Monday, 31 August 2015

Time is running out....

Hi Everybody!
Hope your weekend was good.

Today is the last day of the time challenge at Art Journal Journey-
time is running out, but you still have one more day to join in.
If you come back tomorrow you can learn all about the new challenge for  September.
I have once again made a collage of all my time pieces from this month. I enjoyed the time theme, and want to thank Yvonne for being such a wonderful guest hostess this month, and for choosing such an inspiring theme. If you look at our Pinterest page (link on the right) you can see all the entries, and they make an impressive display.

This is the last of the pages I made. I used a brush-wipe page as my background, painted in the face and adorned her with all manner of clock and cog stencils. The quote is from Golda Meir.
I am also linking my face to '49 faces' and to Kim Dellow's Show your face

We had another hot and sunny day, which started off with a wonderful sunrise:

The farmer was out tending his fields accompanied by hundreds of gulls, eager to find goodies in the freshly turned earth. It reminded me of the pied piper of Hamlyn, but this time with gulls instead of rats.

They were queuing up over a couple of hundred yards

The rose hips are ripe

This container ship was so big that I could hardly get all of it on my photo

The traffic on the river keeps a lot of traffic off the roads, and that is good!

Have a great day you all, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. She's gorgeous. I love how you find ways to use clocks and gears and squiggles to make hair. And what a great quote too. I need to remember that when it feels like all those work commitments are taking over my life and all my time. Those sun photos look HOT; summer hasn't ended yet, has it?

  2. wow,sie ist eine schönheit,auch toll mit den ganzen uhrenzeugs,gefällt mir mega gut.
    tolle bilder wiedetr,so richtig herbstlich schon.
    ich war gestern griechisch essen mit schatzi,ich bin fast geplatzt und ouzo gabs on mast,war ein schöner tag. und die taverne war richtig toll eingerichtet.
    hab eine schöne neue woche.

    hugs jenny

  3. Lovely last page for the month and beautiful collage! The rose hips look so good too.

  4. From all accounts, and if my math is correct, I think I'll be able to link to AJJ this afternoon when I share my T post. But I agree that time has run out on this month.

    I like how you put all your time entries together, and of course, I like your adorable woman who appears to not be governed by time! Lovely art to go with a great quote.

    I nearly fell over when I saw that second barge photo. I've seen barges before on the Mississippi river, but NOTHING like that. I agree it's a great way to help ease road traffic.

    I've also seen gulls (we call them land gulls) follow behind combines as they cut wheat. But I've never seen queues of them like that before. You shared some incredible photos today, dear friend.

  5. Your collage is spectacular, what a lot of hard work you put into this month's entries, with wonderful results. Love the time lady, too, and of course, the lovely photos. Have a good week, hugs, Sarah

  6. Wonderful collage of all your beautiful artwork for the challenge Valerie. The face are all wonderful and I love the one today with a bit more roundy look.

    Beautiful photographs and such a lot of movement in the ones with all the seagulls.Hope your weather is better than ours today

    Love Chrissie xx

    1. Thanks. The weather is great again today, but we have wet, wild and windy forecasted from tomorrow on!

  7. Beautiful collection of creations with wonderful details and photos are gorgeous and full of colours.xx
    {The Journey Is The Start aNNie my personal blog}

  8. I love the collage of your pages and I love today's face - it looks a little oriental to me.
    xxx Hazel.

  9. Deine letzte Seite is ebenso schön wie alle anderen- ich hab jetzt nochmal die Collage mir genau angeschaut.. Du hast wirklich fabelhafte Ideen und Arbeiten präsentiert wieder Valerie!
    DANKE für all Deine wunderbare Arbeit, die Du Art Journal Journey widmest!
    Herrliche Aufnahmen...
    Wahnsinn wie die Möven den Boden durchforsten hinter dem Traktor!
    Es war ein toller Monat -
    Yvonne war genial!

    Bin heute spät----
    Noch einen schönen restlichen Tag!

  10. OH what a delight to see all of your August creations all together Valerie.
    Yvonne certainly did inspire us with her artwork and lovely theme.
    I am excited to see what September brings.

  11. Oh Valerie, ich bewundere deine Unermüdlichkeit ungemein, welch ein kreativer Monat wieder hier in deiner Collage zu bestaunen!
    So, jetzt bin ich mit deine ganzen Bildern der verpassten letzten Tage durch - alles schön! Noch etwas erschöpfte Grüße von Ulrike

  12. Those gulls must be having a feast day!!!! I do really like your face today.
    What do you mean time is running out!!! I am going just as fast as I can go .....
    Sandy xx

    1. Not for you and not for me, just for the challenge!!

  13. Hi Valerie, your month long work is gorgeous and a piece of art in it's own with the collage. Your designs this month have really been wonderful and some of my very favorites.
    Great walking pics too.
    Happy last day of August!

  14. Great page and another wonderful collage of your art for the month. hugs, Teresa

  15. Fabulous page, photos and your monthly collage is so inspiring Valerie that I just want to go straight away and get out all my paints, inks and pastels etc. and play...........Gill xx

  16. I'm very excited to see what the new monthly theme will be for Art Journal Journey!

  17. Your last post for this theme is fantastic and I always enjoy your monthly collage ... it's thrilling to see all you do in a month for each theme ♥ Love seeing the gulls feasting in the fields and that is one big cargo ship ! Have a great day :)

  18. It is always fun to look back at all of the journal pages you have created for the month. Managing the clock rather than it taking control of our lives is very important. Just haven't figured out how to do that yet.

    Your final page is lovely and I will miss your faces with the beautiful eyes.


    1. There will be lots of faces in September, too

  19. Your mosaic looks fantastic! I always love seeing all your pieces together at the end of the month. We are in another of those heat/humidity waves..I am looking forward to Autumn for sure.

    That container barge is amazing--I've never seen one IRL, only photos!

    1. They travel the river day in, day out, I love watching them

  20. Beautiful pics - and I really LOVE all of the sketchbook pages. They're very inspiring...

  21. Love your gorgeous journal page. Thank you Valerie for allowing me to be your guest at AJJ I have enjoyed every day.
    Yvonne xx

  22. Another gorgeous portrait and I do love your end of month look backs. Thank you again for linking up to Show Your Face and for your shout out too. Kx

  23. So great to see they use the river in this way! I love that rose hips photo! xx

  24. Your work is so magnificent all your blogs. Your madness of art as you say and your photography.
    You love to bath in the goodness of live. That's a girl. Me too.

    Have a great weekend even if it is rain. You can send me any work you do in the future to remind me to look.

    My addy is


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