Monday, 30 April 2018

T stands for This and ThaT

Hi Everybody!

On Tuesday we are starting a new challenge at TIOT - Stencils and or die-cuts.
As always, projects of all formats are welcome, and you have 2 weeks to link to our blog. Hope to see you there.
I used both stencils and die cuts on my A3 mixed media piece.  The background was painted using a mixture of gesso and cream and pink coloured paint used through a floral stencil. The birds were added with a Dina Wakley stencil, and the cat was made with a hand-made stencil. The embellishments are all die cuts cut from recycled calendar pages. The cat was painted with acrylics using a white marker pen for the details:

We are also half way through our  steampunk / mechanical challenge at 
Tag Tuesday. I made a hybrid tag, with a painted and collaged background and some digital additions from Mischief Circus. 'All time is precious' is a great quote, and we need to remember that time is a very precious commodity which cannot be recycled:

Tuesday is also time for Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday, so here a warm welcome to all of the nice ladies of the T Group.
Last week I went for a meal at the Chinese restaurant with G & N, and afterwards we drove over to the other Rhine side. We discovered a nice cafe in the Yacht Club where we drank our afternoon coffee. N had a latte macchiato, G had an apple juice and I had cappuccino:

The view out of the window:

A lady was selling lilacs freshly cut in her allotment, and G bought N and me each a bunch of them to take home - they have such a heavenly perfume. Thanks G!

The coffee bike at the Wednesday market - I take my coffee down to the Rhine and drink it there:

 I made this lemon cheese cake a couple of weeks back when we had a get together:

And I couldn't resist this dandelion, shining like a little sun:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Lemon cheese cake???? You temptress you. If I lived nearby I'd gain ten pounds. I'm sure I've put on five just looking at the goodies you post:)
    That first piece has it all: birds, cats and flowers. And that second piece is awesome.
    Those lilacs are so pretty. They probably added a delightful scent through your entire apartment.
    I like that latte cup!!
    Are you sure that apple juice wasn't a beer? Ha!
    YOU, have a great one.

  2. Your cat is wonderful. Makes me think of a Picasso cat. Love the time quote, gears, and the Vitruvian man. The lilacs are beautiful, but my favorite is the dandelion. Makes me think of the bouquets my girlies used to pick for me when they were little. Happy T Day.

  3. Another lovely and delicious post. Your art is fantastic, and I love all the drinks you have served us today - I 'll take the Apple juice. And a slice of that wonderful cake, yummy! Have a nice evening, hugs, Sarah

  4. Glad you are out and about enjoying the good weather with friends. Gosh you are a good baker Valerie. Beautiful textured page, love the pink. The tag's nice too.

  5. I love your super page with the cat, it is a fantastic stencil you made. The background looks beautiful as well.
    Wonderful tag with so many images and details to see.
    I would have loved a taste of your cheesecake, it looks delicious.
    It would be hard to choose a drink from the selection you shared with us today.
    Super photos, and the lilac looks lovely.
    Happy T day wishes Valerie.
    Yvonne xx

  6. I love your cat stencil and the page you created for the TIOT challenge, Valerie. Your background is gorgeous! It looks like silky fabric in the photo and makes me think of a 1920s flapper dress.

    Your photo of the lilacs would make alovely still life painting subject.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  7. I love dandelions. I think they are bright and cheerful and good for the earth too. :)

    Great artwork. Such texture.

    I would love a cappuccino right now. :)

  8. Hi Valerie oh i do love your mixed media piece and that tag is amazing ,beautiful work my friend ,well done ,again i have enjoyed your pics xx

  9. Your cat is so awesome, and loved your tag too with the so true quote. Enjoyed your photos, your lemon cake looks yummy, and I so love the dandelions too. so sweet of your friend to buy you guys lilacs. I miss those from my old home
    Happy t Day

  10. I love the tag and I especially like the cat piece. The crinkled stenciled background is subtle but gorgeous. And it looks like you are enjoying the nice weather. I am jealous your lilacs are blooming. We still have a ways to go but I do love their smell.Ohh well, at least we are greening up and lilacs will come in time. Send a piece of your cake my way please. :) It looks yummy! Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  11. More fun art!!
    Please pass the cake!

  12. I always love your cats. This one is probably the most colorful one I've seen. It's a gem though.

    Oh that steampunk tag! It is fabulous and has one of my favorite DaVinci images: Vitruvian Man.

    How sweet of G to buy you lilacs. I miss my lilac bush. I can almost smell the lovely scents coming from it.

    Your lemon cheesecake sounds better than anything I ate during my birthday celebrations. It even LOOKS better. And I would join you for a cappuccino, too. Thanks for sharing your always wonderful art, your trip to the cafe, and your cappuccino with us for T this Tuesday.

  13. What a great photo of that Dandelion Valerie...You are my first stop at the Tparty.. After Elizabeth Love your kitty cat and like someone said.. very Picasso looking :) Or maybe with the new TV series we just all have Picasso on the brain.. lol Love your picture in town and down by the Rhine.. reminds me very much of my time in Germany... Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  14. Hello dear Valerie!
    Love your mixed media page with the gorgeous cat and the lovely tag!
    Lovely pictures from the Yacht club and your walk! Beautiful scenery!
    The lemon cheesecake looks so yummy!! Great close up of the preety Dandelion flower!!!
    Wishing you a lovely day and a happy May! Hugs!

  15. What an inspiring creation, I love your cat and stencilled background. I could almost smell that lemon cheesecake before I scrolled down... my favourite!
    Thank you for sharing another wonderful Tuesday with us in technicolour & wishing for bright sunny days for the month of May.
    Creative wishes Tracey xx

  16. A wonderful and colourful post, interesting pics.xx♥
    [aussie aNNie Blog]

  17. A brilliant page, I love the cat and your tag’s fabulous. Yum yum! Your lemon cheesecake looks delicious. Have a lovely day.
    xxx Hazel.

  18. Sehr schöne Werke und Photos - wie immer, Valerie

    Hab einen schönen Mai-Feiertag

  19. A great page Valerie and I love the cat stencil. Love the steampunk tag, so many details and textures. The lilac looks lovely and your cheesecake looks delicious.
    Have a great day, Avril xx

  20. Awesome tags Valerie..the images you have used are so crisp and clear..
    The Lilacs took me back to my childhood..we used to have a Lilac tree in the garden and my mother loved it, my father hated

  21. Wow, I'm loving your page! The texture is amazing and your cat looks stunning too 😁. I bet the scent of those pretty lilacs is fabulous, that was so nice of G to buy you both some! A slice of lemon cake with my cuppa would be perfect, thank you 😉. Happy May and wishing you much happiness this T Day too! J 😊 x

  22. Fabulous page Valerie - your cat is really sweet.
    And your steampunk tag is great.
    Your cheesecake was very spectacular and yummy!
    Hope you have a lovely day.
    Gill xx

  23. Brilliant makes Valerie, I LOVE your cat, and a bit of Da Vinci always goes down well (as would a slice of that cake, it looks delicious!) Have a very happy May - I hope the sun shines, Sue xx

  24. I loved your cat from the first moment I saw him (I say him only because we always had male cats!)Love those colours too!
    Your tag is great and I hope I can take part this time!
    How great that you could all have the drinks you preferred - I would have joined you with a cappuccino! I love lilac and hope to bring some back with me from the caravan - how lovely that G treated both!
    Having eaten far too much cake while we were away I have to pass on your delicious looking lemon cheesecake! Dandelions are such beautiful flowers and you have taken a brilliant photo! Hugs, Chrisx

  25. I love your cat to pieces -- and that cake looks mighty tasty too!

  26. That cake looks delicious, and that tag is amazing! Time is so precious, something we have no excuse for wasting.

  27. Hi, I love your arty cat! The background is lovely. And the steam-punky tag is wonderful. You are right: Time is precious.
    I say you had a great day out. So sweet of G to buy you both flowers. I love lilacs. I had a tree in the garden of our Bristol house when we lived there. The smell is divine.
    Your lemon cheesecake looks divine too. Was it you that gave me the recipe of the Philadelphia cheese cake? I still make that occasionally. This one looks nice because it has some cake in it. Could I have the recipe for that one too please? My mouth is watering.
    Happy T-Day,

  28. I do love that colourful cat! Lovely background too.

  29. Zwei sschöne Werke sind dir da wieder gelungen liebe Valerie. Die Rosina Wachtmeister inspirierte Katze mag ich sehr. Das Tag mit dem Leonardo Motiv ist auch wieder eine schöne ausgewogene digitale Komposition,super.
    Die Zitronenkäsekuchen läßt mir das Wasser im Mund zusammen laufen,yummy!
    Der Flieder sieht traumhaft schön aus in der dekorativen Vase, lieb von G euch damit zu beschenken. Sowas bekommt man immer gern.
    Liebe Grüße

  30. Nice page. I really like the background texture. Cool tag. hugs, teresa

  31. Two brilliant projects, one funky and fun and one vintagy and just fab, - love them both!

  32. Your funky cat is adorable and I love the very subtle texture in the background against the black die cuts. And of course the steampunk page is fabulous.
    Your lemon cheese cake sounds and looks delicious! And that yummy cappuccino makes me thirsty.
    Happy Tea day,

  33. That cat is delightful! I like the shape and design and attitude :) I'd enjoy that location for a drink and dessert. Great view, and a great people-watching opportunity I would think. The lilacs are gorgeous! I consider dandelions to be wildflowers and enjoy them when I see them. They're like mini-sunflowers at my feet lol

    I missed T Tuesday completely, but Happy Whatever-Day-You're-Observing :)

    1. Oh, and I meant to say that lemon cheesecake looks delicious! I'd love to be able to make icing like that :)

  34. Great wart ork Valerie - and I so enjoy your adventures and the beautiful images which allow us to share the experiences.

  35. Love your funky cat!
    Love those lilacs!
    In fact I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs and that lemon cheese cake looks delicious.

    All the best Jan

  36. Oh your cat reminds me of the one my daughter bought in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber - I wish I could remember the name! Your art page is beautiful - you have an eye for detail!

  37. Your cat page is amazing and beautiful tag.

  38. I love your cat page and I love your time creation!!! You always go out to the nicest places! Love the lilacs! Mine should be blooming soon! Lemon cheesecake! Yummy! Big Hugs!

  39. oh My! I can almost smell the lilacs and Lemon cheese cake, mmmmmmmmmm!
    Your post are always sunny and uplifting and your lil Dandelion was a perfect photo to end on!

  40. I love the colors in the steampunk tag - gorgeous background!! And all the fabulous elements; this is one of my favorites that you have made!!


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