Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Heavy metal and more....

Hi Everybody!

Thanks for all the kind wishes yesterday. I have bronchitis
and need to take antibiotics, but I'm hoping it will
soon go way and leave me! I am spending a lot of time in my
bed with my tablet for company, and am happy that I have
several ready crafted pieces, as I will not be doing anything
this week except reading and listening to music.

For Yvonne's 'Colour in my world' challenge at 
Art Journal Journey I have an A4 mixed media piece, using lots
of recycled materials, sewing, and a gold skin made from acrylic 
gel and gold metallic paint. When it was dry I stamped it
with Da Vinci's Leda (Lost Coast Designs), and sewed it to the 
various layers. The gold/white metallic layer was recycled
from a chocolate box. I also added some cheese cloth and
a white feather as 'headdress'. Some metallic ribbons and
pearls were added as embellishments. I am also linking to
Simon Monday Challenge, heavy metal:

For Tag Tuesday, Joan's steampunk challenge, I have another  tag, once 
again made with recycled card and stamps from Paper Artsy:

Some photos taken on my walk last Friday - Autumn
is coming:

And a bird's nest I found:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Hope the tanlets soon make you feel better Valerie

    The page is very beautiful with amazing ideas

    Great tag for the steampunk challenge as well

    Autumn has arrived here as well, we haven't had time to look at the beauty of it yet so it is amazing to share your walk

    Take care

    Love and hugs Chrissie xx

  2. So much texture on the page, I want to reach out and touch it. The steampunk tag is great. I really love that bird head. Autumn looks a little further along at your house. Trees here are just starting to turn, and we're still enjoying Summer temps. for the next couple of days. More seasonal weather predicted for the weekend. Feel better soon.

  3. Sorry you are still feeling bad, hope the pills soon work. Love both creations today, so many fantastic idea s and textures. The trees are turning here, too. Big hugs, Sarah

  4. Oh how lovely your art is! I hope you feel better soon. The photos of the trees changing colors are so very pretty.

  5. This is a fabulous mixed media page Valerie, all the detail, materials and your stitching add to its beauty. Thank you for making another great page for AJJ and for all your support for my theme this month.
    I loved your Steampunk tag as well and the photos looked lovely , beautiful colours of autumn.
    Keep warm and I hope you will be feeling better soon when the tablets have time to start working.
    Yvonne xx

  6. glad you know it's bronchitis and got the antibiotics. Beautiful piece for AJJ and a lovely tag. Nice to see the fall leaves coming in.

  7. Fabulous artwork and photos as well!! Take care of yourself and get well soon!!!

  8. Beautiful card, Valerie. Original and with many great details.
    I also love your pretty card. The crowned bird is adorable.
    As for your photos, they are amazing. I love the bird nest!
    I hope you feel better soon. Kisses, my friend.

  9. I love the bits of texture and fibers! I so love ALL your mixed media pieces..and your bird tag.
    I am so sorry to hear you have bronchitis but I hope you are able to relax and enjoy your rest time. Recover soon!

  10. At least you know what is ailing you. Sorry to hear that you are so sick and I am wishing you a quick and complete recovery. Loving your art. You really have some great texture on your AJJ journal page and the tag is very cool. Get your rest and I wish I could send you some warm chicken noodle soup. Hugs-Erika

    1. I wish you could, too....Thanks for the nice thought!

  11. Gorgeous Fall arrival!
    Wonderful textures on the mixed medium piece!!!

  12. I am so sorry to read you are still not well. This is certainly not the time of year to get ill. I'll be sending virtual hugs and hot cappuccino. Bed rest is best and the greatest medicine you could give yourself right now.

    I was admiring your lovely journal page when I realized I have that da Vinci face stamp. My friend Kathy gave it to me. I don't think I've ever used it. You have certainly inspired me to get it out and use it. Your journal page is wonderful with lots of extras beside the stamp.

    I think you must like that steampunk theme. I've yet to see if there is something I can come up with that might work. That is a darling tag.

    Autumn is really showing itself in your world. The trees and their lovely colors are true signs of this. So glad you have an internet connection for your bed. I can't take my desktop computer to bed with me, so at least I know YOU will have company and you can surf the net as you rest and get better.

  13. Do hope you recover my friend, not good being ill.
    Your display here, considering you are unwell, is beautiful and very interesting...hugs to you.xx [aNNie]

  14. Beautiful page for AJJ -thanks a bunch- and an amazing tag! Take good care of you and recover soon.

  15. I’m so sorry that you’re not very well at the moment, I wish you a speedy recovery. Beautiful art and lovely photos.
    xxx Hazel

  16. beautiful photos-this morning we finally feel like autumn has arrived-I hope the weather stays.
    Your art is always so wonderful! Hoping you bronchitis clears us soon-I woke up with asthma issues today-do to the big weather change so I know how you feel.
    Hoping my art package arrives to you soon-hugs

    1. ooops sorry for the typos I did not proof read it first

  17. It is good you got a diagnosis. Antibiotics work wonders! The mixed media piece came out great. I love the changing foliage photos. We are starting to see a little change here too and leaves are falling. Cute nest. :)

  18. abstrakt dein Journal da sgefällt mir auch sher gut mit den Federn und genähten und der Tag ist ja süss ich liebe diese Figuren darauf!
    Ja, jetzt ist es auch bei dir herbstlich geworden trotz dass es was wärmer ist bei dir!
    Tolle schöne Fotos sind das!
    Schönen Abend dir
    Lieben Gtruss Elke

  19. Wonderful artworks, and I love your Autumn photos Valerie!
    Wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Alison xx

  20. A lovely page Valerie and I love the steampunk tag and sentiment.
    Beautiful Autumnal photos, colours look fabulous.
    Hope you soon feel better - Take care.
    Avril xx

  21. I am so sorry to read you are not well. I wish you a speedy recovery, Valerie!

    Both creations look gorgeous and I love your photos as usual...especially the second one!

    Sending big hugs your way!

  22. wow your journal and photos are stunning

  23. I'm so bummed about your bronchitis. Been there, had it and it can be downright miserable and hard to kick. I'm glad you feel well enough to create but do get plenty of bed rest and all those things they tell you so you can get out and take more lovely photos of your fall to share with us!

    1. I'm not up to creating anything just now, but usually I work well in advance, so the well is not yet dry! Right now it's bed, reading and music....

  24. Please take care of yourself!!!
    I truly love both your pieces!! They are so beautiful and so fun! WOW!
    Stunning photos! So gorgeous!
    Big Hugs!

  25. Oh my dear Valerie!
    I have mixed feelings here. I am sorry you have taken to bed with your bronchitis, but I am happy you are staying in bed to give yourself needed rest and relaxation to get better! Do you have someone to make you tea or chicken soup? I would if we were neighbors ") Please feel well- sending you good health wishes!
    Jackie xo

    oops, Your golden piece is gorgeous and another fine steampunk tag!

  26. Love the ephemera on this artwork and your quirky clockwork birds are so fun...Again feel better soon!!

    Peace Giggles

  27. Hope you're feeling better, Valerie. I just love the clockwork bird on this tag and the brilliant quote! Your autumn colours are brilliant.

  28. It's always such a treat to see your projects and I love the wide variety of artwork styles that you create. I really love the texture you were able to achieve in these pieces and I adored all the beautiful pictures of Fall that you included! Your posts are a constant feast for the eyes! Hope you get to feeling better soon and I'm so glad you shared these pieces with us in the meantime for this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!


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