Saturday, 13 September 2014

Beatrix Potter, an altered notebook and more

Hi everybody!

I just got back from the 'Stempel Mekka' craft fair in Hagen, and had a good day out. I wasn't really intending to buy stuff, but some stamps and stencils just jumped at me, and then I had to take them home. I met some blogging buddies from Germany, Silvia (Barnies Baustelle) and Ulrike (Ulkau), as well as some others I have met there a lot of times, including the lovely Linda from Lost Coast Designs.

And I was pleased to see this evening that I am in the designer spotlight at Simon Monday challenge this week, for the textured autumn canvas I made a week back.

This journal page has first been water-coloured and distressed, and then I used a fussy cut photo of Beatrix Potter printed out in Sepia to soften it. I added some tissue tape, and lots of  her little creations, also fussy cut. The rabbits have been stamped with the Alice Palace Stamp from CI, and the little birds and the vine are part of a set from Kaiserkraft.
I am linking to Art Journal Journey, living beings

This little back to school notebook is one of my DT pieces for Gecko Galz. I cut a piece of 2 sided cardstock, 4 1/4 x 7" and rounded the corners. I scored 3 1/8" from each end to make the spine. A small note pad, 4 1/8" x 3" was glued onto the right side of the folder. I made a pocket from scraps, 3x2",  rounded the top corners, and fixed it with DS tape. I made 2 small tags out of left-over card into tags. For the front cover I used the image SD11 from the schooldays stamp set. The image was fussy cut and glued to some vintage ledger paper from 1924. I varnished it to make it more durable.

We have a 'new' market square here on the other side of the tram lines, and this statue and fountain are in the middle. It's not a statue I like, but recently someone had decorated it, which looked quite funny.

And my fave horse has the last word again....

Have a great Sunday, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by.


  1. Fantastic artwork! Love how you designed it!
    The notebook is beautiful! You can now make notes in style ;)
    Gorgeous horses! Thanks xxx

  2. Love the Beatrix Potter page, this is really beautifully made and designed. The notebook is very pretty, too, would make a nice present.Have a nice evening! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Liebe Valerie, da ist dir wieder eine wunderschöne Hommage an Beatrix Potter gelungen. Zu süß, wie die Gans mit Beatrix Wange schmust. Ihr scheint es gut zu gefallen! Wieder einmal hast du Originelles auf deinem Ausflug entdeckt. Dekoriert sieht die Statue irgendwie menschlicher aus :-)
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Die Beatrix Potter Seite hast Du himmlisch gemacht Valerie... sie wäre glaub ich entzückt davon!
    Äußerst Origenll find ich die Statue so schön dekoriert und Dein Notizbuch ist auch eine kleinenAugeweide!
    Ich freu mich dass Du einen schönen Tag auf dem Meka hattest und wünsche DIr schon mal einen entspannenden Sonntag.. ich muss jetzt auch gleich in die Heia ..muss Brüderchen morgen zurück bringen.
    Über 100 Beiträge schon.. Du bist eine Premium -Hostess !


  5. This is the most original use of the CI rabbits I have seen to date, they look as if they were created simply to be used on this AJ page which is stunning.
    Lovely to read you had such a wonderful time, meeting art friends and of course, those stamps and stencils which were naughty enough to want to come home with you :)

  6. Love the Beatrice Potter page.... I'm a big fan of her . SO glad you closed with our favorite horse again...he's such a beauty .

  7. Love your journal page Valerie, those Alice Palace stamps are so sweet - for a non cutie type I do like her stamps.The horse really is a beauty isn't he. Have a fab weekend xx

  8. Sounds like you had a lovely day out. its funny how things ask to come home with us at Craft Fairs, I think we all have that problem. Fantastic projects as well.
    Yvonne xx

  9. eine ganz süsse seite hast du gemacht,und die statue sieht viel besser und menschlicher aus so dekoriert.
    toll das du einen schönen tag auf dem Mekka hattest,ich hatte heute Besuch und es war sehr schön,meine Freundin hat mir noch nachträglich zum Geburtstag ein tolles Tablett mit vintage Bildern in Mint grün lackiert drauf und Stempel und ein paar süsse Ohrringe geschenkt,alles soo,soo klasse gemacht und eingepackt,ich war platt und sprachlos und habe mich so dermaßen gefreut.alle selbst gemacht und nicht fertig gekauft.
    jetzt geh ich ins bett,bin müüüüde,gute nacht.

    GLG Jeannette

  10. First of all I would like to thank you for all your help with regards to be blog list today. ALL my current favourites are there now, including yours of course (a bit of an oops eralier x)
    Another interesting post here - I LOVE your Beatrix tribute page, I bet she would have loved it too. Having the wee characters climbing around her, is a great idea. It was so nice to read about your meeting up with some blogland buddies and bought yourself some crafty treats. You deserve them. Your notebook cover is very cool! What varnish did you use Valerie? That horse is very lovely to look at, I love his patterns (probably the wrong word, lol) :D
    Well, have a super Sunday Valerie, ttfn, (hugs) xo

  11. How fun to go to a craft fair. We always say we won't purchase anything but always come home with a few treasurers. Your journal page is wonderful today and I love the panel of the kittens and the shoe filled with darling mice. Beatrice Potter definitely had a talent for creating these tiny creatures which brought smiles to so many children. Great idea for a tiny notebook. I keep one at my computer to make quick notes. If I don't write it down, it is easily forgotten. It will soon be Monday again; have a great week Valerie. Hope hour sore throat has cleared up.


  12. lovely work today Valerie! Congrats on being featured!

  13. Great projects Valerie. Glad you enjoyed the fair and meeting up with craft buddies.
    Happy Sunday.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  14. How wonderful to be able t meet with crafty friends, and yes, things always seem to happen to fall into our baskets on occasions like that.... Your pieces are beautiful! Happy Sunday!

  15. Deine Journalseite zaubert mir wieder ein Lächeln auf das Gesicht - so liebevoll gestaltet und dein Notizbüchlein ist klasse !!!! Ich finde auch das die Statue so etwas lockerer wirkt :-).
    Hier ist es entgegen der Vorhersage trocken mit etwa Sonne. Ich wäre auch gern auf dem Mekka gewesen um dich und eine andere Bastelfreunde aus der Blogland-Familie einmal persönlich kennen zu lernen. Nächstes Jahr dann hoffentlich.
    Hab noch einen schönen Sonntag - Liebe grüße, Dagmar

  16. Absolutely GORGEOUS creation, the images and beautiful colour combo. Love my daily tour into your world, thank youxx
    The Journey is the Start

  17. Wonderful projects and photos.
    xxx Hazel.

  18. Fabulous page and a great tribute for Beatrix. I love this page and the lovely shoe with the mice. I also love the notebook, I adore those pieces. Congrats for your spotlight at Simon Monday.
    Hugs, Mar

  19. Congrats, Valerie, your canvas certainly belongs in a spotlight. I never knew what Beatrix Potter really looked like, although I do know her creatures, so I really have been enjoying this series. Happy Sunday (night) to you!

  20. What a lovely piece, Beatrix Potter looks so gentle with her creatures around her. I like your additions of the sweet rabbits and birds.
    The Stamp market sounds terrific and how nice to meet blogging buddies and speak to them in person.
    Great for you to be featured at Simon Monday, I did like your canvas artwork very much.

  21. I love Beatrix and so many others illustrators. Your work is a lovely tribute to her.Congrats on being featured at Simon says, my friend. You deserve it because your work is inspiring and outstanding.

  22. Good afternoon Valerie! You know how much I love Beatrix Potter's animals - you have paid her a great tribute with your makes.
    Congratulations on being in the spotlight at Simon Monday - I will check it out again.
    The statue reminds me of a Greek or Roman classical statue although his face is not classical. He almost looks like a diskus (sp? ) thrower. But he just does not have his heart into it. It's more like is is walking somewhere naked. Oh well, so much for my interpretation!
    you have definitely made friends with the horses - such beautiful eye lashes. I always enjoy your art work and fabulous pictures!
    Sandy xx

  23. Your Beatrix -page is so beautiful and I love the little creatures around her. The tag is alsou fabulous. You have taken photos from the handsome men - suppose that the horses are mail, too;)
    Have a great next week, hugs!

  24. Hi Valerie, your creation is gorgeous. Your BP designs are amazing. So glad you had a nice time at the craft fair and found some goodies. Great photos and Congrats on your feature too.
    Have a great day!

  25. stunning beatrix potter piece! i love the mix of photo, illustrations and other elements. xo

  26. Super Beatrix Potter with the writing round her head and all her little creations. Brill photos. x

  27. Congrats on the spotlight, you deserve it! Lovely pieces today, both of them. Glad you had fun at the Craft Fair and met up with some of your buddies too. Big hugs, ~Diane

  28. Deine Journalseite ist toll, die Hasen von CI haben mir gleich ein Lächeln auf's Gesicht gezaubert, ich mag sie gerne. Minibüchlein kann frau nie genug haben.... eines für jede Handtasche :D


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