Monday, 27 February 2017

Tea or coffee?

Hi Everybody!

It's been another cold and blustery day here. I went out
for my morning walk and was happy to get back home again.

On Tuesday we are starting a new challenge at TIOT 
☕-Time for Tea-☕

This fits well to Elizabeth's 
so I would like to give a warm welcome to all of the
nice T gang ladies and anyone else who visits today.

At TIOT you have 2 weeks to link to our theme, and projects 
of all formats are welcome- I made a spread in one of my journals. The background was painted, stamped and stenciled. I cut the cup from
corrugated card, painted it white and then added
a cup-themed napkin. I tucked in a tea-bag and a packet of
sugar (from my fave ice parlour). The drinking ladies
were cut from a paper napkin. The script
was added to make sure that everybody knows
which beverage I prefer!

Doughnuts, or 'Berliner' as they are called here, are one
of the staple foods of carnival. I wanted you to see them,
so I bought 2, one filled with jam and the other with eggnog cream,
yummy! I sacrificed myself for you again. Enjoy!

And cappuccino was on the table, too, as always:

The Rhine path was rather deserted this morning:

I saw this lady and her son making their way to the tram, she was dressed
as a cowboy and he was an old lady.....

I always like taking pics of the shop windows, where the
contents merge with the reflections to become
surreal pictures:

The window boxes in front of the old town hall have
been planted with spring flowers:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. What a lovely art piece, it is dynamic and wonderful! It's a very fun notion. The Berliner's look delicious and your photos are charming.

  2. Love your journal pages and photos, and of course, I would love to share the doughnuts and coffee with you. The kids are still sick, they are keeping me on my toes! Hugs Sarah

  3. Lovely spread and fantastic photos - berliner filled with eggnog cream sounds heavenly!
    Happy T-Day, Susi

  4. The window displays are so tantalising. I rather like the rabbit with the pretty frock, and the little birds in the last one. The pansy in the last photo looks like a giant pansy. All your photos here are magnificent.
    Great tea pages and love the way you have made the cup and its contents.

  5. I absolutely love your journal pages, Valerie!!! Beautiful and put together so wonderfully!!! Love that cup☕
    Your photos are always gorgeous and may I add...Tasty looking đŸ©đŸ°đŸź
    I also love your photos of windows reflecting life on the outside... they are surreal and lovely!
    As always, a wonderful posting!!!

    Jan 💝

  6. Very witty journal pages Valerie and just love the clever cup you created. Lovely pics too and it's being nasty most of the day here as well. Rather windy with intermittent showers, some very heavy.
    Have a good week.
    Fliss xx

  7. Oh I love you dimensional cup , great pages. Love also all those wonderful window shots. Nice Easter displays. xox

  8. Fantastic pages Valerie and great that made a cup for the tea and sugar even though we know your drink is coffee. Yummy doughnuts and so much nicer than ones with a hole in the middle.

    Your photographs of anything always amaze me but the ones of shop windows and reflections leave me speechless. Such clarity and no flash back that I always seem to get if I take a shop window pic.

    Hope you sleep well

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. You need to stand at the side of the window and take the photo at a flat angle to avoid flash backs.

  9. Its a fabulous journal spread Valerie and I love all the little quotes and messages you added. As a tea drinker I was happy to see the cup for tea and thank you for thinking of us as you tasted those delicious cakes.
    I loved the shop window photos again today, you get the most amazing clear pictures.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Beautiful piece for TIOT. Fun times in your city! Those doughnuts look good you have a sweet tooth Valerie!

  11. Thank you for including us tea drinkers in your art today, I know how much you enjoy coffee - the napkins images are so beautiful! Love all the flowers and bunnies in the shop windows too, it feels like Spring is on it's way :-). Happy T Day dear Valerie! J :-)

  12. Spring if inching its way back in the picture.
    I enjoy reflections very much too...your pics are super liebe Valerie.
    Your cup looks so real and ready to go.
    I like that your tea and coffee friends have worked things out nicely ;-)
    Happy last T Day of February oxo

  13. Thank you for sacrificing yourself with 2 Berliners for us, Valerie. You brought back fond memories of my (very Germanic) birthplace, Wisconsin.

    Darn! You've already captured my sentiments about tea. Except I would have to say, "For cola at 4, please knock at my door." I love how dimensional you made the cup - wirh real (well sort of) sugar and tea in it. Wonderful spread to kick off the next TIOT.

    What fun photos you got on your Rhine walk this week. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Eileen

  14. What a lovely piece you did for TIOT. I love the ‘corrugated’ cup.
    Oh those Berliners look so scrumptious! Very inviting! Thank you.
    I suppose you saw many people dressed up as it was carnival weekend. Here people dress up too, especially the children.
    I love the window displays with the reflection. Well done. That’s not easy. I like the hare with the green scarf… But I didn’t like the price of those shoes. Heavens, that is expensive! Although they look very good quality I must admit.
    The window box is lovely. Pansies, ivy and heather. Goes to show that you can have window boxes in every season.
    Happy T-Day,

    1. The shoes in that shop are very good quality, but unfortunately not my price bracket, but in comparison with another shop on the other side of the street, they are cheap!

  15. I'll sacrifice myself for one of those Berliners too. They look very yummy. And that is the greatest little rhyme about tea and coffee. I prefer tea and I need to remember that one. :) Your page came out great and I love the various textures you used. Hope you warm up soon. I can relate-I left spring like weather at home and here, where it is usually spring like, is cold also. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  16. Your journal page made me smile - yes coffee for me too! Well done for eating those 'Berliner' - it must have been so difficult ( :-D ) I love seeing your shop photos ..and the beautiful pansies! Hugs, Chrisx

  17. Tea for me please and a whole bun thank you..looks delish. Love your tummy rumbling page and your delightful design....has the postie been? x

  18. I love the writing that goes with the tag. I am a huge coffee drinker. Love to have my coffee just right, the way I like it. :) Great job and wonderful pictures. :)

  19. A great new theme for TIOT and a fab project to start it off along with
    TSFT!Always a pleasure browsing thru your lovely photos. Here in the US Tuesday is Mardi Gras (fat Tuesday) and the old tradition is to have fastnachts (donuts) just before Lent begins:)Happy T day!

  20. Hi I love your journal pages very creative! Enjoyed all the photos, and donuts look delicious too

  21. A fabulous journal spread Valerie, love the witty quote and the cup looks fabulous.
    Love the photos of the shop windows and the carnival couple look so funny.
    You are good to sacrifice yourself to eat the donuts for us, but I'm sure some of us would have helped you out!
    Have a great day, Avril xx

  22. So very clever: with the teabag and coffee-sachet, a touch of genius ... tied together with the rhyming and humour - loved it!

    We miss our trips along the Rhine and Mosel valleys' with all the markets and shops in the run up to Rosamontag. Cologne, Cochem and Koblenz in particular.

  23. The coffee and tea spread is great fun but the doughnuts got my attention today - it must have been the mention of the eggnog cream filling mmmmmm I bet that was really yummy :)
    Enjoyed the window shopping trip and great photos too - it was fun seeing all the different shops and I didn't have to spend any money or get cold :)
    Thanks for the lovely comments earlier today...
    Enjoy the rest of your day.. Gill xx

  24. The piece is perfect. I'll be over at 4:)
    Love the bunnies in the shop windows.
    Hey thanks for taking those calories so we didn't have to. Ha.
    Have a great one, my friend.

  25. Your journal page would make a great card to send to a tea lover. Clever putting a packet of tea and sweetener in it. I'll be there at 3pm and would happily have a Berliner or two. They look amazing. I'd love the walk along the river. I don't like crowds so having the place all to myself would be heaven. I enjoyed your shop window photos especially the bunny or hare with the tea set. Have a Happy T Day

  26. I just love your tea cup Valerie... and the your right the store windows and the reflections make an interesting photo.. so clever for you to notice that.. I'm so glad you shared the photos this t day.. We are hunkering down for some possible bad weather this afternoon... the wind has already started... I need to fit a walk in too.. Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  27. I'll be by for tea and coffee both, I think lol. I love the dimension you got in that spread. Window shopping just isn't what it used to be here, but it's done right where you are I see :) Lovely windows! Happy T Tuesday!

  28. I'll skip the tea at three, and be there at four .....knocking on your door......*grin* What super fun pages,and I love the cup cut from cardboard and then covered with a napkin.
    Now, I do have a huge weakness for cream filled pastries, and these look heavenly and.......oh sooooo tasty!! My mouth is watering for a bite.
    You photos of the shop windows, and reflections, remind me of when a camera took film and you had to wind the film before taking the next picture.........sometimes forgetting and getting double exposure with one picture over another. Now that really dates me eh....even though there are still some of those cameras around.
    Happy T-day and have a great week....tomorrow starts a new month....OMG!!

  29. I love your journal pages Valerie, I'm at coffee at any hour of the day! Thank you for the doughnuts, you certainly took one for the team there lol. Have a great week xx

  30. Admiring your pages Valerie! I prefer coffee to tea but can appreciate a cup of green one! Hugs!

  31. Such fabulous journal pages, the tea cup is fantastic! What I like most about this post is the donuts... it's a joke! hahaha!!! Great photos too!
    Mar xx

  32. So enjoyed reading and looking at your lovely photographs.

    I have to say a cup of tea is my first choice, but I do like coffee too.

    All the best Jan

  33. I feel horrible that it has taken me so long to visit. I'm not a very good host this week. I love what you did for TioT and tea. It's my sentiments exactly. I'll definitely knock on that door.

    Those Berliners sound good. You can tell I'm starting to get my appetite back.

    Super photos from town today. I always love it when you take us with you.

    Thanks for sharing your tea inspired art and your wonderful cappuccino and Berliner with us for T this Tuesday.

  34. LOVE journal spread especially the tea cup... which of course I would pour full of coffee too ♥ Nice photos too. I do like the windows with the reflections on them. Happy belated T Day!!!

  35. Love the tea cup from corrugate, very cool!
    Hugz, Z

  36. Fabulous page Valerie. Love the teacup made of corrugated cardboard, and the real teabag tucked inside!! Lots of fun shots. I love the one of the deserted path along the river, that's just the way I like it, deserted! Beautiful.

  37. I am a coffee gal myself, although I do like a bit of ginger tea in the evening!
    What a way cool spread! I love how you incorporated the tea in the cup! And your rhyming, too cute!

  38. Love the dimensionality of your journal page, and the wonderful shop window photos! Doughnuts? Yes please...😁

  39. Love the dimensionality of your journal page, and the wonderful shop window photos! Doughnuts? Yes please...😁

  40. Your art is amazing! I love your sense of humour! Those donuts look so good! Can't you send some to Canada? LOL! Love the photos!!!

  41. Love your pages and your mug is superb. The photos are amazing. The colorful windows are adorable too!


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