Thursday, 30 August 2012

More This and That

Yesterday when I came home from a little walk I found this in front of my door. I don't know who is it from. I wonder what someone was trying to say to me?

I spent a lot of time doing some dreaded H*******K, too. I even cleaned the kitchen windows, and put up new curtains! To get at the window I had to move the bench in front of the window, and stand on it, as my little step ladder has disappeared. (Probably those fairies again!) I hate climbing onto anything, as I often get dizzy, but this time I managed not to fall down, and the curtains look nice and fresh And while I was at it, I cleaned the floor, changed the bed and did the washing. I think I have earned myself lots of bonus craft-time after all that!

Yesterday I just managed one card, a masculine one, which I kept simple, using lots of layers and muted colours.

I will be back tomorrow with the newest adventures of Cissie and Co. Have a good day, take care, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Hello Valerie... not sure what the cactus is suppose to state, I personally adore cactus & succulents.
    If anyone left it on my door step, I would be thrilled!! ((LOL)) Enjoy your new prickly friend. :]
    These cards you are creating are wonderful.
    Simply love the your use of composition.
    Take care ~xx

  2. Love your cactus, what a funny one! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Wonder who your secret admirer is, anyway its a super plant.
    Great card for a bloke.
    Yvonne x

  4. Morning Valerie. You definately deserve some bonus craft time!! I feel exhausted just reading how much you did. I wonder who your prickly friend is! lol! Super mans card. Love the design. Have a fabulous creative day. See you tomorrow.
    Regards Florence x

  5. Great card Valerie and a lovely prickly pressie too.
    Sounds like you had a Spring clean in Summer too and know what you mean about the climbing as I have to climb up on to the kitchen work top to clean my windows as I can't reach otherwise!
    Looking forward to your next Cissie post.
    Fliss xx

  6. Your cactus is lovely Val... what a wonderful surprise... and love your gorgeous card... I've been doing some of that dreaded H*****W too.... there must be something in the

    Jenny x

  7. Hi Val, hope you are feeling okay. Love that funny cactus, wonder how big it will get? The card is great, too! Hugs, Barb

  8. I too adore cacti and succulents. I had a big pot of cactus which had very small nobs sticking off the side. Habibi took a liking to it and got one of the knobs rolled up in his lip! Had to call Dr. Pepe. Glad you got everything cleaned up without mishap. LOVE your card. That's a nice die cut. hugs, Donna

  9. Interesting choice of plant!!
    Love the masculine card...I just bought that TH die and love it!
    Pleased you have the "h" word out of the do deserve extra crafting time!!
    Hugs xx
    p.s. just off to do my "h" now..sigh.

  10. sounds like you did some good h---wk there! Don't know what to say about the cactus. Nice card!

  11. As always, I love it when you play with layers- your card is FAB!
    My house is in need of serious attention- I swear the fairies come behind me and undo everything I accomplish; or maybe it's my children?
    In any case it's never completely done (couldn't have anything to do with my being a lousy housekeeper could it?)
    P.S. Can't wait to hear the latest on Cissie and Jason!

  12. Have you found out who the gift is from yet?
    It is such a good feeling when all those chores are achieved, isn't it?
    Definitely earned bonus craft-time - that is a great card and I like those colours.

  13. Hope you solve the prickly present mystery soon!!
    Great card!


  14. Now that cactus would have me wondering also if there was a secret message LOL I am sure it is from someone who appreciates your inquiring mind and delicious humour! Hugs, Sandi

  15. Hmmm, maybe they are just wanting to be kind, I can't imagine anyone being anything but kind to someone as sweet as you! Love the masculine card! Did you cut the houses or are they a die cut? They look fabulous!

  16. I thought it looked like a TH design but I know you and figured you just may have hand cut it too! I popped back to see if you answered and found yesterdays post, sorry I missed it. Google Reader is not acting very reliably!

  17. Blogger is not acting reliably just now, full stop!

  18. Ooh, a mystery. Whoever it was has obviously seen your 'lovely blooms' on the balcony, know that you have green fingers (mind you it could be paint!) and will nurture this plant - or else they're fed up jabbing themselves on it! I'm sure it's the former! A super masculine card, I do love that TH die. Hope you've had a fab day, doing as you please after all the hard work you did yesterday. Have a nice evening. xx

  19. Hi Valerie. Take care you don't fall down. I like your card. I know what you mean about getting dizzy, I do too. Have a wonderful day, and I like the yellow background on your blog.

  20. I love cacti, so if someone left this on my doorstep, I would be doing a happy dance!

  21. You have some of the best masculine cards I've seen! What a fun potted plant to find on your doorstep.

  22. Wonderful use of the die Valerie :)
    Von ♥

  23. Hello there, Fabulous cactus, you lucky thing it has so much character LOL I'm cheating really, I know where it came from because I just read how it ended up on your step LOL Nice gift :0) The card here is lovely and just right for a chap :0) Gay

  24. Your masculine cards are tops. Dreaded housework arh no hehe x


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