Friday, 24 June 2016

Where do I belong?

Hi Everybody!

For Art Journal Journey, Maps, I have another journal page, which for me is very relevant just now, as the majority of the British  decided in their referendum to leave the EU.
This decision has left me feeling rather shell shocked, and it is  one which I think is very wrong. For my page I used a map of the corner of London, where I was born, and one of my photos of the castle ruins here in Kaiserswerth. When I made it, I was hoping that the 'Brexit'  vote would bring a different decision.
Now at least  I know that I don't belong in Great Britain any more.

I have a sunflower on my balcony, evidently planted by one of my winged visitors, and have been taking progress shots over the past couple of weeks:

And I love my blue balloon flowers, and watching them pop open:

This is the seed capsule from a horn violet, which is really beautifully 'designed':

We had very heavy storms again last night, with non-stop lightning and thunder
over a coupe of hours, and it's not over yet - the never ending summer storm story.

My quote for today:

'A good decision is based on knowledge and not
on numbers'. Plato

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. I think most of the world is in shock by the vote, Valerie. The ripple effect has reached across the pond even. Your art is lovely and says it all. I love the sunflower and am always amazed at the pattern of the seed head.

  2. HI Val, we are all really sad, too, and are all wondering how things will carry on for us over here. Unbelievable that so many people believed all those corrupt arguments. Wonderful art and photos from you again. Hugs, Sarah

  3. I think most of us in the UK are in shock Valerie. The vote was too close to
    call I think and it means that 48% are not happy with the result. Great page to show this dilemma.

    Beautiful flower photographs with such vibrant colours

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. What an interesting journal page. Love it. And stunning photos of your flowers! Have a wonderful weekend

  5. I had to think about my response to the Brexit decision. My cousin from Scotland phoned yesterday (he lives in England tho) and he was sure that the decision would be to stay, which he opposed. I have to agree with you tho - to leave may prove disastrous. Canada defeated a fear mongering pm last year - thank heavens and now we have hope and decency in Trudeau. All the best.

  6. A wonderful journal page Valerie, I was shocked by the decision this morning and all its' implications. It's not only leaving Europe, but I think it will also lead to a break-up of the UK which saddens me, especially as it wasn't a huge majority, but as they say s.... happens!
    On a happier note, I love your blue flowers, such a beautiful colour.
    Have a great weekend.
    Avril xx

  7. A page with a very important topic Valerie. Fabulous photos of your flowers.

    Love and hugs

  8. Hello Valerie. I wasn't surprised - the campaign really came down to one issue, which makes me very sad. We are even thinking of staying on in Germany, instead of moving back to the UK next year. I can see a lot of negative fallout over this in the short term, it was a mean spirited campaign (on both sides, in some cases), and never really addressed the issues effectively.
    Love the close-up flower shots. I have complained a lot about the rain recently, but now the summer flowers are blooming everything does look lovely.

  9. Perfect quote to end today liebe Valerie!
    Your pages along with your sentiments touch my heart.
    It was very distressing to wake up to the Brexit results.
    Sometimes the world makes no sense at all.
    Hugs to you and thank you for sharing your beautiful nature.
    If a sunflower so beautiful can start from a tiny seed there is always hope for change and progress.

  10. Sad to wake up to todays news- it was like hearing that someone had died.. spent the day doing some drawing/painting as all doom and gloom on the news..
    Your art today both great and sad :(
    Thank goodness for the lovely happy sunflower!
    Gill x

  11. I think everyone I know here is is in shock at the results to leave the EU.
    The vote was so close and now what will happen in the future is so uncertain. Our Prime Minister is resigning and The folk in Scotland have issues with the result.
    Trying times to come.
    Anyway, your journal page is very touching and I am sure many folk will be feeling exactly the same.
    Beautiful photos of the flowers.
    Yvonne xx

  12. your flower shots are a treat, miracles unfolding! Thanks for the show. It is shocking about the decision to leave, it is very much in the news here.

  13. your page expresses your pain and confusion.

  14. Yes, I must say the vote was a shock - and so close. A country split which is never a good thing. Your art saddens me as you know I also have a deep love from Britain, and I can't imagine how you must be feeling in your situation. I'm so sorry. On the other hand - your flowers are gorgeous - lovely to see your sunflower bursting into bloom. Beautiful. hugs, Donna

  15. Being from the states, I suspect I missed out on some of the finer points of the Brexit Referendum, but I simply can't understand the reason for it in the first place. It seems to me the main focus was on limiting immigration, which I am fighting in my country, since we don't seem willing to allow anyone who is a Muslim, or anyone from Syria, to enter our country. And to think, we are supposed to be the country where our slogan is "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free." Seems the UK has gone the way of the US, although I realize part of the problem was also the country thought it could save a few fees by leaving the EU. I've often thought the UK didn't exactly fit with the EU anyway, because they never accepted the euro, instead staying with their pound. Again, I simply don't understand the finer points of it, but I can see why you feel you no longer belong. I often feel the same way in my own country.

    Is there any hope for the UK? If your wonderful sunflower has anything to say about it, I think the answer is yes. After all, it grew from nothing and turned into a gorgeous flower under your watchful eye and camera. Great photos today, and sorry I was on a soap box.

    1. The 'leaders' of the 'vote to leave' campaign used false and inflated figures to show how much the UK is paying each week to the EU, and promised that all his money would be used for schools, hospitals, health-services etc. 5 minutes after the final decision had been read, one of them admitted that the figures were wrong and that he could not guarantee that it would be spent on the things he had promised!

  16. Eine tolle Seite Valerie... ja es ist sehr schade-
    Herrlich Dein Balkon...ganz toll!
    Hab einen wunderschönen Samstag!

  17. Beautiful post today Valerie. Wonderful art piece, love what you did with the text. Your flowers are amazing, I've seen anything like those last two, wow. hugs :)

  18. Amazing transformation of the flowers. I often ask my self where do I your page.x

  19. Oh my, politics. The truth gets hidden until the results come in. We live in sad times. I enjoyed your page where you shared your thoughts. On the bright side, sits your sunflower and other gorgeous blooms you share with us. As my father would say, "put a smile on your face; the whole world does not need to know you are hurting inside." That is hard to do, I know so well. Hope the storm passes and you can enjoy your life in your beautiful and historic location.

  20. The world of politics scares me these days .. Your post is very on target and I love the photo shots. The sunflower is beautiful and I love them. The only sunflower I have this year is one that was planted by nature too. I bought lots of seeds and they are still in my garden pouch waiting to go into the ground. :(

    1. They will keep to flower another time :)

  21. What wonderful art and the photos are beautiful! I'm not that aware of politics, but it seems the choice has been shocking for a lot of people...

  22. Beautiful journalpage, and a poignant demonstration of how torn a lot of people feel by this decision of half of the British people. I just feel so sorry for the ones who didn't vote for this.

  23. I, like most of your other posts, am also shocked by the result. I think so many people don't look at the whole picture, believe lies that are said only to cause an emotional (but intellectual) responses, and don't educate themselves about issues. Instead they jump on shallow responses. I love your piece today though, love whenever you use those heads. And that sunflower is also gorgeous too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs-Erika

  24. Your heads leaning together really make me feel the emotion you are trying to convey.

    Your photos are gorgeous. I love the blue flower; its center look like a fairy child attempting to stand for the first time.


  25. I am late getting here and having seen several programmes in the aftermath of the result can only hope that those in charge of getting us through this know what they are doing - a divided country is not a good one! Your free sunflower is fabulous and I love those balloon flowers! Hugs, Chrisx


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