Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blue Saturday

Hi everybody, it's weekend again. Doesn't make too much difference for me since I retired, but I know all those who have been working hard all week will be happy to have some free time.
Now I think I have to say this very quietly - we had nice weather yesterday. It was warm and sunny all day, unbelievable! And it looks like today will be the same.
I did some more painting yesterday, as this really seems to do me good. I made lots of blue backgrounds in different shapes and sizes, which I will use as backgrounds for some more pictures and cards for the Jewish New Year. I finished one, smaller than the one I showed yesterday for PPF. I used paint-board, as it is easier to send than a canvas, and the backgrounds which I will be using on cards have been painted onto torchon water-color paper, as it has a lovely texture.
I used stars and planets again, and this time I have just written *Shalom*, as I think we could do with some peace in the world.

Okay, that was it for today. Here's wishing you all a good Saturday, and for those in the States a happy Labor Day weekend. Take care of yourselves, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Gorgeous background. You're right, we could do with some Peace in the world.

    We were promised sunshine today but it isn't looking very likely so far :o( I hope you get some to enjoy.


  2. Lovely work again, Val, and the colours are beautiful! Hugs, Sarah

  3. OMG Valerie. Very beautiful. That really touches my heart. hugs, Donna

  4. Stunning the way the gold and white stand out on the heavenly background Valerie :)
    Have a peaceful weekend :)
    Von x

  5. A beautiful painting Valerie. Have a lovely day, hope the sun shines! Suze xx

  6. Beautiful Valerie and I so agree - we do need some peace.
    We had a lovely day yesterday but today has started out grey :(
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs xx

  7. So happy the sun is shining! Love the painting today. Your colors are beautiful and yes, we do need more "peace" in our world.Hope the dentist went ok....Have a nice weekend.take care, gerri

  8. Simply stunning backgrounds Val. The blue really shows up the Gold work.

    Glad you're seeing the sun today, we are too in Shropshire but there's a stiff breeze blowing too.

  9. Beautiful colours, love your paintings. I agree, we do need a time of Peace. Yvonne x

  10. Hi Valerie. Stunning work. Love the gold against the blue.
    Regards Florence x

  11. Marvelous backgrounds. Living in Idaho, we rarely see cards with a Jewish theme thus I'm really impressed with your creations. BLUE, my favorite color!

    Happy to hear you are experiencing some nice weather. We've had a cool week that should start to warm up again today.


  12. Hello, love what you have made again, blue and gold are my faves, always! Hugs, Barb

  13. never heard of paint board. Nice work, peace to you Valerie!

  14. Very pretty background, I like the texture you've created. The scene on top is very clever. x

  15. fab painting val, pleased the weather's been good for you too this weekend...

    maria xx

  16. Love the blues and metallics!

    Thank you so much for joining my art blog hop, too!
    I enjoy following your blog
    and wish you all the best!


  17. Love the gold on the gorgeous blue background! Shalom, and a wonderful Sunday to you too! :-))

  18. Hi Valerie
    So true, there can never be enough peace in the world or in our own lives.
    The gold against the blue is stunning.

  19. Beautiful blues and golds , another perfect piece of art Valerie , you amaze me with your work , always so beautiful.


  20. This is such a crazy effect it looks like material, superb x


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