Saturday, 20 January 2018

Weekend this and that

Hi Everybody!

Hope your weekend is going well.
Today I am sharing a tag made for Tag Tuesday,
anything goes. I used some stamps which Sue sent 
me for my birthday/Christmas - thanks again Sue!
The set is from Dina Wakley,
and I like that the faces are not overly pretty and sweet.
The attributes stamps also show strong 
character traits -women don't need to
be meek and mild! I used some DP from LaBlanche 
for the background. The heads were stamped onto
scrap card, coloured with gelatos and
fussy cut. I sewed the tag onto some recycled
card to give it more stability.

We had a lovely sunrise this morning, and then the
sun disappeared behind the clouds and it looks
like it will be another grey day.

The big storm we had on Thursday, 'Friederike', 
was upgraded to a hurricane. It caused a huge amount
of damage and 7 people were killed. You can see 2 short
videos hereThe first one shows a plane landing on the
airport which I can see from my window, the second one 
a Porta-potty WC being blown by the storm along
a street full of cars. I'm glad I was able to stay
home on that day.

Have a great weekend, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Gorgeous tag, those faces are so cool, and the attributes, too. Love the stitching, it always adds such a great finishing touch. Great photos. I saw both of those videos on the TV, how awful to have a toilet coming towards you on the road! And I'm glad I wasn't in that plane, but the pilot had good nerves! Enjoy your day, hugs, Sarah

  2. Stunning photos! Strong art with those words! I saw some viral videos on my end similar to those...quite the storm! Stay safe!

    Peace Giggles

  3. I love this tag. I could tell these were Dina W stamps. They are great faces, aren't they? And that winter sun is sure giving you an A+ show every morning. That would be worth getting up for. Have a fantastic weekend. And thanks for visiting me blog. I always enjoy reading your comments. :) Hugs-Erika

  4. A flying porta potty. Now that's scary.
    I had no idea you were having such severe weather. Glad you are safe.
    Beautiful sky photos as always.
    I love your piece and the bold faces on it.

  5. Love your tag! I wish I felt any of those today! Had a bad start to the day and went downhill a bit! Hubby went to shop on his own so I missed my coffee and scone this week! Feeling a little better now but going to have an easy day! Your photos are wonderful - sorry it's grey now! We saw that plane on our news this morning but they didn't say it was Dusseldorf! It showed a man and his bile being blown across a main road into a barrier - maybe we will see the porta- potty tonight!! Take care, Hugs, Chrisx

    1. Sorry your day wasn't so good; feel well again soon!

  6. I am so pleased you are safe Valerie after the aweful storms you have had, as Chis said its been on out TV's this morning.
    The tag looks fantastic, I love the words you added and those stamps look super.
    Stay safe and warm
    Yvonne xx

  7. beautiful tag and I loved the sunset photos. oh my so glad you were safe at home from the hurricane-that sounds awful
    enjoy your weekend we are going to be cloudy today as well but warmer-thank goodness
    hugs Kathy

  8. Hello dear Valerie!
    Such a lovely tag you made!
    Love the faces and the stitching!
    Gorgeous pictures of the sunrise!
    Wonderful colors in the sky!
    I saw the news..terrible storm..
    I was afraid for my daughter in the Netherlands.
    She stayed home ,the same like you did.
    Glad you are safe!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!Hugs!

    1. The storm must have been very bad there, too. Staying home was the best thing to do!

  9. Wonderful tag. I like the little girl in the corner deciding what kind of woman she would be growing up. So glad you were safe during the hurricane. What wild weather the world is having lately! Your sunrise pictures are so beautiful. Hard to imagine the terrible storm only a few days before. Have a great weekend.

  10. Lovely tag representing strong qualities. At least you had the sunrise! A hurricane in Germany, unreal.

  11. tolle Idee dein tag, sehr schön geworden.
    Die Fotos sind schön von diesem Sonnenaufgang wie wenn nichts gewesen wäre. Ich war froh dass es kaum bei uns war mal, nur der starke Schneefall aber das war mal was anderes an der Küste.
    Schönes Wochenende wünsche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  12. Lovely tag.
    Your morning sunrise looks beautiful, wonderful colours in that sky.

    Watching the videos - didn't that pilot do well - and unreal seeing that Porta- potty.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Stay Warm!

    All the best Jan

  13. What a gorgeous tag Valerie, I'm so glad you like the stamps. I like that they are not pretty or cute, and the words are really strong. You sound to be having awful weather again, we are having rain and snow and grey, grey, grey. On a brighter note, have a very happy weekend! Sue xx

  14. such beautiful art and such beautiful photos!

  15. Beautiful photos and amazing art work, I sure admire what you make.xxHave a lovely weekend.♥

  16. I love your tag and I recognize one of the girls on it, too!

    The photos are wonderful, and show how quickly the weather changed, too.

    I saw both videos and the one after that where the men were rescuing trapped animals along the riverbank. I had to laugh at the porta-potty when the driver directly behind it was practically crawling on the median. I wouldn't want to be in that position. Thanks for sharing these, as well as your beautiful photos and tag, too.

  17. Beautiful tag and the words are so empowering! Wow, that's such a stunning sunrise with the red sky - amazing 😁. It looks like you did the best thing in the storm by staying safe at home too. Happy weekend! J 😊

  18. Nice tag, nice message, Valerie! xoxo

  19. Hi Valerie beautiful tag and lovely nature pics,i am going to check the videos out,glad you are safe my friend xx

  20. I love the stitching around the edges and those face stamps. Such a great tag!

  21. I love the tag. Lovely photos!

  22. The sunrise pictures look stunning. Especially like the tree against the sky.

    What a storm! So sorry that you had such bad weather- but I am glad you were able to stay indoors and that you were okay!

  23. The faces indeed have a wonderful strength to them, I love the phrases you used as well! I also think your photographs are delightful.

  24. Great page and lovely sunrises Valerie!

  25. Your skies take my breath away. I'm so sorry to hear about the hurricane and the damage and loss of life. I'm glad you are safe.

  26. Great art! Just like always ♥ I can count on a smile when I come to visit :) Those sunrise photos are stunning... only a grey day could follow such beauty. SOme storms you have been having . I watched both videos and that pilot has some amazing recovery skills. Glad I wasn't on that plane.
    Have a great day and see ya for TST.

  27. I am so sorry about the weather you have had and the loss of life!! Please take care and be safe!!
    I love your tag!! Beautiful and strong!!
    Stunning photos! Big Hugs!

  28. Your tag is beautiful Valerie, I sure hope it brightened up your day in spite of the weather! Holy Moly!! I watched the videos...I was getting ill in the stomach watching the plane land- those people inside must have been scared out of their minds!!
    Beautiful sunrise in spite of the gloomy weather "(
    Thanks for sharing dear friend!
    Jackie xo

  29. A hurricane! Wow! That sunrise is beautiful, and you got such lovely photos :)

  30. Love the tag. Beautiful photos as well. Crazy video of the plane landing...glad I wasn't on that flight.

  31. What a beautiful tag! I love all those character traits and I only regret that it takes a lifetime to acquire them.
    Oh that sunrise. Stunning. Those colours are lovely.
    My mother in the Netherlands told me of the storm. She said Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) was closed as were most trainlines and bus services (buses got blown off the road). Crazy weather! Seeing that plane landing was frightening.

  32. Love the tag...I agree that stamp set is a great resource! enjoyed the Strong Women sentiments...gorgeous photos you've shared, and so glad you are safe and sound despite storms! happy Tea Day -- very late! ♥

  33. Super schönes Tag , Die Frauen haben echt was ! Gerade weil mal nicht so nett und niedlich ;) LG Petra / Fraenzi


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