffee today is bold and aromatic and your seat comfortable:)

  23. so Love your post, the gorgeous photos and the fabulous tags and gosh I like weak coffee, but chairs need to be comfy for the old 'rotunda' hugs

  24. your white Christmas tag is just darling! Weak coffee may as well be wate to me , but I think most every coffee you share is really good. Wonderful photos of your walks, and glorious shots of the sunrises and sunsets! Happy T day!

  25. OOhh your tag is really Gorgeous dear Valerie !! I loove the wonderful background, and all the beautiful elelments you added. Looks like a true winter !! Your second is aewsome, and the quote is super.
    Happy T-day !! your coffee is great !! so good to take something else with it! I wish you a very nice day-afternoon, and great December !
    Biiig hugs, Caty

  26. Beautiful tag. I love bird ornaments. I like your Einstein art piece from the past: that quote is funny and true. You're doing great walking a lot even though the temperatures are much cooler now. I always enjoy seeing photos of the places where you stopped for coffee / cappuccino. Great sun photos. I like it when there is fog / mist in the air. Happy T-Day!

  27. Lovely seasonal tags Valerie and I love all the photos you shared today. Things look so different as the days change to shorter daylight hours. Good for you to walk so many miles this past week.
    The cafe's always look so welcoming especially if a good bakery and cake counter are there to tempt us. I smiled at you thinking the coffee was weak, it would probably be just right for me.
    The Einstein page looks awesome as well, its a good quote.
    Happy T day wishes Valerie.
    Yvonne xx

  28. That's a wonderful winter wonderland that you created on your tag! So many lovely cafe treats this week and I love the neon sign of the dancing couple 😁. The cold and frosty sunset/sunrises photos are so beautiful too! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  29. There's nothing worse than weak coffee. And the cup read 'Lavazza' which is a good Italian brand of coffee...
    You sure have walked a lot this week. I love those sun rise photos. And the photos taken at night are beautiful too and I recognise the place from when you go there in the day.
    The coffee place with the mug of coffee looks like a good place to go more often. (depending on the distance I suppose), but you like your walks so that should not be a problem.
    The tag is great. I had seen that Einstein stamp before and it always makes me smile.
    Happy T-Day to you,

  30. Haha! I love that Albert Einstein quote and piece that you made.
    Your drink looks delicious! Sounds like you can't beat half price, double the amount just to get it yourself. Looks like they have a wonderful selection of baked goods.
    Happy Tea Day,

  31. Wow! Those are gorgeous sunrise and sunset photos. And, that quote on your 2nd on the 2nd post is great. I had never heard it before. Beautiful tag, too. Happy T Day!

  32. Wonderful digital tag, Valerie. You're a genius with your Serif program.

    OMGosh, the Einstein page is great. He was amazing - an intellectual giant yet very down to earth - as that famous photo illustrates. Such a rare combination.

    109 kilometers?! Holy cow! That's 67 miles in my western brain. I 'd have to walk 25 miles to Guadalajara and back plus 7 miles shopping. Incredible!!!

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! Have a great week.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  33. What a great quote from Einstein, made me laugh. I’m not sure how you resist all those goodies in the bakery, the smell would just sets me drooling!
    Great artwork and beautiful photos, it’s cold and frosty here too, I had to watch my step taking our GS to the Kindergarten this morning
    Happy late T day, Jan x

  34. Such a lovely tag - those birds are too cute. I love your digital work!! Your photos are beautiful, as always. Thanks for joining the challenge!

  35. Great tag and journal page, that saying of Einstein is so true.
    Hugs Wendy


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