Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Hi everybody!
Today was a cool and windy day, but good weather again for walking, and it's always good to come home and warm up with a hot coffee before doing some painting and crafting.
I have made a little memory frame for the childhood challenge at Moo Mania and More.

I used a childhood photo of Erika, a distant relation who I cared for for some years before she died. I love this photo of her in her winter coat and muff, and have used it in many projects. It must have been taken in winter 1916. I made several of these frames some time back, but always gave them away, so this time this one if going to hang on my memory wall and stay with me. I added a TH swivel pin with chain, and a token.

 The reverse shows part of an old family document from the early 18th century.

Yesterday I showed this picture of a little path I discovered on my walk. I somehow hadn't noticed it before, and when I saw it was called Max Clarenbach Weg (Weg = path, lane) I wanted to explore it. Max Clarenbach was a German painter, (1880 - 1952) who studied and was later a professor at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, and was famous for his expressionistic paintings of the Rhine and its landscapes. He was born in Neuss, and lived and died in Wittlaer, the next little village along the Rhine from here.

The path leads down to the Rhine, with tall hedges and walls screening some large and elegant villas on the right, and fields on the left.

Once again, I found some very interesting walls:

 The hedges were really huge:

 This mossy wall had lots of little recesses - I wonder what they were used for?

At the end of the path I turned into a little lane next to a pub, and saw this relief of the artist on the wall, so this was evidently where he lived, and the pub is one which he often visited.

The lane leading to the Church:

The 'Schwarzbach' , the stream flowing into the Rhine:

The landsape with trees which is so typical for here:

Looking back to the village from the tow-path along the river:

A painting of Max Clarenbach,looking towards Kaiserswerth, and showing that the landscape has not altered much:

 You can see more of his paintings  here

Hope you enjoyed our walk today!  

Have a great day, take care, and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. What a beautiful keepsake Valerie, something to be treasured and loved and to keep memories alive. Thank you for your walk today, gorgeous photos and great information.
    hugs Brenda xx

  2. Lovely work, I remember Erika well, she told my husband he needed a decent haircut! Very interesting walk today and most informative. Hugs, Sarah

  3. lovely memory frame and what an intriguing path, just a beautiful walk.

  4. I felt I was on that walk with you today, got me thinking about the niche in the wall. Could it have been for a wayside shrine? Fabulous project, something to definitely keep on your memory wall.
    Yvonne xx

    1. It could have been, although most of the little shrines here are still intact. There were several along that stretch of wall.

  5. A wonderful keepsake Valerie and what a lovely photo of your relative. Great photos of your walk too and interesting to find out more about Max Clarenbach!

  6. This keepsake is so precious, I love the idea that you actually created it for yourself.

  7. Loving your great photos and the fabulous keepsake, such a wonderful memory. Annette x

  8. What a beautiful keepsake Valerie, all the more precious when made by yourself. I loved joining you in your walk today and I found it so interesting too. Going to have another look at this great man's paintings now. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  9. Wow, die Kleine is absolut süß.
    Deine Fotos finde ich toll, Valerie.

    Danke für's Mitmachen bei MOO-MANIA & More

  10. Hübscher kleiner Anhänger,sie ist echt süss die kleine.Wundervoll gemacht!!
    die bilder sind wieder absolut klasse,was für eine fantastische landschaft,besonders dieser schmale Bach ist total Romantisch,da möchte ich jetzt gern sein.
    hab einen schönen tag :-)
    GLG Jeannette

  11. I really did enjoy our walk today!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! And that is such a lovely keepsake my crafty friend!


  12. Dein Anhänger ist wunderschön !
    Danke das du uns mit auf deinen Spaziergang genommen hast - du lebst wirklich in einer traumhaften Umgebung und es gibt so viel zu schauen.
    Liebe Grüße, Dagmar.

  13. Your tag is so, so beautiful, Valerie. I really love all these wonderful thing you have put into it.
    Thanks for interesting information. The path is amazing and your photos so good. This is the best time - I suppose - to catch how nature changes. Have a wonderful day!

  14. I love your beautiful keepsake and yes I did enjoy 'our' walk! It reminded me of my Rhine cruise :)

    I adore the little niche.... near where I used to live the houses had niches, each with a different saint in them.... sometimes you see flowers in niches by the gates to a house - which I think is just so sweet :)

    Karen x

  15. Wunderbarer und zauberhafter Anhänger! Was für eine hübsche Kleine!
    Tolle Fotos ... was für schöne und romantische Ansichten!

  16. The memory pin is very beautiful and a wonderful tribute to a relative you must have loved very much Valerie.

    The photographs are wonderful. Always something new and refreshing for us to enjoy when you go walking. Everywhere looks so clean and litter free--I do remember that from when I visited Germany about 30 years ago and it still looks the same.

    Love Chrissie x

  17. Your memory frame is such a nice way to show off the beautiful photo of your cousin. I'm like you in that I realized that I have kept virtually no beaded flowers for myself, although I did make some for our daughter. I finally made a stem with an orchid to remember a visit I had with a special friend. (I made them a stem, too). It is wonderful how art can be used to preserve memories.

    I am always impressed by how green and pristine everything looks! Very interesting story about the painter!

  18. Your moo inspired by Erika is glorious! I also thoroughly enjoyed my virtual tour around town with you. Blessings!

  19. Oh what a lovely walk Valerie, thank you, and your memory piece is beautiful. Xx

  20. Valerie, your memory tag is precious and I definitely would keep this one. Thanks for your historical photo tour; I enjoy them so very much.


  21. Hi Valerie, Memories is the perfect name for your gorgeous creation and so glad this one will live with you. The little pic of you relative is so sweet. Love the family document on the back.
    Your pics are incredible. That little lane is so interesting. The church is gorgeous an I love the pic of the porch stoop with the little statue dog and the royal blue watering can. Makes you wonder, who lives inside!
    The artist you feature is interesting and his work is beautiful. You have so much to see on your walks and old world charm to enjoy!!

  22. I said to someone yesterday that I took a walk along the Rhine every morning, and got a funny look, but it's true and I so enjoyed this one today with the lane, the Church, the recesses in the wall, the artist and so much more.

  23. Thank you for sharing your beautiful corner of the world with us. I look forward to seeing all the beautiful scenery you share every day with us. Today's walk was very quiet and filled me with awe at all the beautiful sights you shared. Beautiful charm with your friend Erica too, a lovely keepsake for you. Big hugs, ~Diane

  24. Oh ja - Deinen Weg hab ich genossen und was dazugelernt auch und das Anhängerchen von Erika hast Du absolut liebevoll und schön gestaltet-jo genau wir müssen immer zwischendurch uns selber was werkeln...
    solltest Du viel öfter machen Valerie!
    Sei lieb gegrüßt - ich denk morgen Donnerstag fest an Dich! Knuddel!

  25. Did you see a comment from me? I know I left one!!

    1. Yes, there was a comment from you - I wonder why comments disappear? A comment from a friend that was there this morning has also gone!

    2. Well at least you saw it - I love the new path you have gone and hope you go there again!

  26. Your art is as beautiful as ever. I love the photos you share of your walks. It is like I am there. Thanks for that.

  27. So many beautiful photos and art pieces. I love the very first one about childhood. The colors of blue with the striking white is just awesome.

  28. I am looking at this again Valerie - wonderful make and gorgeous pictures. One of my most favorite walks. I have always been drawn to old cemeteries and old walls. Hope you are doing well -
    Sandy xx


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