Tuesday, 12 September 2017

In the pink

Hi Everybody!

For Art Journal Journey, Yvonne's lovely 'Colour in my world'
theme, and for Simon Monday Challenge
'it's written in the stars' I have an A3 mixed media page. 
For the BG I splodged white,quin red and titan buff liquid 
acrylics from Deco art onto my page
and brayered them quickly to mix and move the colours. I then used 
a star/snowflake brayer-stamp to give some texture.
When it was dry I collaged 
the image of the lady, cut from a magazine, 
and used various stencils round about to
give some depth. The other images, including the
scribbly ones,  are all die cuts, made from 2 
sets of dies bought from Aliexpress in China, where they
offer a great selection of very reasonably priced, good quality stuff,
which is sent with free shipping.
I cut them from some scraps of paper painted with brown
metallics. The Eiffel tower was cut from a paper napkin. I used
some sewing to edge the page:

After the flea market on Sunday we visited a newly built
cultural centre in Neuss, called the Romaneum. When you go into the foyer 
you can look down onto houses from Roman times to the middle ages - a very fascinating view into the history literally under our feet:

Various pots and glass from Roman times up to the
19th century:

There is also a reading corner, where you can bring, take or swap books and magazines

Exhibitions are also held there, and at the moment there are paintings
from Gisa Rosa:

The best photos are still to come - watch this space!

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Fabulous collage and interesting photos! Thank you for supporting Yvonne's theme so well !

  2. Your journal page is fabulous, love the colours, design and style, just great. I can see you were having fun making it. Great photos of Neuss, how fantastic to have ruins like that in the basement. Wow! Have a nice evening, hugs, Sarah

  3. Lovely mixed media page with beautiful shapes and a 'thoughtful' quote. The cultural centre looks very interesting so far.

  4. This piece is great. The lady is fun and quirky, and who'd a thought that Eiffel Tower was once a napkin.
    The cultural center is fascinating.
    I'd love to find a place to swap books.
    Hope your day sparkles.

  5. ein anerkennendes Nicken zu deinem Journal *wow* wie und was du dafür genommen und damit gemacht hast ist sehenswert. Der Spruch ist klasse.. so wunderschön!
    Deine Fotos sind ja interessant in diesem Museum und von der Malerin!
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Abend!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  6. Wow, your collage has everything in it. I liked the big lips!

    I was really impressed with that Museum/cultural center. Apparently it had been excavated and the center built around it. Very impressive photos and a huge place, apparently.

    Also, those paintings are fabulous. Wish I could get that abstract with my art! Hope your day is going well.

  7. wow,deine seite ist so cool,und die bilder aus dem museum und der malerin sind klasse,sehr interresant und sehenswert.
    einen schönen abend dir noch.

    hugs jenny

  8. What a great fun piece Valerie, you have a way of making impossible things work so well together! Have a fun week, Sue xx

    1. Hmm, yes, impossible people like impossible things!

  9. Wow Valerie. I love the colour in your world today. Its a fantastic pink background and really super collage. I am thrilled you are enjoying this theme.
    I loved the photos and the excavated Roman buildings. The painting are also super photos, looking forward to seeing more.
    Yvonne xx

  10. A fabulous collage and thanks for the info on the shopping, will check it out.
    Great photos of your museum visit to see the excavated buildings , it's good that they are preserved under cover.
    Avril xx

  11. I LOVE that period in history -- how I would love to visit that museum!

    And I'm so excited that Paris is a theme this month. I love everything I see!

  12. Your collaged journal page is so fun! I am loving all the various and unusual features that you added.
    And I love seeing all the pictures of your travels!

  13. Oh those BIG ruby red lips, coolness. Love the page and the fabulous and interesting photos.xx [aNNie]

  14. A great fun page it certainly will stick out from the crowd!

  15. A brilliant page Valerie, I love her big eyes and lips, great photos of your trip to the museum.
    xxx Hazel.

  16. You outdid yourself with this piece Valerie. I love it. I did a double take when I saw those big lips. Its an attention getter for sure. And what a cool place. I think archeology is pretty fascinating and I like to imagine what it was like way back when. In this case when the Romans lived there. Hope it's a great day. hugs-Erika

  17. Beautiful brayered background for your quirky, exciting collage - very cool page! And that's a magical piece of Roman preservation they've done there... what a great way to be able to see the remains from above. Seems like a really exciting new cultural hub.
    Alison x

  18. I love her lips. Makes mine turn right up:)
    Aren't some of those ceramics amazing?
    Hope your day is filled with sparkle.

  19. Your work is fabulous and I love the whimsy! Great words to ponder too. I am stopping by via Stacy's blog. Ancient ruins are so amazing to see. It is fun to wonder what life was like in centuries ago.

  20. Wonderful piece today, I just love the bright pink! That looks like such a fascinating museum, those ruins are so amazing!

  21. Oh how whimsical and fun your piece is! What an amazing place to visit, thanks for sharing your photos.

  22. I'd be flattered if you wanted to post about the bookmark. Have a lovely weekend Valerie and thanks for the comment.

  23. Great quote!
    I really love the paintings- they look like new planets. :)

    All the photos of the old homes and items are interesting. I always like seeing history come to life.

  24. This is an attention grabbing piece with such a marvelous message! Love this style too!! Wonderful work Valerie!! Always unique and fun!!

    Peace Giggles

  25. I love your art piece! It is amazing! Love the quote! Love the big eyes!! What an amazing exhibit! I would have been there for hours! How fascinating!! Love the swap book area too! Big Hugs!

  26. Wow! What a fabulous post full of so much goodness! Love your gorgeous artwork! Your girl is so sweet! All the textures add so much interest and intrigue! Happy PPF :)

  27. WOW!!! So, they just built these spaces below to look like replicas? Crazy lot of work there!!Those pieces of pottery are just amazing!! How old? I love to see what was once created before us! Do you think generations to come will feel that way about all the "imported cheap" crap we leave behind?
    Sad there are not as many artisans like this today-
    Jackie xo

    1. No, they are the remains of the old houses, going back nearly 2000 years.

  28. ps...love your artwork- made me think of my own head and what goes on there daily! haahaa

  29. As always, I love how your art tells a story! And the photos that go along with the post are breathtaking. I love the pink color palette and how you successfully combined so many eclectic elements. Thank you so much for your support of our Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenges!


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