Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Shades of autumn

Hi Everybody!

On the 5th of each month we start a new challenge at
Our themes are always anything goes, with an optional
colour choice, which is orange this time round.
I used an image from Gecko Galz, which I printed onto canvas. 
I distressed the edges and sewed it to  layers of cardboard
and DP, adding some webbing and a feather. I love the autumn
atmosphere in this one, and am listening to the crows'
harsh, rasping voices as I write this. I am also linking to Elke's
'landscapes of the soul' at Art Journal Journey.

For Wilma's lovely challenge at Tag Tuesday, all creatures great
and small, I have another Beatrix Potter tag:

I took the photos with my phone on my way to the clinic this week:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Your fabulous artwork truly reflects what is going on around you. Autumn has truly arrived in both your art and your photos. Both are equally gorgeous, and I hope if you were out and about (even if it was to the clinic), it means you are getting better.

  2. Love your beautiful art, and the wonderful photos. Great to see you posting, but please don't forget you should be RESTING, hint hint hint....Hugs, Sarah

  3. Deine Seite ist wunderschön so lebendig das Bild der Krähen mit dem pasend dazu der Federschmuck und den Umrandungen!
    Fantastisch die Umsetzung von Seelenlandschaft, ich danke dir und freu mich dass mit gemacht hast!
    Deine Häschen sind ja wieder allerliebst auf deinem Tag!
    Der Herbst sieht so leuchtend aus was bei mir nicht so recht ist die Blätter sind eher wie so vertrockene welkigen bräunliche nur der Weinrebe sind so schön rot mehr. Der Wind bläst alles herum das ist lustig wenn ich da durch gehe!Die Baumallee ist so wunderschön an zusehen mit diesem Blättermeer!
    Schöne Fotos vom Herbst ach ich liebe es auch!!!
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  4. I am impressed with your DT-piece and nice that it fits Elke's theme as well -thank you for joining in again and the lovely Beatrix Potter tag is really cute! Your handy photos look fabulous on the screen here - even more impressive than the everyday camera images .

  5. I like the crows, and the feathers is a nice touch. Another charming tag. Love Peter Rabbit and the rest of his family. Beautiful walk. I especially love the pictures of the blue sky through the tree branches.I can almost hear the crunch of the leaves as you walk along. Hope you're feeling better.

  6. Love the canvas texture, feather and all. Beautiful combo. And of course Peter and company, my buddies! It's far more fallish where you are. We've barely seen a red branch, much less a full tree. It looks beautiful.

  7. So beautiful,bird, beatrice, texture feathers love love

  8. I think it looks more autumn in your world than it does here in mine. I love autumn and how pretty your photos are. nice art too. You have once again reminded me to do some printing on fabric which I haven't done in ages. It makes such a great texture. And how can you not love the Beatrix Potter images. Happy Wednesday. I guess you are well enough to be out walking to the clinic? Hugs Erika

  9. Your works are just beautiful! And what a wonderful walk that must have been. The autumn colors are in full force here too and it's such a beautiful time of year. xo Cheetarah

  10. I love Beatrix Potter! You captured the crows perfectly, even the description of their voice, harsh and rasping.
    You live in such a pretty area!
    Hope your day is filled with sparkle.

  11. I really like how you incorporate a feather or two into your art pieces featuring birds. For additional texture, it would be kinda cool if you glued a seed into the open beak. :)

    It looks like autumn is in full swing there. We're still waiting... But at least it's been cool enough most nights to open the bedroom windows, so we're on our way.

  12. More beautiful pieces. The addition of the feather extending off the art is perfect. Such darling Potter bunnies! The autumn images are lovely. I can hear the crunch of the leaves under the fee!

  13. Its a gorgeous scene on your art canvas, great layers on the page as well and the feather was a lovely addition.
    The tag is wonderful and so are all your lovely autumn photos today.
    Yvonne xx

  14. Great to see you out and about taking photos! Fall is well underway. Lovely work for the challenges.

  15. What lovely pieces, the feather is a wonderful touch and I love Beatrice Potter. Your tags are amazing. The fall photos from your walk are so very pretty too.

  16. Yeh, Crows! LOL! Truly love both your art pieces! Your pictures are breath taking! Wow! Love the colours! Big Hugs!

  17. Your post has a real Autumn flavour about it today Valerie. Such gorgeous deep shades of Autumn indeed.
    I love the collage with its feather addition, and the tag is so sweet :D)
    Aren't the Hydrangeas lovely as they fade and get those dapples on their leaves.
    Beautiful avenues of trees with their golden, brown and red leaves.
    It seems you might be up to and are enjoying being outside once more. Hope so, cheers :D) xx

  18. What amazing and glorious colors! I loved this post, thanks for bringing such wonderful colors!

  19. Wonderful Autumn photos, and I love your beautiful collage and tag!
    Alison xx

  20. Your Autumn piece is wonderful, everything looks so good when it's printed onto canvas, and you B Potter tag is so cute. Those leaves have really turned colour now! Happy Autumn xx

  21. Another Fun Beatrix Potter tag! I also really love how you combine so many fibers... Beautiful!

  22. Loving your project for M.M.M....a real autumnal feel to it...
    Sorry I've not visited sooner, I have been away on holiday...x

  23. These photos are Amazing!!!!
    I can see where the first lovely project was inspired from!
    I love those Beatrix Potter characters
    Jackie xo


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