Thursday, 7 September 2017

Shades of Grey

Hi Everybody!

Time is flying again, another week is nearing completion,
and I don't have much to show for it. I did spend a nice afternoon
with a friend, we went for an ice and then walked along the Rhine
and enjoyed the sunshine. Yesterday was definitely more like Autumn,
as it was cold, wet and windy - summer is slipping away. And
before I forget, the winners of my Tuesday postcards are
Hazel and Deb.I already have Deb's addy, but need Hazel's
snail-mail addy, please!

This week I made a canvas (12 x 10"). I wanted to use some
darker colours this time, so made a black background and used
light grey for the rest:

I started by painting the canvas with Golden black gesso, which I 
sanded down well when it was dry so that some of the white showed 
through again:

Then I used a stencil (1€ from the Euro shop) and stenciled 2 of
the flowers using light moulding paste mixed with a touch
a grey paint:

Then I used more stencils and stamps with the same colour mix
to add more BG details and used a script stamp over
one of the flowers:

The doll's face was drawn onto thin paper, coloured and
glued on instead of the third flower. For the hair I used more moulding 
paste and pressed the fibres into it:

Then I melted some beeswax and poured it over the surface of the
canvas and ironed it, which melded everything together:

When it was dry, I polished it with a soft cloth which gave a nice sheen:

I am linking to Paint Party Friday and to Art Journal Journey, Yvonne's 'colour in my world' theme

And some more photos from my walk past the castle ruins
and along the Rhine:

This is the 'Quirinus', one of the boats which controls and
records what is happening along the river to keep it safe
for shipping:

Next week I want to go on the boat for a little trip:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Some days we just have to relax and you had a wonderful time along the lake Rhine.
    have you ever sailed the boat? great canwas to and great tutorial for have a great day and enjoy maybe the last days of summer

  2. Your canvas is fabulous, and love that you made a tutorial, too. Great photos, too. As always, just a wonderful post!Short comment today, off to the dentist's! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Wonderful canvas and tut you are one heck of a [aNNie]

  4. Wow, I am in awe of this fabulous canvas. It was a great step by step for the stages as you created this page. The background itself looked stunning and then the beautiful face brought the whole project to life for me when I was reading your post.
    I am so pleased you are liking the AJJ theme Valerie.
    Super photos from your walk, I hope you get on your boar trip next week and the weather stays good.
    Yvonne xx

  5. I like this piece Valerie. The black background makes the images pop right off. And you're always thinking of cool things to do. I have a wax pan and haven't used it in years. I totally even forgot about wax. :)Nice photos too. I like the idea of a quiet week. Missing mine but glad to be back to work too. Happy Thursday. Hugs-Erika

    1. Same here. I recently 'discovered' my wax pan and wax, and decided to use it!

  6. Great canvas! The dark background is so striking with those stencilled flowers and I love the ingenious way of doing the doll's hair!! Quiet weeks are good ones, - lovely photos of your walk!

  7. Lovely canvas and photos! Thanks for linking to AJJ!

  8. HI Valerie! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I always feel like I am there with you when I look at your beautiful pictures!! And WOW! Your canvas is just amazing. I love the way her face seems to pop of the page! Your details are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us, my friend!

  9. Stunning piece for PPF Valerie you have outdone yourself. Love the grey on black and hint of yellow in the doll's hair. Thanks for the lovely photos today.

  10. Valerie, This is totally fun!! I love the techniques you used and that face with hair is the best!! Your art is so versatile my friend! Every day brings something new and exciting!!
    Your photos are beautiful as always and I am wishing for you more sunshine to warm you through Autumn!
    love & hugs,Jackie

  11. This canvas is out of this world. I simply adored reading about all the products you used, and the beautiful piece you made. I was surprised at the beeswax, because it took so well on the fancy fibers. It's definitely a real beauty.

    Your photo of the rusty statue and the castle ruins always makes me smile. I also smiled when I saw the bikers, something I don't often see in your photos. Hope your day is going well.

  12. o wie grossartig das geworden ist dein Bild mit dem Blumendruck und das Gesicht mit den Haaren süss sieht sie aus!
    Deine Fotos vom Rehin ist wieder so schön!!!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  13. An amazing canvas, I love how you've done her hair, beautiful photos too. I'm so happy to have won one of your postcards - will send you my address.
    xxx Hazel.

  14. What a wonderful piece! Gray is such a good color to work with isn't it? That doll's face is amazing.
    Thanks for the pleasant walk:)

  15. I enjoyed the process you used to create your beautiful page. The area along the Rhine is such a happy place. Even the anchor is smiling. I want to go on the boat trip with you, too. Enjoy your day!

    1. It is lovely here by the Rhine, it makes me happy everyday to walk along there and enjoy it.

  16. Such a unusual canvas. Your combination of light and dark looks great. And I love the fibers that you used for hair.

  17. This is stunning. The black really allows that face to pop.

  18. Your canvas is amazing! The black background with the stencilled images and your dolls face with the pops of colour and beautiful hair are stunning 😁. I loved your photos of the castle ruins and walk along the Rhine! Enjoy your week and Happy Weekend! J 😊

  19. Das Gesicht kommt auf dem schwarzen HG schön zur Geltung, klasse die Idee das lustige Garn als Haar zu benutzen. Schöne Fotos, teils mit interessanter Perspektive.
    Liebe Grüße

  20. What a wonderful painting and thank you for sharing your process. I love seeing works in progress! The ruins are gorgeous. Thanks so much for the beautiful postcard.

  21. I do like those dark colours. Beautiful work. Your photos of your day out are wonderful. Happy PPF.

  22. I always enjoy your photos of the Rhine! Love the hibiscus flower stencil. Happy PPF!

  23. loveley work & gorgeous Photographs...happy ppf

  24. fabulous canvas Valerie!! So striking with the black background. Lovely photos again-it really is such a beautiful walk along the Rhine. Happy PPF!

  25. I love the canvas. The molding paste made those flowers really pop. Great effect. And the doll face is beautiful. Thanks for the photos of the Rhine area.

  26. OH MY, I love this sweet painting!!! Wonderful textures, color, very inspiring too!
    I also enjoyed my "stroll " with you!!!

  27. Very creative! I love how you sanded the black gesso, it looks like little stars or glitter. And the hair on the doll looks so cute :-) Happy PPF!

  28. Summer does seem to be slipping by quite quickly doesn't it. I loved your photograph selection.

    All the best Jan

  29. Your walk looks beautiful. So sunny! :)

    Always fascinating to see your process. Wow!

  30. Love the canvas and the way you break it down to share the creation.

  31. I love your beautiful doll face & canvas, the hair is fantastic! Take care, Shirleyxx

  32. This piece is absolutely amazing! WOW!!! I hope you keep your art Valerie?? The work that you put into it and finishing it with bees wax! Truly turned out amazing! Breath taking! I really love it!!
    Love your photos too! Big Hugs!

  33. This is terrific. I love the monochrome and the pink on the cheeks is just perfect! This is tremendous. The wax is a wonderful touch.

    Beautiful boat photos too!

  34. The canvas is fascinating all you did with it. Love the photos. Blessings, Janet


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