Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Monkey business and more

Hi Everybody!

Hope your week is going well. Today I am sharing a hybrid 
piece using a face I drew some years back, placed on 
a hand-painted and textured BG and with some leaves 
and flowers from Mischief Circus:

Yesterday we had quite a lot of sun, and started the day
with a great sunrise:

And in the evening we were treated to the full moon, 
which made it a great day for me:

 On Sunday we visited the zoo in Krefeld, a neighbouring 
town, and today I just want to share some pics of this 
rather bored looking chap:

It's always good to be able to show one's feelings....

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hi Valerie wow what a great page I love this,well done.
    I enjoy your pics love the bored gorilla ,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  2. That gorilla is so funny, I nearly choked on my tea! Love your lady with hat, pink is indeed a cheerful colour. Lovely photos of the sunrise and moon, too, glad you got a few hours sunshine. Have a fun day, look after yourself, hugs, Sarah

  3. Love that face emerging from the hybrid background - such an amazing effect. And what a wonderful view of the moon you captured.
    Alison x

  4. Wow !!! That face is remarkable and I love the way it is placed in your background ...really stunning. Beautiful quote too x Great Photos Valerie and I love the moon x Great photo of that furry guy as well xx

    Best wishes
    Annie x

  5. Hello dear Valerie!
    Wow!!The drawing face is gorgeous!!
    And i like the background and the flowers and leaves that you put on!
    Great capture of the full moon ,stunning pictures o the sunrise and the cute gorilla!!
    Thank you for sharing this beauty!
    Have a fabulous day!!Hugs!

  6. Cool journal page today Valerie. She looks like she's a stylish spy or maybe she's just a cool snooping neighbor. Either way I love her and your page. And wow-you caught the moon perfectly. We had some clouds so even though we could see the moon it wasn't clear. :( And I guess that chimp was smart enough to know how he felt about all those folks in the zoo. Hope you had a great visit to the zoo and have more to show us. Hugs-Erika

  7. das ist eine wunderschöne Seite! Bezaubernde Fotos von dem Wetter und der Gorilla ist toll!
    Ich wünsche dir ein gemütlichen Tag!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  8. Your moon photo is lovely! We saw it too, though not so big! But I missed the one that was supposed to hit here at 6:30 in the morning! That's probably the one you saw -- it was supposed to be spectacular!

  9. Beautiful springlike page and stunning photos today Valerie!

  10. What a wonderful art journal page! and all those picture of the sunset just beautiful! xo Cheetarah

  11. Your drawing has a touch of the Michael Jackson about it.

    Enjoyed the springlike feel of the photos

  12. Although pink is not my favorite color, I certainly love your beautiful woman. She is beautiful and so is your lovely hybrid journal page.

    I loved the moon shot. I heard it was a super red, blue moon. It was certainly beautiful the way you captured it.

    Those morning shots are fabulous, but the bored gorilla said it all when it came to those watching him! Can't wait to see more zoo photos.

  13. Wonderful journal page. It's always exciting to meet someone who understands things the same way. Gorgeous photos. Love the illumination on the vertical contrails. Didn't get to see the moon last night as skies were cloudy. I'll just have to wait until 2032. The gorillia certainly knows how to express himself. Or is a finger just a finger? :-D

  14. Lovely artwork and smashing photos. That Gorilla looks like he could be a bit mean.

  15. Love the face emerging from the foliage on your page Valerie. Wonderful photo of the moon, although I didn't see it until about 7pm, it looks so bright tonight.
    The gorilla does look bored and he looks like he's leaving no one in any doubt.
    Avril xx

  16. The face is wonderful and the quote fascinating. I love your photos as well, my camera doesn't do night photographs very well. I'm hoping to remember to go out and see the moon tonight...

  17. Its a beautiful hybrid page Valerie, Your painting of the fave is wonderful the way you have her looking from behind the flowers and leaves.
    The photos looked great, we have to much cloud to see the moon tonight.
    You captured the gorilla in the photo at just the right time. I'm sure we could all think of a few captions to add to that one.
    Yvonne xx

  18. A great post with a super title :o)
    The face on your journal page is so expressive, the photos are stunning that full moon has the real wow factor, and then the zoo (I always have mixed feelings about zoos), but that ape really made me smile...

  19. Super diese Digicollage! Pink macht flink und fröhlich. ;)
    Deine Photos sind wieder Atem beraubend schön, diese Farben, der Wahsinn!
    Der Affe ist echt witzig,was der wohl gedacht hat?
    Liebe Grüße

  20. Oh I just love the gorgeous zoo pics, they are adorable animals.
    Beautiful and colourful journal page, and wow, your sky pics are amazing.
    We have gone from severe heat, bushfires to rain and cold in a week and half...weird weather.xx [aNNie]

    1. The weather seems to be crazy all over the world just now.

  21. Your hybrid piece is elegant and that face is awesome! you are so great at faces Valerie!

  22. Valerie, That moon shot is gorgeous!!
    Another beautiful lady face and I just love that pink!
    Glad you are feeling better to be out and about!
    Sending love & hugs,Jackie

  23. A beautiful hybrid piece, I love the face - great photos, we’ve a lovely bright and sunny start to the day today.
    xxx Hazel.

  24. I love how she is peeking through the foliage, her expression is telling me she is entranced by what she has spotted!!
    Super moon indeed and I love the zoo shots.. what a great character hee hee!!
    Wishing you a fabulous day.. Tracey xx

  25. thats an amazing journal page,, beautiful! The photos of the beautiful sky and the photos of the zoo are amazing,, I wish we knew what that poor bored fella at the zoo was thinking lol,,,

  26. A beautiful hybrid creation Valerie! Lucky you to see the beautiful sunrise and than that fabulous moon! The monkey may have been bored (almost certainly!) but he made me smile! Chrisx

  27. Fantastic art today, I love the high contrast! Beautiful sky shots, and that moon is incredible! Your gorilla photos had me in complete stitches, he really does seem bored and that last photo is freaking hilarious!! Hope you have been well these last couple of weeks Valerie. sending hugs :)

  28. Love your art piece!! Gorgeous photos! Wow! Amazing moon photo! It was cloudy here! I think you got the finger at the zoo! LOL! Big Hugs!

  29. Beautiful art and photos Valerie! I love that cheeky ape!
    Alison xox

  30. What a pretty hybrid piece! The muted colours and layers of images look beautiful 😁. Wonderful photos and I can see why seeing that moon would make you happy - it's amazing! Hope you've had a lovely week and wishing you a Happy Weekend! J 😊

  31. I love your pink lady Valerie, and what a wonderful quote - it made me think about words and colours lol. He's not a happy chap is he! xx

  32. Words have color and texture to me- so this quote really speaks to me. :)

    The sky and moon pictures are so captivating. My moon pictures never come out as good as I want them to!

    Love the contemplative look on the gorilla's face!


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