Monday, 13 March 2017

T stands for Tuesday, TIOT and more

Hi Everybody!

There's a lot going on again today, so I'll start off
On Tuesday we are starting a new challenge at TIOT -
Lady in red.
As always you have 2 weeks to join our challenge,
and projects of all formats are welcome.
 For my DT piece I paper pieced the evening dress for my lady, using
scraps of handmade paper, which I sewed together. The verse written 
around the decoration at the top is from Hillaire Belloc's
'Cautionary Tales'. I loved his work as a kid, and still do. 
The background has been paper pieced out of squares 
cut from a dictionary:

Today is Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so a hearty welcome to 
all of the nice ladies of the T Gang.

This is the lovely Francesca who always serves my cappuccino:

Sorry, no cake this week, I am too exhausted just now to even
think about baking!

Some photos from my Sunday walk:

Today's wonderful sunrise:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Love your red lady and the Hilaire Belloc verse with it, he was really good! Lovely photos, too, I remember your waitress. Kids are still sick, P is away, so I'm busybusybusy! Hugs, Sarah

  2. Wow I love her dress! Pleased to meet Francesca and thanks for sharing your Sunday photos!

  3. The lady inred project is reay beautiful with amazinh ides for the paper piecing

    Such a nice lady serving your special coffee

    Happy T Day to you

    What fantastic photographs of everything but especially the shops. The shoes look so comfortable
    Sleep well
    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Lady in red. What a wonderful and challenging theme. I may have to join in later in the week. I love how you pieced the background, as well as the dress, together. It is wonderful and so clever.

    I enjoyed meeting the charming Francesca as she served your cappuccino. It's a wonderful cafe, and I feel like I know it better now that I've met Francesca, too.

    Lovely photos of the town and the reflections in the windows. Spring has arrived in your town, even if it's cold. It was a lovely sunrise, at least.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely TioT art, your cappuccino, and a few of the shops in your town with us for T this Tuesday (or nearly Tuesday).

  5. I love the stitched elements in your "Lady in Red" piece, the details are so lovely. The sky photos through the trees are amazing.

  6. Great stitched additions to your Lady in Red. Another wonderful window glance and a lovely cuppa with your delightful server. xox

  7. Oh, you're lady in red is stunning - I love all the texture and detail - and I WANT that cappuccino right now ;0 xo

  8. Your lady in red is amazing, I love the way you added the quote and created the dress with all the beautiful detail and stitching! Seeing the lovely Francesca with your cappuccino made me smile :-) . Sorry to hear you are so tired - please take care dear Valerie! Thinking of you and wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  9. Love that red dress Valerie!!! The texture from sewing it stunning!!!
    She is definitely the lady in red and with the dictionary pages as background she again is the lady in "read"!!!
    Francesca is lovely and also a lady in red :)
    Your photos are always high quality and gorgeous!!!

    Big Hugs

  10. Its a fabulous Lady in Red project Valerie. I love how you created it and the stitched additions.
    It was nice to see the lady who serves you the delicious coffee, she seems very happy.
    Lovely photos from Sunday's walk.
    Take care of yourself and rest when you can.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  11. Francesca is a lady in red too. I love your art lady, she is very elegant. Feeling a little bit under the weather tonight so I am keeping this short. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  12. What a beautiful Lady in Red! I love her patchwork dress and the dictionary background. The quote is delicious. Why have I not heard of Hillaire Billoc? I immediately looked up some of his books online that are in the public domain. Very entertaining.
    I love coming with you on your walk. The shoe shop has changed its window display and it was great to meet Francesca. Say hello to her from me next time you go.
    I don't mind not having cake. You just take care of yourself. Don't overdo it.
    Happy T-Day,

  13. I love your Lady in Red! I loved the little bit of Hillaire Belloc too! Francesca looks a happy person - I am sure she must make you feel welcome! Your photos are fabulous - I love peeking in shop windows and not spending any money - although there was a pair of blue shoes that caught my eye!! The skies are beautiful - we still haven't had a lot of sun although today the day started well! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. Well you know you had me at "red" :):) Gorgeous lady in red Valerie! Francesca looks like a joyful soul. Yummy looking cappuccino. And how I love seeing your scenery along your walks. Happy T day!

  15. Love the Lady In Red.

    The photos from your Sunday walk are just lovely, I enjoyed my walk with you!

    Take Care

    All the best Jan

  16. Wow!! I love the Lady in Red Valerie! What a great paper piecing project. Stunning. Love the photos too. I now am craving a cappuccino! Hugs -- Mary Elizabeth

  17. I love your lady in red. Super work!Your photos are amazing Valerie!Hapy T day!

  18. Hi, loved the lady in red and all those lovely photos-thanks for sharing Happy T Day

  19. What an elegant red dress and what a lovely walk.
    Rest well.

  20. I'm in love with your lady in red. What a piece full of wonderful ideas and great design! Warm hugs!

  21. I love your gorgeous lady in red and beautiful photos.
    xxx Hazel.

  22. This is stunning red lady. Love it!

  23. Your lady in red is amazing, love this one...xx ♥[aNNie]

  24. Loved the way you made your Lady in Red's gown. She reminds me of the figures in fashion magazines.Such wonderful photographs. Hello, Francesca. The decoration on the column of the rug shop, reminds me of an elaborate cake. Like a wedding cake. I also liked the reflection of the mannequin in the shop window. Makes it look like she's window shopping. The yellow primroses (?) at the cafe are the bright spot for me today. Heavy snow on the way so we won't see any flowers for quite some time. Thanks for the walk. Happy T Day!

  25. Happy T-day my friend!!
    I agree, your lady in red is a show stopper. I love how you made her dress is layers and that background.....such a clever idea.], and it makes her pop off the tag.
    It is so much nicer when you get to know the people in the shops you frequent. My first thought was Francesca is a lady in red too. She has a beautiful smile, no wonder you like getting your cappuccino from her.
    As always I adore your sunrise photos...
    Thanks again for the wonderful surprise!!!

  26. I checked your recent posts and they prove your spring is about one month earlier than ours...Can't wait to see flowers blooming again. And sit outside and have an espresso or a glass of wine...aaah!

  27. What an incredible piece of artwork Valerie! LOVE the red! and the stitching... I wish the restaurants here in the US would have more outdoor seating like the one in your picture.. I miss that about Germany... I wasn't there very long before we sat at one of those and watched the people bustling in the market and church bells in the background.. Its a memory i pull out and savor every once in awhile.. Lovely to see your walkabout town... Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  28. What a lovely walk! I think I'd enjoy that sidewalk cafe. I'd imagine the people-watching there is fun :) Happy T Tuesday!

  29. The red dress and quote are fabulous! I love your paper piecing and that you used handmade papers. What wonderful textures they give the dress.

    Hi to Francesca. You're right, she is quite lovely and so kind to let yuo share her photo.

    The city is very beautiful. Do you ever tire of the architecture? And everything is so pristine and clean looking.

    Spectacular sunrise photos! You aways give us such wonderful eye candy, Valerie ;-)

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  30. I really love your "Lady in Red" and the quote is great!!!! More great photos of your world. Sorry you were too exhausted to bake and hope that you are feeling better by now! Happy T Day!!!

  31. I love a good cappuccino. Yum!

    The Lady in Red piece is beautiful. Great quote and the shades of red really pop.

    Looks like a lovely walk around town. :)

  32. A fabulous journal page Valerie, the dress looks stunning with the stitched detail.
    Lovely photos of the sunrise and your walk.
    Avril xx

  33. Lovely lady in red, and I love your photos too!

  34. love your lady in red! and your photos!

  35. Hi Valerie, Your Lady in Red is a beautiful creation. So much interesting details. Pretty photo of your server friend. Always love your walking pics. You have so many beautiful spots around your town to walk and enjoy the view. The tables with the potted evergreens and flowers is just beautiful.
    Have a great and creative week. xo

  36. Thanks for all you share here, I especially love your lady in red, wow, really quite a spectacular piece, she is unique and wonderfully made, really striking!

  37. I used to read Hillaire Belloc's 'Cautionary Tales' to my children I don't know of many people who are even aware of the book. I just lit up when I saw you had used a quote in your challenge.

  38. I'm looking at the big sky. Happy T Day.

  39. Really stunning lady in red, Valerie! Totally beautiful piece!
    Hugs, Mar

  40. Beautiful lady in red and quote...gorgeous photos too! So nice to meet Francesca, cool belt with pockets she is wearing. I've not seen anything like it. Happy T day!

  41. catching-up with you again!! Love your "Lady in Red", very bold. You appear to be a bit ahead of us in the Spring department, but all that rain and now sunshine are bringing the spring flowers out a little bit more each day. Yes, sorry to let the side down, but housew**k needed attending to :-) but now I'm free to get back to making! If you need something to go with that delicious looking coffee I have some ginger biscuits leftover. I hope this week is less tiring for you, and that the sunshine continues. Theresa xx

  42. Deine Lady in Red sieht super aus, klasse wie du Kleid und Hintergrund gestaltet hast. Francesca ist passenderweise auch in Rot gekleidet und was sie dir serviert, hat sieht lecker aus. Deine Fotos sind auch wieder so schön, die alten Häuser und schönen Geschäfte bei dir sind immer ein gutes Fotomotiv. Die Sonnenaufgänge sind spektakulär, meinen hier hab wieder verschlafen.😀
    Hab einen schönen Tag.

  43. Fabulous page Valerie, love the dictionary collage background and her dress is divine! Wonderful shots of the street, that pillar is so intricate and beautiful! have a great day :)

  44. Hi Valerie! I want to go with your on your walks!!! I always enjoy your gorgeous photos and these are specially beautiful!!! And WOW. What a wonderful creation you made for the lady in red challenge. It is spectacular! And thanks always for visiting my little blog and leaving lovely comments. HUGS!!!!

  45. I love the pillar with the black trim.
    Hope your day is swift and productive.

  46. This is such a fun piece! It feels very different from your usual work and I really love it's boldness and its movement! Fabulous!

  47. I love your lady in red! WOW!! Amazing!!! I love how you take pictures Valerie, that shows us the detail! Thank you! Francesca is beautiful!! Love your stunning photos! Please take it easy and rest!

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  49. Your lady in red journal page is beautiful!! I love the design and the quote you have inserted Valerie!
    How appropriate Francesca had on red for her photo! heehee
    I am hoping you are getting enough rest in between your therapies- take care my friend, you are always in my thoughts! xo

  50. Wonderful Lady in Red - I am singing that song in my head right now. One of my favorites. I always enjoy your pictures Valerie!
    Sandy xx


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