Thursday, 26 April 2018

Back to the middle ages, part 2

Hi Everybody!
Today I am sharing some things made this week for 
hosted by Eva and Kristin.
I have been busy cutting stamps at my group again, so here is what I have been up to. They are just stamped on scrap paper, but I am looking forward to using them in journal pages etc.

I made 2 stamps with African women at my group, they are both about 8" high.
It's always exciting inking up self carved stamps for the first time:

This one is a a cat called Herbert. He looks a bit old and tired, perhaps just how I feel....The stamp is approx 3 x 3"

And now I have more photos from our trip to Burg Linn, a moated castle from the middle ages in a neighbouring town on the other side of the Rhine near here. You can see the first part of the photos here.
After walking through part of the beautiful grounds we came to the bridge over the moat to take us into the castle courtyard:

The clematis is blooming very early:

This evil tempered dragon  lady was guarding the entrance:

But she was magicked away and the way was then free:

The Romans had a settlement here in times predating the castle but there are lots of remains shown in the castle museum. On Sunday there were  tents on the green where people were demonstrating various aspects of Roman life - defence tactics, games, food, cosmetics and armoury etc:

A  miniature catapult:

I will show part three of the photos in my next post.

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Good morning (at least here:) You cut those stamps yourself? They're wonderful. You are just too talented.
    Your daytrip was just amazing. It looks like all kinds of fun.
    Hope your day is filled with sunshine, energy and good health.

  2. Amazing photos and love the men in their 'skirts' rather sweet.
    wow your stamps are awesome. Love the African ones, so clever you are...have a lovely day..xx

  3. Hi Valerie,wow you are so clever carving your own stamps i love the African ladies,awesome work my friend and greats pics xx

  4. Your stamps are fabulous. The poses of the ladies so true to life. My favorite stamp is Herbert. Old? Tired? I don't know, looks like he still has lots of mischief in him. The castle grounds are beautiful. Everything is so green. My favorite photo was the bikes and balloons against the entrance with the portcullis. Not a common sight during the Middle Ages. :-D The Roman fair looks like a lot of fun. People certainly seem to be in the spirit with their Roman clothing. Wonder if the men really wore their tunics that short. =^,.^=

  5. Another wonderful post. Love your hand carved stamps, especially the fantastic African ladies. Great photos from Burg Linn, that Roman encampment looks like a lot of fun. I must visit there. Have a nice evening, hugs, Sarah

  6. Hello dear Valerie!
    Great post!!You are so talented making your own stamps!
    The African ladies are very beautiful!
    Fabulous photos from the beautiful castle,the green scenery and the Roman fair!
    Thank you for sharing!! Wishing you a happy Friday! Hugs!

  7. I love your Egyptian women and of course, the cat, too. I am so in awe of your carving skills. Most impressive.

    I really enjoyed the photos of the castle, and those men with their bare legs (grin). Seemed like everyone was getting into the spirit of the Roman fair. Truly lovely photos, and like CJ, I laughed at the two trikes.

  8. Awesome photos like I was tagging along with you. that would have been neat to see the different Roman activities. the clematis is lovely on that building and
    Wow I love your carved stamps-so wonderful to have the talent to create those-I love them all Happy Weekend

  9. Die Stempelei ist ja grossartig gemacht mir gefallen sie sehr gut!!! Ach schön zu sehen so ein Altertümliche Vorführung. Die Burg Linn ist schon was faszinierendes!!!
    Tolle Fotos sind das von dort!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  10. Your stamp work is gorgeous and I am really enjoying the tour of the castle and grounds!

  11. Your stamps look fantastic, I really like the elegant African style ladies.
    More wonderful photos, I am so enjoying seeing them and the views of the castle and grounds.
    The re-enactment group sharing Roman times must have been very interesting to see.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Wow, your stamps are amazing! I loved seeing your visit to the castle and looking around the grounds, so many stunning views and vistas 😁. It must have been fun to see how the Roman's lived too. Enjoy the rest of your week! J 😊 x

  13. OMG, those stamps are totally AMAZING!!! Wow, I am in awe! Now I can't wait to see wat else you will do with them!

    Fabulous and magical photos of your trip too, such a wonderful part of the world you live in!

    As you may remember I have been away for about a month with a blog break, so apologies for lack of visiting, but back home now and looking forward to coming by more regularly again :o)

  14. I really love those stamps, and thinking they would be a great idea for a women's group or Christmas. Very creative! Thos pictures of the castle and the events looks so magical and wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs...RO

  15. Oh my word Valerie you hand carved stamps are spectacular, they have so much movement to them.. If I saw them in the shops i'd snap them up! Such a clever clever designer.
    Aw always I walk along side you in your photographs having a little giggle at the shortness of those men in very very short skirts hee hee!! Glad it was a super sunny day with little wind around.
    Wishing you sunshine for the coming weekend.
    Creative Hugs Tracey xx

    1. It might have been entertaining with a little more wind....

  16. What a great stamps, so clever. What a beautiful place you live. I live in New Zealand, but I am Dutch and I love the European fairs and history. I really miss that part.

  17. Awesome stamps! And great culture and festival information.

  18. Wonderful stamps Valerie and more beautiful photos of your day trip.
    xxx Hazel.

  19. That Burg Linn Castle is stunning! Loved the living history! And your carved stamps are wonderful...I made a few as a gift long ago.

  20. Your stamps are wonderful and dynamic.
    looks like you had a very nice day here. I love the buildings.

  21. I am blown away with the stamps you have carved. You may have stumbled into a new profession of producing stamps for sale! And I did enjoy seeing the photos of the castle and of the festival. You have such rich historical sites to visit near you.

  22. Luv the first set of prints, how lovely the ladies sashay.
    Thank you for your awesome photos

    HAPPY PPF Valerie

    much love...

  23. Wow! Those stamps are amazing Valerie! And great photos, looks like you had a lovely day out!
    Have a good weekend,
    Alison xx

  24. What a wonderful post. Fun art and then this amazing field trip! It looks like such a fun day. Oh, that yellow house with the wisteria -- I would like to move in there right now. And it sounds, fascinating, the exhibits and costumes and all. Very great fun. Thanks for taking us along.

  25. Beautiful art and creations..I so adore that gorgeous cat, so sweet!These photos are super enchanting..lovely yellow building adorned in floral magic! wonderful journeys, thanks for sharing such beauty.

  26. The stamps you made are amazing! I love how create such wonderful art. The places you visit are so lovely too, thank you for sharing them with us.

  27. I LOVE your stamps. They are amazing and they fill my eyes. And as you may know, that is the greatest compliment I can give.

  28. Oh diese Africa Girls sehen total klasse aus, die lustige Katze hat was. Deine Müdigkeit kommt vom Frühling, nicht vom Alter. Ich kämpfe momentan auch mit häufiger Müdigkeit bei den ständigen Temperaturwechseln Draußen. Burg Linn ist immer sehenswert und mit dem interessanten Römerlager als Zusatz um so mehr. Wir waren oft Pfingsten dort, wenn der große Mittelalter und Handwerkermarkt statt findet. Echt super für kreative Leute als Anregung oder um ungewöhnliche Objekte zu erwerben. Deine Fotos sind wieder sehr ansprechend und machen Lust auf Entdeckungstouren.
    Liebe Grüße

  29. Oh, those stamps are looking like fun! Well done!

  30. Wonderful carved stamps and dynamic photos!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  31. WOW Valerie your handmade stamps look fantastic and such great designs with wonderful details on the African Women.
    That must have been a great day out, the photos look fabulous.
    Have a great weekend.
    Avril xx

  32. I do like your stamps.

    I love your photographs showing more of your visit, amazing costumes too.

    All the best Jan

  33. Your African ladies are amazing! I love them and hope that you will share some of your stamp carving techniques some time.
    And your pictures look so fun!

  34. Those stamps are amazing. I love them. Your photos are a beautiful at always. I love that yellow house.

  35. I love your stamps!! Those women are gorgeous and I love your old cat! So cute!
    Thanks for more pictures of this wonderful area! I love that yellow building with the purple vine! Glad that evil dragon lady left, so you could go through the gate! LOL!
    Hey those men have some sexy legs! LOL! Big Hugs!

  36. Your stamps again are stunning...someone needs to license you and your stamps!! Incredible... I love every single one of them!! The African women are just amazing....and herbert is soooo adorable... good on you!! Wow

    Peace Giggles

  37. I love the African lady stamp!

  38. beautiful stamps of the african lady :)

  39. I hope you don't mind if I condense my comments into one here. I am trying to get some projects done - - failing miserably - so have come to try and catch up - of course the higher I go up my side bar the more posts folk have made!! I love the repurposed page with the blackbird! Those cherry trees in Neuss look so beautiful - how funny to see the turtle though! We used to see terrapins on a log in the lake near where we used live! Burg Linn looks to be a fascinating place to visit I can see why it took three posts to cover it! Are those folk always there at weekends? We have several castles that have the staff dress up - mainly at weekends and for school visits. It wouldn't be right if I didn't mention your brilliant stamp carvings - you are such an inspiration Valerie! I may try to get practicing again this week! Hugs, Chrisx

  40. I love the stamps especially the african ladies!! The snaps look great too!
    love shilpa (desisoul arts)

  41. I had to go back and looks at all your photos as they are really fascinating. I think a little time travel is great ting to do, especially during such pretty spring weather. Wow, you guys are really gorgeously green! We are starting to green up, but not quite at your point. :) And I love those Egyptian looking lady stamps too. They are fabulous! Hope all has been well. And happy new week. :) Hugs-Erika

  42. The stamps are amazing. . .I love to go to the Reniasance Tymes. Blessings,Janet

  43. omgoodness Valerie! Did you carve those stamps? They are gorgeous! I think you need to sell them- I would buy a set!
    Jackie xx


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