Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Holidays one and all

Hi everybody,

Here's wishing you happy Christmas, happy holidays, happy everything....

At Moo Mania the challenge is 'merry Christmas', and I am sharing these tags I made for Tag Tuesday.

I saw this lovely fountain yesterday in Ratingen:

The musicians were playing wonderful Christmas melodies:

This fountain is next to the Church:

Some of my feathered visitors today:

Have a great day, and wonderful holidays, whatever you celebrate!

Take care of yourselves, and thanks for coming by.

See you again on Friday, I'm taking a day off!


  1. Beautiful tags,my friend!Merry Christmas!May love brighten you day in 2015!

  2. Merry Christmas! Beautiful tags and fountain!

  3. that fountain is amazing, the workmanship is beautiful, what a lovely area, I would love to visit, I will put this on my bucket list, lol, your tags are lovely, they have an old world look to them, I hope you ahve a wonderful holiday season, best wishes from Canada to you and your family!

  4. Thank you for the lovely Christms art and the wonderful photos, Valerie.
    I wish you very happy Holidays, hugs xx

  5. Stunning cards and Tags Valerie. Merry Christmas and a Good New Year too. Looking forward to seeing more of you beautiful creations and the lovely pictures you let us see. Hugs Rita xxx

  6. Love your tags, the old fashioned variety are always more my taste, because they remind me of my childhood. Great photos, too, love those fountains, and your birdies. You are taking a day off?? Well, never heard that from you before! ENJOY!!!! Hugs, Sarah

  7. Wow what amazing festive tags. You are just so artistic. Then of course once again I loved sharing your experiences through your stunning photography. Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed festive season and a 2015 filled with tons of love and joy.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  8. wow,was für wunderschöne weihnachtswerke,ich bin begeistert.
    hab ganz lieben dank für deine süsse mail sweetie,hab mich ganz doll gefreut.
    wünsch dir heute ein frohes fest,ich muss noch den baum kaufen und schmücken,dazu auch noch kochen,ich mach das beste draus.


  9. Beautiful tags Valerie and wonderful photographs. What amazing sites you find to show to us each day. I love the metal animals on the fountain. Always love to see your birdie visitors as well.

    Have a beautiful day and a Happy Day tomorrow.

    Love Chrissie x

  10. What lovely photos Valerie, that fountain is most unusual, the animals look mechanical as if they would have moved around when the fountain was on?? Wishing you the merriest (hic!) of Christmases! Xx

    1. Yes, in summer the figures are movable and gush water!

    2. Wow! how cool is that! Would love to see photos!!

      Love your tags Valerie!! xo

  11. Guten Morgen Valerie! Frohe Festlaune wünsche ich ! Ich bin angetan von dem ersten ein süßes Motiv... die anderen beiden sind auch zauberhaft gewerkelt..wie immer bei Dir!
    Diese Brunnen sind ja toll... danke!
    Na bei Dir ist ja wohl die In-Futterstelle für alle Vögelchen im Umkreis!
    Das ist schön anzusehen!


  12. Jetzt habsch glatt vergessen: MOO MANIA & MORE dankt ♥♥♥
    super dass Du immer dabei bist!

  13. Beautiful Christmas tags!
    Merry Christmas and a CREATIVE and Happy New Year !!!
    Hugs, Mar

  14. Beautiful as ever, Val.
    Thank you for stopping by with holiday wishes.
    Have a merry, my friend.

  15. May your holidays be full of magic and everything you enjoy dear Valerie!
    It is such a pleasure to be connected to you here in blogland.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful creative life with us.

  16. Your tags are adorable!!! I do so love fountains ans that first one is really awesome. I love the playfulness of it. The second one id a beauty. Your feathered friends are so beautiful too. Have a Merry Merry Christmas and see ya Friday.

  17. What a fabulous post. If I hadn't been feeling festive before I visited you, I sure do now. Lovely images as always Valerie, thanks so much for sharing, and for all your support throughout the year. May the holiday season bring you peace and joy and the New year bring all things that make you smile ((hugs)) :o) xx

  18. First of all, have a very good day off, you deserve it.
    Loved all the sculpture here, especially the fountain animals.
    And I love all your happy tags.

  19. Beautiful tags, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. ~Diane

  20. Love your tags Valerie. Popped in to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you have been well. Thanks for being a wonderful person and always sharing happy thoughts. Take care. See you in a few months.

  21. Fabulous tags, Valerie. And those fountain sculptures are amazing. Thanks for sharing them.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours,

  22. Wunderschöne Weihnachtskarten und ein zauberhafter Anhänger! Der Brunnen mit den Tierskulpturen ist echt klasse ... danke für deine Fotos.
    Und ganz lieben Dank für deine zauberhaften Weihnachtsgrüße. Darüber habe ich mich sehr gefreut!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  23. Wunderschöne Weihnachtswerke und Fotos sind das, Valerie.

    Dir auch frohe Festtage.

    Danke für's Mitmachen bei MOO-MANIA & MORE

  24. Wow, exquisite Christmas cards! Fine Photos!!


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