Thursday, 21 May 2015

Bottles, birds and more

Hi Everybody

Another day has sped by and it is starting to get dark again.
I was able to enjoy some time on my balcony watching the colours fade in the evening sky - just beautiful. Okay, I know I am a bit obsessed with sky, clouds, sun, moon and stars, but there are worse obsessions!

For Moo Mania and More, Bottles, I made some quick sketches of some of my bottles using pastel chalks. I limited myself to a maximum of  half an hour pro sketch, and managed to get 5 done which I will be showing in the course of the next days. I love glass vases and bottles, and have a lot of beautiful examples here for inspiration. I used water-colour paper as it gives a nice texture and holds the colour pigments well.

With reversed colours:

The early bird, on the tree top, before sunrise. I don't know if it caught a worm for being up so early, I didn't either.

My resident blue jay, looking sad because the bowl was empty yet again:

Someone forgot to take their grill home:

The Rhine raven:

Looking up:


Mrs Magpie, waiting for family Jay to move away so that she could come for a feed, too:

 This is my balcony!

The last glimpse of colour in the evening.

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lo for coming by!


  1. Wow! Your pictures are gorgeous. Now about your art. I couldn't even get my espresso in the morning as fast as you sketch these wonderful bottles! Amazeballs! Such talent and then you add to your blog with the bird pictures. Sigh. Awesome sauce! ~Niki

  2. I love your bottles, and beautiful photos too.

  3. Your bottles are wonderful, love the colours and the texture you have created, and the feeling of transparency. Great photos, as always! Hugs, Sarah

  4. Was für ein schönes Bild! Deine Flaschen gefallen mir sehr! Wunderbare Fotos ... vielen Dank!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette

  5. Traumhafte Fotos Valerie! Die Flaschen sind großartig.. mein Lieblingsfarben auch noch !
    Hab einen guten Tag !
    Lieben Dank sagt Moo Mania & More !

  6. Fantastic bottle drawing there Valerie. I used to love drawing bottles so must have a go with my chalks.

    All the photographs are terrific as usual but the cloud formations in the last ones are wonderful. You caught them just at the right moment

    Have a good day

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. Fabulous bottles, they seem to glow from the inside!!

  8. Great artwork, they look real! Xxx

  9. Fabulous piece! I wish I could draw like you!

  10. Fabulous piece! I wish I could draw like you!

  11. Großartig - deine Flaschen, sie sehen richtig nach durchsichtigem Glas aus!
    Hast du deinem Eichelhäher inzwischen einen Namen gegeben?
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  12. Your bottles are fabulous Valerie! And I like the the opposite colours too. Clever manipulation ;)
    I love jugs. Glass jugs, Ceramic jugs, any jug that is pretty really. Not plastic measuring ones, they are simply for practical purposes. Not that I have any, (no storage space), but I do loves 'em.
    Hope you have a great day too {{Hugs}}

  13. A great sketch Valerie, I love the colours, lovely pics too. Enjoy your Thursday! Xx

  14. This is a super delightful creation. The photos are just gorgeous to view...
    {aNNie My Personal Blog}

  15. Love your bottle sketch. You managed to catch the glass look to them. I love how you did that. And I hope Mrs. Jay (and Mr. too) got their food refilled. They look rather hungry. Ha-ha.

  16. wunderschöner bottles- sketch! und deine "himmels-Obsessionen" kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen...

  17. Beautiful pastel chalk sketchings and also the photos are fabulous, love the birds and sunrise :) Enjoy the rest of the day, Shirleyxx

  18. Wow love your bottles Valerie, the highlighting and shading are bang on! I can't believe somebody left their BBQ on the beach, what's up with that! haha! Love the wonderful bird shots of course! hugs :)

  19. Really nice sketches, and nice photos!

  20. Valerie you are truly so talented. Those bottles looks like it has taken ages to do and not just 30 minutes. Loving the soft pink clouds.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  21. Die Flaschen sind ja super geworden. Die Fotos sowieso

  22. Beautiful bottles Valerie!
    And I am right there with you about the sky and nature.
    There is a great quote by Emerson that I shared on my flickr page that says: The sky is the daily bread of the eyes ♥
    I have missed you this month.

  23. Fabulous bottles, Valerie! Love your beautiful sketch and fantastic colours. Great photos too.
    Hugs, Mar

  24. Your bottle sketch is excellent-love the colors! I enjoyed the photos as well as the captions! Poor blue jay looks so sad his bowl is empty LOL!

  25. Your sketch is brilliant Valerie, as others have said the highlighting and shading is perfect. Its amazing what people leave behind isn't it, but a BBQ!. I hope you've fed the birds today :-) xx

  26. Fab sketches Valerie.....

    Love seeing your photos too :)


  27. HI Valerie, Love your sketches. Just beautiful. Lovely photos too and the cloud shot is amazing.
    Have a nice weekend.

  28. Your bottles are lovely. I especially like your reverse colour version.
    Gorgeous photos. I love the sky too and it is a lovely obsession. :)

  29. Another fabulous post today Valerie. The evening sky looks like something out of a fairy tale! I adore your bird pictures! Would you PLEASE fill the birdseed bowl!! Poor babies.
    I love colored glass and clear glass for that matter. You drawings and the colors are wonderful! I am always in awe of your many talents and intelligence. And I am NOT blowing smoke. Let's just say I appreciate who you are.
    Sandy xx


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