Monday, 20 June 2016

Lots going on for Tuesday.

Hi Everybody!

Today we are starting a new challenge at TIOT
and our theme is
'I believe I can fly'.
As always, you have 2 weeks to create something and projects of all types are welcome.
I made a hybrid piece, using a vintage sign as background, a freebie man from Foxey Squirrel and some freebie wings.

Today is also T stands for Tuesday at Elizabeth's  blog, so a big welcome to all the T Gang.  My photo shows a wonderful cappuccino on one of the outside  tables, complete with sugar with a zipper and the lovely cookie they serve with it. The weather has not been nice, but they hand out cushions and blankets if it's chilly:

The bell / clock-tower is on the other side of the square. Every hour the bells play a lovely melody, so it's nice to sit there and listen to it. I have my physiotherapy sessions in the house by the tower, on the second floor:.

I am taking part in a swap with a group of lovely ladies, and last week I received
my pages from Dianne, and they are really gorgeous. My theme is birds. She makes delightful water-colour paintings, and has used lots of fabric, too, with really pleasing results:

Isn't this quirky bird gorgeous?

And this page is really a masterpiece:

There is even cross-stitch embroidery on this piece:

The tag which accompanied the pages:

A beautiful Kandinsky card:

And last but not least, some goodies to use in my pages.

Thanks a lot for these beautiful pages which I will treasure, I am looking forward to seeing my finished book.

And for Art Journal Journey, maps, I made a journal page with Banksy's balloon girl (Stencil from Stencilry.Org, map from Wikipedia). Here I used the stencil to cut out the figure with a contrasting colour.

And I have a quote, which always consoles me:
Blessed are the cracked....for they are the ones who let in the light.'
Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Oh my you are busy creating some fun and beauty!!!

  2. I love your flying Elizabethan, great fun, and the journal page with the little balloon girl is gorgeous. Your pages from Dianne are wonderful, what a lot of trouble she went to with them, they will be beautiful in your book. Now I like being cracked! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Wonderful page for TIOT with stunning images.

    The coffee place looks wonderful and so nice you can be warmed whilst sitting there. Never heard of that before.

    Really lovely pages from your swap partner and a great art card.

    Love the map page with the bold images.

    Hope you sleep well

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. I like the TIOT theme, lovely page. How nice that they hand out blankets at the coffee place. What wonderful swap items too.

  5. You packed a LOT of heART into this post. The TioT theme is wonderful and I may even have time to join in now that I'm winding down on Dianne's pages.

    Speaking of Dianne, I'm SO glad her tip-ins finally arrived. They are truly lovely. I was especially fond of the cross stitched bird. It is SO Dianne. Her funky bird was also not just colorful, but fun to look at, too. A work of art showcasing her drawing skills.

    But the cafe was truly wonderful to see. It looks like you weren't the only one there for a change, even if it was a very chilly day.

    I enjoyed reading the comment you left about your uncle's coffee roaster. When I was a young girl, my grandmother tried to get me to drink milk. In order to entice me, she added a bit of coffee to it. I was hooked and have been ever since. Like you, seems we have had this caffeine addiction since we were both quite young!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely TioT art, as well as Dianne's tip-ins with us. But most of all, thanks for taking us to the cafe for cappuccinos and great conversation for T this Tuesday.

  6. Wow- this is a lot of gorgeous art today Valerie. Dianne is such an excellent sketch artist and I love seeing her pieces. They are beautiful. Lucky you to have those little pieces to use in your own gorgeous art. And I love your pieces. Mr. renaissance man is quite a dapper guy, isn't he? Happy T day! Hugs-Erika

  7. OMGoodness you're right there IS alot of creative eye candy going on here today.
    Your winged Edwardian fellow makes me smile...his wings match his outfit so well of course!
    Gorgeous bird pages from Dianne.
    What fun those must be to look at and touch.
    I sure would enjoy hearing a bit of that clock tower's tune.
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. how nice about the cafe having cushions and blankets!

  8. sehr schön, was du da an schätzen erhalten hast - aber auch dein flugmann gefällt mir gut - so wie das ballonmädchen, beide in einer klasse farbe!
    happy t-day, Valerie!

  9. Herrlich Dein beflügelter Edelmann ... ein Knaller und auch die Ballonmädel-Collage gefällt mir!
    Die Seiten und Zugaben von Dianne sind einfach großartig - eine tolle Künstlerin ist sie!
    Schönen T-Day!
    Liebe Grüße

  10. A WOW of a post today Valerie, packed full of wonderful pieces of art. Loved the fantastic flying man for TioT's with his matching wings. Great pages from your friend as well.
    The cafe looks so welcoming and of course the drink looks inviting.
    Yvonne xx

  11. Love the look of that coffee. I just adore your pages again and the wings are super awesome. Fantastic post and love it all.xx

  12. Wow! What a great post today. Where do I start?
    I love the quote about the cracked people. Love it! (I had never heard it).
    Your hybrid page with wings is great. The things you can do with freebies. I get stuff from Gecko Galz with a view to do hybrid pages, but I haven't done any yet.
    the plaza where you have your coffee looks really nice. It seems to me the clock tower is quite modern but built in a unique style with the carillon playing the tunes, it must be magical sitting there with your coffee and cookie.
    Dianne's art is truly awesome. I love the fact that she uses fabric, watercolor and paper, even cross stitch! A true hybrid.
    Thanks for visiting already.
    Happy T-Day,

  13. What wonderful art you have posted this morning. I'm inspired by both your work and the pages you received in your swap. Your spot for coffee looks quite nice and I'd be happy to pull up a chair and join you.

  14. cushions and blankets? Now that's a practice I'd love to see spread. It'd make patio-seating season much longer :) Happy T Tuesday!

    1. Here all the places with outside seating offer this service, and they have heating, too in winter, so it's nearly always possible to enjoy fresh air!

  15. Great hybrid art work with the wings on the elegant fellow! one sees many ladies with wings, so it's fun to see the gentlemen can have wings too...the coffee looks very enticing, and a nice blanket on a damp day is a wonderful way to appeal to the cafe customers!

    so glad you are enjoying the bird pages...I think your photos actually show the color better than the scans I made.

    Love your balloon girl too...and that quote is terrific! I definitely have some cracks....happy T day!

  16. Oh my! Love your Elizabethan man with wings -- perhaps he can fly over here and keep me company. Both beautiful pieces. Dianne did a superb job of the swap pages - real treasures. Can't wait to see your swap book all together. Lovely post today, Valerie. big hugs, Donna

    1. No chance Donna - he's had his wings clipped and is staying here!

  17. so much artsy eye candy today Valerie! Love the regal butterfly man:) Your AJJ piece is just beautiful. How I wish we had clock towers here that would ring on the hour. I so loved hearing them everywhere I went while in Europe. Love Dianne's work and these swap pieces are just gorgeous! Happy T day my friend!

  18. You have been creating so many lovely cards!What gems!Love your creation for TIOT.

  19. Oh Valerie, what stunning pages Dianne made for you for your bird journal! Your gentlemen who thinks he can fly is mighty handsome with his matching wings. I love the photo of the clock tower and your cup of coffee on the terrace. Your journal page is fantastic with the buttons down the left side and your little girl balloon stencil who also could match the theme, "I think I can fly."

  20. Lovely pages Valerie! Banksy's balloon girl is so sweet and those button stickers are adorable! Oh my what a magical set of birds you received from Diane, and all those goodies too; I bet you can't wait to use all on your pages. Happy T day :-)

  21. Oh my gosh. So many pretty and fun things.
    Your quote is absolutely perfect.

  22. Valerie, you always offer so much eye candy I just don't know where to start. At times I wish I could sit down with you and comment on each one as we go through them together.

    The butterfly man made me smile. Your map page is richly elegant. I really like the colour of the girl with the balloon. All of those bird pages are lovely and how nice that your friend also gave you all of those sweet embellishments.

    Until our next visit... keep the coffee hot...


  23. Hi Valerie, ich bin seit einige Wochen wieder hier. Hab dein nicht, Du kannst mich ueber Die Gemeinde erreichen. LG, Deb

  24. ha ha I'm chuckling at that quote Valerie - that's brilliant!

    I don't know where to start on this post as its full of so many beautiful things to see I feel like I've been to an art exhibition.
    A real treat to see all of this - thank you
    Gill xx

  25. Valerie, your TIOT piece is totally fabulous, the image is super! Love your creative map page too. Great swap pieces!
    Hugs, Mar

  26. I love your Flying man! I must say your pages from Dianne are spectacular! (posting mine to you tomorrow!) I love your page for AJJ too - and the fun quote! I love the idea of the church music while you drink your coffee! Hugs, Chrisx

  27. So much eye candy today that I don't know where to begin :) Love your pages and the photos are beautiful♥ You certainly hit the jackpot with your swap . Have a good week my friend.

  28. your i believe i can fly fellow is fabulous. beautiful colors and images! and what wonderful bird swap pieces you received! always such a pleasure to visit this blog. xo

  29. What a wonderful map art journal page! Love those circular embellishments bordering the left side, too! What a fun map art month this has been!! :)


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