Thursday, 23 February 2017

Paint Party Friday

Hi Everybody!

This week has flown by, or perhaps been blown away by
the stormy winds we have had these past 2 days.
I hope it soon calms down and turns towards spring.
Today when I was waiting for the bus, I was surrounded by 
strange beings - a cow and a bear, 2 very sexy nuns,
some milk maids, a devil, Pippi Longstockings 
and 2 Japanese schoolgirls  in cake-frill short skirts.
And when the bus came along it was filled with more
strange folk. No, I haven't lost my last remnant of sanity -
today is the first day of the carnival here in Rhineland,
and strangely costumed people are in the majority. They
were on their way into Düsseldorf to join in the fun and parades,
and some were already very drunk   rather 'merry' although
it was still early in the morning.

Today I am sharing a 12"tag, made from partly peeled corrugated
card and collaged and painted in several layers, with some added 
stamping on the top layer. I used some swallows from a stamp set 
sent to me by Sabine, and some washi tapes from Gill
thanks ladies:

I added some moulding paste and art stones to make the centres
of the flowers, adding Stickles to give them some glitter:

I am linking to Tag Tuesday, spring flowers, Paint Party Friday, Stamps and stencils (paint, crackle and texture) and More mixed media, anything goes.

And I have one last piece for Linda's lovely challenge of 
'50 shades of red' at

Here are the last photos taken at the museum, I love to walk through the rooms and view my fave paintings and installations:

This is a piece made by Marcel Broodthaers out of mussel shells:

 I can never resist viewing Max Ernst, René Magritte, Joan Miró,
Pablo Picasso, George Grosz, Carlo Carra, Kurt Schwitters,
Paul Klee, Franz Marc and Amedeo Modigliani. It's a strange 
feeling, humbling and inspiring at the same time,  to stand 
in a room surrounded by these
great Artists, 

Have a great day you all,  take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Fabulous art! Haven't been to an art gallery in a while - stunning work. Loved your tag and Frida piece.

  2. Love the tag and the Frida page - I was wondering if you would make a Frida page, she fits well to the red theme. The tag is very cunningly made, those flowers look real. Fantastic photos from the museum, I would love to go their again. Hugs, Sarah

  3. Beautiful tag with the lovely gifts of your generous friends and a super digital last page for Linda's theme - most appreciated-thank you for all the great support you gave again to the challenge even though you are so busy.
    Great photography ! Enjoy Carnival!

  4. Hi Valerie, well it has been fun to do some catching up with you this afternoon. Your creations are amazing. The last post and this one are incredible. Enjoyed seeing your photos from the museum and you always find the best cup of coffee!!
    Have a great weekend ahead. xo

  5. Its a gorgeous tag, love the texture and of course the beautiful spring colours.
    The Frida page and one of her quotes looks awesome.
    I liked todays photos from the museum gallery, and such a great selection of styles.
    Did you get any photos of the carnival costumes? A happy start to the day seeing them while waiting for your bus.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Interesting parade it will be! Lovely tag and page today and thanks for sharing the great art pieces.

  7. Fantastic tag and great use of your gifts

    Love the Frida page with the standout flower headress

    What amazing pics from the museum as always

    The weather sounds awful a bit like ours. Great to hear about carnival time it made me think of the costumes you made for the girls

    Sleep well

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. And here I thought you just lived in a colorful neighborhood. I was a little disappointed when I learned it was Carnival!

    Love your tag and the museum looks fabulous!

  9. Oh that tag is so gorgeous, I love the delicate and beautiful layers. The Frida page is wonderful too. What wonderful art from the museum and what fun people you were surrounded by!

  10. I'm sure the parade will be colourful and fun.

    I liked the piece made of out of mussel shells.

    Thanks for sharing all the different art pieces.

    All the best Jan

  11. Lovely work and thank you for sharing the art pieces.

  12. Hello Valerie, oh that parade sounds like a lot of fun all right!
    Beautiful Tag! That's a great use of the moulding paste - the texture really stands out. Those flowers are gorgeous - and I love the colours.
    Beautiful Red Frida... I love the possum eyes!
    Cheers and Happy PPF!xx

  13. Your tag has SUCH depth. I adore it. It's amazing. I also like the Frida entry for AJJ, too. It is beautiful.

    Of course, I was in heaven when I saw the latest photos you took of the artwork and installation. Can you tell me the artist who created the mixed media assemblage seven from the bottom? It has metal, rope, and what looks like wood attached to the painting. It is fabulous, as are all the pieces you shared.

  14. Forgot to add the question, could it be Kurt Schwitters? It looks a bit like some of his other work. I hit publish before I thought to ask.

    1. Yes it's Kurt Schwitters, I love his work, it is always very special.

  15. That is a gorgeous tag today. It has a wonderful texture-or looks like it does. And I'm glad you showed us your Frida page since you mentioned it to me in your comment the other day. I love it. I love the lace Frida-like a shadow of the solid Frida. And of all those wonderful museum pieces- I just love those cats.I also enjoyed all the different other styles. Being an armchair traveler is fun. Enjoy carnival-even if you aren't (or are) one of the revelers. Hugs-Erika

  16. Love your creativity with the tag and the journal page. The photos of the art pieces are very nicely done. Inspiration and creativity can be found in those who follow their vision.
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Love your creativity with the tag and the journal page. The photos of the art pieces are very nicely done. Inspiration and creativity can be found in those who follow their vision.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. I was laughing my head off, reading your first paragraph! LOL! You are so adorable! I love your tag Valerie and your red piece is stunning! The art pieces from the museum are magnificent!! Love! Big Hugs!

  19. Wow I am taken by your art this week. Something that stirs the soul. I really appreciate you sharing the museum art too. Thank you.

  20. Loving your tag and your journal is awesome...fab pics again today..xx{aNNie}

  21. Fabulous tag and photos! Love them! Carnival sounds fun too!

    Hugs Giggles

  22. Valerie, thank you for the up-close views of your pieces in your swallows and flowers collage. I really enjoy the details. The Frieda's are great and the saying underneath so funny! I loved the trip to the museum. I have never seen the cats painting before. Who did that one?

  23. I love your tag! It is beautifully rich in color and texture! Thanks for the museum tour and have a great week!

  24. As always, I loved the texture in your tag. And more art - you are spoiling us! Love the piece from mussel shells, those little pops of my favourite colours. Our village has a Karneval parade tomorrow, it'll be interesting to see who comes to the party. Last year we had a team of American style football players (all ladies) plus some dodgy looking cheerleaders! Have a great weekend - I hope you see a little bit of sunshine. Theresa

  25. love those colours on the tag and more amazing art pieces to share too

  26. Oh what fun it must be to see all the carnivale costumes! Your tag is absolutely gorgeous, and I love your Frida piece too. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful reds this month! And thanks also for sharing the fascinating art from the museum. Happy PPF!

  27. haha, that sounds as if it was an interesting bus-ride :-) Love the texture in your tag, and the glittering flowers. And the use of doilies in your red piece. Beautiful work!

  28. Wonderful tag creation ~ great textures, colors and so uniquely creative ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  29. The tag is wonderful and so is the Frida piece! And your gallery photos too.

  30. The carnival sounds fun and so great to see the people all dressed up for the celebrations :-). Your tag is beautiful and how wonderful to receive such lovely gifts from Sabine and Gill - fabulous! That's a pretty red page, I love your use of lace and the flowers in their hair :-). Happy Friday and have a great weekend! J :-)

  31. Gorgeous tag!!! Love the Frida piece, too...all that beautiful red!!!
    I also enjoyed my trip through the art museum...thank you, Valerie!!!

    Happy PPF~
    Hugs, Jan

  32. Your tag is lovely. And I do love the Frida piece. Also those gallery exhibits were wonderful. I wish I could have been there to see them!

  33. This is an absolutely gorgeous tag! and I loved seeing the art from your museum visit! Happy PPF!

  34. Another lovely mixed media piece, Valerie. Great idea for the flower centres. :)

  35. Luv the 3D edge in your collage today and thanks for sharing those stunning exhibition pieces

    Happy PPF, happy you dropped in at my blog today.

    much love...

  36. I really love your tags, fantastic!

  37. Wunderschönes Blüten-Tag, ein guter Vorbote des Frühlings. Die Collage mit Frida x 2 sieht total genial aus, gefällt mir außerordentlich gut.
    Der Museumsrundgang ist auch wieder schön, da sind viele bekannte Maler versammelt.
    Liebe Grüße

  38. Love your art this week and also all of the museum art you shared♥ It was warm and sunny most of the week here but now it's cold and windy again. I supposed to be very cold tonight and tomorrow night :( We were so spoiled by our two weeks of warm Spring weather.

  39. Love the glorious texture on that tag, Valerie.

  40. Love all those layers and textures on your tag and the piece for Fifty Shades of Red. Thanks for sharing all that other lovely artwork too. Happy PPF!

  41. I adore your wonderful artwork--the colors and textures are delightful. I enjoyed seeing your artistic guest pieces, too. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. ((HUGS))

  42. Wow, such wonderful shares!! Love the tag - great texture and pretty colors! I enjoyed seeing the museum photos, thank you.

  43. Your artwork is beautiful! I love texture and interesting pieces pulled together. Your "red" is great. Thank you for sharing the art gallery with us! I have not been to an art gallery for way too long. Have a great upcoming week! Hugz, Rasz

  44. Fantastic tag and page. They are both stunning, love the flowers, and the Frida images and quote are brilliant. Thank you for sharing your museum pictures once again, some very strange paintings I must say.

  45. What a fabulous post! I love your tag and journal page! I loved the final visit to the museum - fabulous art - especially love Paul Klee's art! Hugs, Chrisx

  46. your tag is magnificent -- love how you combined stenciling. stamping, bright colors and all. beautifully done. xo

  47. You've probably guessed I'm catching up again ha ha
    and I'm glad I got to see this fascinating and fabulous post.
    Firstly your tag is really beautiful and I love your AJJ piece too (the quote made me smile) and last but not least - wow! what a great selection of fab art - thanks for showing your photos - what a lovely treat they wer to see.... Gill xx

  48. OMG! What a thrill it is for me to sit here and view your photos of this art! I can't even imagine what it is like to see so many great artists workup close and personal on a regular basis!
    Who painted the cats ,Valerie? I tried to figure it on my own, but could not-

  49. Such fantastic textures under your beautiful flowers - I really love the glow of the colours. And your Frida page is really powerful. Thank you for sharing all that magnificent art too.
    Alison x


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