Sunday, 19 June 2016

Monday this and that

Hi Everybody!

I don't want to say it too loud, but it didn't rain today, we even saw the sun for a few minutes. But they have promised us lots of rain again tomorrow, so I can still wear my wellies and raincoat!

For Art Journal Journey, maps, I have another hybrid piece, with a map background, a doodled and stenciled centre and some digital add ons.

Our grill and fireplace is still swimming:

This raven by the Basilica was looking very glum:

The poor plants on my balcony took quite a beating from the heavy rain this week, but seem to be recovering:

My hydrangeas are just starting to bloom, and there are pink and white ones on the same plant, although they were blue last year:

And I love the horn violets:

Today they were no kids on the playground, so I nipped in, ran up the steps and slid down the slide - been wanting to do that for a long time:

One of the neighbours here has a very pretty succulent garden:

And now there are several flowers open here:

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Fun page and gorgeous photos, Valerie.

  2. I love that you turn every day into a special celebration with your lovely photos and art, thanks for that! Have a good start in the new week, hugs, Sarah

  3. Valerie, we are never too old to be a kid when the opportunity arrives. Wonderful slide! The page you created for your journal for Monday is marvelous. I like the red and the London city scape at the bottom along with your appropriate phrase. There is no place like home.
    Stay dry should it rain.
    (Love the succulent garden and the plants on your patio.)

  4. Great page Valerie and it's umbrella weather here as it's raining again - sigh! Marvellous array of pics too.
    Fliss xx

  5. Love the page with the silhouette folk having a good time, well they should be enjoying themselves in London
    I would have loved to see you on the slide, bet it was great fun.
    Great photos and lovely flowers.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Well your map people seem to be enjoying themselves and you were lucky getting to see the sun, - here it's been grey and rainy all day long :o(

  7. Your page is so beautiful and imaginative, I love it! I especilly like the Horn Violet; I have never seen one before, it's so pretty. I'm so pleased you finally slid down that slide, such fun! It made me smile :-)

  8. Looks like everyone loves London. It's a fun spread.

    Really enjoyed the slide and can imagine you sliding down it. What fun.

    It rained here again, and I had water in my basement one more time. Wish I'd had time to clean up the yard before it rained again, but once the rain stopped, the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes took over.

    Loved the flowers and looks like the ones on your balcony are doing well as is your neighbor's succulent garden. Hope you are enjoying your Monday.

  9. Wow- super page. I think the colors work together really well and I want to know if all those circles are a doodle or a stenciled image? They look great on the map. Is that crow a real bird or a statue. Its a great photo. And the flowers are beautiful. They probably like the rain, but I hope you get some summer weather. Enjoy your Monday. Hugs-Erika

    1. The circles were doodles with a fine tip pen. And the crow is real!

  10. Beautiful page, the heart and colour make me think of Valentine's Day. Good for you on the slide!

  11. Your page is lovely, and very suitable to the circumstances! The Rhine certainly is high - here's hoping for a reprieve from the rain so it doesn't cause damage in your area. Love the succulent garden and your flowers look very happy. hugs, Donna

  12. Terrific page with lots of thought gone into it by you.

    Love the mix of photos today and have saved a couple. We had a laugh about you going down the slide-how good that must have felt. I can't resist swings.

    Have a good day today with no rain hopefully

    Love Chrissie xx

  13. Beautiful work and just love those colours too...

  14. Eine tolle Seite, passend zu meinem heutigen Regen-Wetter!!!
    Wunderbare Fotos Valerie!
    Einen schönen Wochenbeginn!
    oxo Susi

  15. Oh your piece is fun. Good thing you included those umbrellas:)
    The flowers all look gorgeous.
    Glad you got to indulge yourself on the slide.

  16. Your artwork is lovely and happy - love the colours - it brightened up my rain day - which has been nearly all day long.
    I had a good chuckle imagining you on the slide - great fun! :)
    Your flowers are looking nice - isn't it the type of soil which make the Hydrangea blue or pink?.. the old fashioned way was to put nails in the ground I think to alter the acidity and it changed the plants colour.
    Enjoy the rest of the day.
    Gill xx

  17. Hi Valerie, I always love a this and that post from you. Your art work is beautiful. I enjoy all the ways you create with umbrella man. The flowers are so pretty and I bet all that rain really helped. Hydrangeas are doing well here this year too. I had to smile at the imagine of you going down the slide. Good for you!! How fun!!Have a great week and Happy Summer!! xo

  18. Love the art today!!! The doodles are fantastic ♥♥♥ I'd be going down that slide too and the succulent garden is beautiful. They are always such unusual plants. My started very late today.. I haven't slept that long in forever and now I feel jet lagged :/ Have great week and hopefully the rain won't be as much as they say.

  19. What a happy art page today! So full of delight!


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