Friday, 21 August 2015

Take Time Out....

Hi Everybody!

It's Friday already, this week has galloped by again.

For Art Journal Journey, time, and for Paint Party Friday I made another A3 mixed media page with a rather masculine touch. I am also linking to 
stamps and stencils, time flies.
The page was gessoed and then sprayed with vintage leather from my tattered angels. I stenciled some diamonds and a clock and cogs with vintage photo. I collaged an eclectic mix of bits and bobs. The two gentleman were created with a home made stencil.

We had wonderful weather today, warm and sunny and not too hot, so great for a long walk. 

I walked down the road to the next village, and saw this vintage car:

And a few yards further I looked over the fence and saw this lovely scene:

The headless couple were still sitting in front of the café:

When I turned down towards the Rhine I was pleased to see that some of the lovely old houses are still standing - so many have been pulled down and replaced by soulless concrete blocks:

The old couple are still sitting in front of the little old house next to the memorial.
The other 2 seem to be real, as they were walking!

The text on the house means 'our little old house', written in the local dialect.

I will show the rest of the photos another day!
Have a great day, take care, 
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Happy Friday. We absolutely must take time for friendship. Where would we be without our friends? Your page today is wonderful! It is fun to take a walk with you to neighboring villages to view some of the older buildings. It was a fun stroll.


  2. I can't believe it's already Friday in your world, because I haven't even eaten my meal for the day (Thursday), yet. I am in awe of that handmade stencil. I am still trying to figure out how you got different colors and patterns for the pants on the man on the right. This is awe inspiring.

    So glad it cooled for you today. It did a bit for me, too. I even got out and got my entire yard mowed before it got too hot to be outside. Of course, that was about all the exercise I got today, unlike you, who walked to another town/village. If I did that, I'd have to start this week and get there next week. From my house, it would be at least 25 miles (40,2 km) to the nearest town. In fact, it would be at least 12 miles (19,3 km) before I left the city limits of Wichita.

    That was a wonderful old car. I like seeing things that have been well taken care of or restored. Not just cars, but houses and buildings, too.

    I agree that the old is much prettier than the sterile look of most modern buildings. You have chosen some real beauties to showcase today.

    Happy Friday. Now I'm off to eat my Thursday meal (grin).

    1. There are quite a few small villages which I can reach in half an hour on foot, so I usually walk to one or the other when I am on my walks. Funny about the time differences, huh?

  3. Beautiful page, Val, love that background and collage.
    Thanks for sharing photos they are lovely, it is always fun to see other part of the world

  4. Lovely page for PPF and the weather looks great from your interesting photos!

  5. Love your page today, great colours, and very stylish. The photos are beautiful, you had a good walk and I love that you always looks for things that are beautiful. Hugs, Sarah

  6. Lovely sentiment beautifully executed. Your photos are always charming and evocative. Have a good weekend.

  7. Much is happening on your rich page. Great photos. Love the houses.

  8. The art piece is beautifully done and bears a vital message!
    The photos from your village remind me of our visit to Germany last year. I loved the shuttered window with their flower boxes. So quaint.

  9. Very enjoyable post. Wonderful things to see on your walk and the collage is great.

  10. wow,was für schöne seizen,gefallen mir sehr mit den vielen details,schöne häser sind beu euch,das alte pärchen ist so klasse.
    dir ein schönes we.

    hugs jenny

  11. Valerie. What a unique page... love it. The colors and the details..You are a master at this form of art. Also loved your photos....would like to take a ride in that vintage car. Sending hugs.

  12. Such a wonderful page, II love your hand made stencil and that's a great quote, so true.
    Lovely pictures of your walk, you live in a really pretty area.
    Avril xx

  13. Wonderful page Valerie and I love that you make the various stencils yourself.

    What a fantastic area you live in.. Always so clean and crisp with lots of beautiful things to see on your walks..

    Hope you have a nice walk today

    Love Chrissie xx

  14. wunderbare selbstgemachte Schablone und ein wahrer spruch dazu! und deine touristenführungen sind einfach wunderschön!

  15. What a delightful walk and so kind of your to share the gorgeous buildings and sunshine. I love to walk as you never know what you'll discover.
    Your journal page is fabulous. I love the burnt effect around the guys. Very masculine.
    Enjoy PPF and your coming weekend. Have fun and lots of creativity ;D

  16. Was für eine tolle Seite... Deine selbstgemachten Männerstencils hast Du so toll hier wieder mal eingesetzt! Hammer! Du solltest Deine Fotos der Touristikstelle anbieten--- einmalig wie Du die Eindrücke und schönen Ecken alle einfängst mit der Kamera immer!
    Happy Friday!!!


  17. Eine Spitzenseite heute wieder! Die beiden Männer hast du so toll coloriert!
    ... und deine Fotos sind immer eine Augenweide! Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  18. I really like your gentlemen stencil - the figures look great and the colours are fab. Those houses are gorgeous - so much character. I love shutters on windows.

  19. Stunningly beautiful colours used and love this stencil and awesome creation.
    Have a lovely weekend.xx
     {The Journey Is The Start  aNNie  my personal blog}

  20. Die Seite ist großartig! Gefällt mir richtig gut! Vielen Dank für deine treue Kommentare zu PPF! Ein sonniges und kreatives Wochenende für dich - Irma

  21. LOVE your piece today. Those stenciled men are unexpected on the page and really make it unique. Also I love your photos today. Looks like it was a gorgeous day for a nice long walk, and this village along the Rhine looks beautiful. Hope your day is going great!:)

  22. The stencil of the men looks amazing, a fabulous page with as always so much to catch the eye and make you look closer. Thank you for sharing it with us over at Stamps and Stencils.
    Love the photos especially the odd and headless couples, makes you smile and I imagine could be a shock if you didn't know and it was a dark night.
    Yvonne xx

  23. The cut out of the men is really interesting--it really makes you look close to see their pattern. The vintage car must be loved and cherished as it looks to be in excellent condition! Cars are like people---some of them last forever, and some of them leave way too soon. Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Nice amorphous folks. Love all the window boxes. xox

  25. Such great art and photos, I love the headless couple!

  26. A couple of really fab gents there Valerie and your background is fabulous!
    Have a great weekend.
    Fliss xx

  27. Nice art. The different crops give different dimentions. Luv the vintage car photo. Thanks for this weeks sharing. I'm happy you dropped by to view mine
    Much love...

  28. Your art is fabulous as always. I love the vintage car and think the headless couple are so funny.
    Enjoy your weekend {{Hugs}}

  29. Fabulous page and great quote.

  30. Wonderful time piece and message!! Love the photos too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  31. I'm so glad you take us on your walks. :) You live in such a fascinating place. I always look forward to seeing your photos, and artwork. I love the figures in this piece.

  32. Hi Valerie, this work is incredible. Love it and your pics are awesome. Love the headless couple under the umbrella but the little couple at the end are so sweet and and adorable scene.
    Have a great weekend. Hugs, cm

  33. I have missed seeing your wonderful artwork. Love that page and your homemade stencil is great. Your photos are fabulous and I love vintage cars. Saw a wonderful vintage pickup truck today but didn't get a picture. That wonderful scene of the old couple in front of the house is so charming. Love the "headless" couple too. Enjoy your weekend

  34. Another great page! I've been meaning to tell you for a while that I am totally in love with your Gentlemen Stencils. Every time you use it I like it more. Great photos again...I want that car :)
    Have a great weekend :)

  35. I love seeing the world through your lens.

  36. Beautiful page and a very true quote. I need to take time for my friends. Love your beautiful pictures too!! Have a wonderful day!

  37. lovely work again. I really like your homemade stencils...

  38. Hi, Valerie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your paintings are lovely and thanks so much for sharing those wonderful photos! I love getting to travel through other people's blogs!

    Wishing you a lovely, creative week!

  39. What a magical page - I love the colours on the figures and how they pop out from the neutral background layers - beautiful! And what lovely photos too... looks like you're having better weather than we are!
    Alison xx

  40. Lots to make me happy here! I love your page! Your photos too are fun - and seeing old cars and buildings still where they should be too! Chrisx

  41. Beautiful page, love the vintage feel and the different images you used, and very nicely composed. It's the same here, so much being pulled down and replaced by soulless, unimaginative blocks. Glad to see these beautiful houses full of character.

  42. I love the quote and the horse head on your page. The pictures make me happy, I love the old card, the clouds and the buildings/homes. I would love to walk your path. Blessings, Janet PPF

  43. Love this Valerie, a really 'gentlemanly' piece xx

  44. I love how all the various elements in your page seem to come together so beautifully! My favourite part has to be your wonderful stencilled gentleman - they are really something! Thanks for joining us again at Stamps & Stencils. Juliax

  45. Wonderful photos and seems like a magical place! I miss the older villages and cities- but, we chose the country! heehee
    Trying to play catch up-I'll do my best, dear friend! xoxo


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