Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Who's eating the flowers?

Hi Everybody!

The week is flying by again, and I never seem to get
everything done that  I would like to do, but I suppose
that's what tomorrows are for.

I made a mixed media spread in my 2nd new journal. The background 
was made with a piece of marbled paper made
some time back. I added Banksy's little girl with the
balloon using a stencil from Stencilry. org.  The quote 
fits well to the image, and is really true.
The birds were drawn with felt pens.
I am linking to Art Journal Journey, Hazel's magical
mystery tour, and to Paint Party Friday

The mixed media tag made with recycled cardboard and scraps
 is meant for Tag Tuesday, things with wings
You have until next Monday evening to
link your creations to us, and Joan is offering
a lovely prize:

Last week while walking through the park of the Diakonie
I noticed this tree, surrounded by a chain and three
stones carved with Latin words -
jubilate, floreat and crescat  (rejoice, bloom, grow)
There's a date, too, (1887) perhaps when the tree was planted, but I
haven't yet found out why it was planted and decorated like this -
I will let you know when I have found the solution!

Love the colour of the blossoms:

The old cart hasn't fallen apart yet!

Another wonderful sunrise:

 Yesterday I went for a walk to the moated castle of
Schloss Kalkum with some friends.  We stood for some time and
watched this little nutria by the moat, as he held stalk after stalk in 
his front paws and nibbled off the flowers, so pretty.
He was not at all concerned that we were standing there watching him:

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Lovely spread and tag! Gorgeous photos! Thanks for your support for Hazel!

  2. The spread is great, love the BG, and yes, sometimes we need to let go! Love the pretty tag, too, and the photos are fantastic. Great shot of the Nutria, so cute. Hugs, Sarah

  3. An amazing post from beginning to the very end. The spread has the best quote and the right image to go with it. The tag is a wonder with so much beauty. The tree behind the chains and pillars must be very special and I can't wait to hear why.

    Just got my great back then the photographs jumped off the screen. No words to describe yet he colours of the sky or the wonderful red shrub.

    Thank you for sharing all if it

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Oh what a beautiful art piece on letting go (not my forte). Your tag is so beautiful too. The tree is fascinating and how cute the nutria is, I don't think I've seen one before.

  5. That last photo is wonderful, both the size of the photo and the nutria not bothered by the photographer. Maybe he wanted to be on the blog.
    Isn't that interesting about the tree with the stone "guardians".
    I love your tag with the cherub(?), the roses and the corrugated cardboard. The cherub reminds me of the scraps we used to save and swap at school, did you do that?

    1. We all had books to glue the scraps into, I still have mine somewhere.

  6. Lovely pages and tags, happy PPF! Enjoyed your photos today especially the surprise bunny!

  7. I loved reading your post tonight. The journal page with the lovely stencil of the girl and the wonderful quote looks fabulous. The tag is an absolute delight as well.
    I look forward to reading more about the tree and the stones. All the photos are lovely today.
    Yvonne xx

  8. wie wahr der Spruch und so wunderschön das Journal ist. Der Tag ist so romantisch, toll! Die Fotos sind so schön, gerade mit dem Sonnenuntergang!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  9. Valerie, 💚💛💜 your journal page and those gorgeous tags you create!!!
    Your photos never ceases to amaze me! They are all so stunningly beautiful!!!

    Big Hugs~

  10. I am in awe of the background you created in your journal. I like how you chose the sentiment to match the images perfectly.

    Gotta love the tag with the sewing and the very Victorian image. Quite romantic.

    Gotta LOVE the photos, and look forward to learning more about that tree.

  11. Gorgeous JP and fantastic and extremely amazing photos. Have a happy Easter I will catch up with you later as will be away..

  12. I love this piece. Especially that her balloon is a heart. I needed to hear those words too, a little anxiety regarding whether surgery will happen-hopefully will know today. Just let the stress go. :) What a cute little critter, and all the green. :) Happy Thursday-Hugs-Erika

  13. Wow, your marble paper is stunning and works beautifully as a background for the Banksey image and great quote :-) . Your little cherub tag is so pretty with your wonderful layering! Great photos especially of the nutria, I had to look it up because I had never heard of it before, thanks so much for sharing this cute little guy. Happy Thursday and wishing you a lovely Easter time! J :-)
    p.s. you left a message for Wilma on my blog, I will delete and thought you may like to know then you can resend your kind comments so she knows you are thinking of her :-) . J x

    1. OOOOps, that happens when I try to do everything at the same time!

  14. Marvelous letting go in all ways. Great tag art too. Awww the Nutria, so cute. xox

  15. I love the words "Sometimes we need to let go." That's a big problem/issue for me. I hold on. This is a beautiful piece and so well expresses the sentiment.

    Looks like spring has come to your world! No going back!

  16. OMG. I love that second tag. It's beautiful. You make the best tags ever!
    What a glorious sunrise and what a cute little guy.
    Have a great one.

  17. A very powerful piece of art. I really like the silhouette. These photos are amazing. The tree story is very interesting. I would like to know why the tree was secured like that too.

  18. Sorry I haven't been by in a while, been up to my butt busy around here......haven't even posted in nearly a month :((
    Gorgeous tag and I love the silhouette page......yes, sometimes we need to just let go.
    As always I'm jealous of your beautiful sunrises!!

  19. Your tag is amazing and I just adore your painty collage. Super stencils and perfect sentiment. Hugs, Autumn

  20. deine seite ist klasse,und dein tag ist traumhaft,wunderschöne sunsetbilder hast du gemacht,da möchte ich jetzt gern sein.
    ein schönes osterfest für dich.

    hugs jenny

  21. what a lovely spread-adorable girl image. And your tag is gorgeous!! Spring is finally here and things are beginning to blossom finally. Stunning sunset s Valerie. An the nutria- well how adorable is he. Happy PPF a day early:)

  22. Love the journal page and I really love that little girl stencil. The tag is great too. The photos are amazing ♥ That tree roped off like that truly must have a special story ... get out your detective kit and get to work SHerlock... we are waiting for the story :)
    Love the blooming tree and the little critter just munching away is so sweet. Here I watch the rabbits eat the stalks of the dandelions after the seeds have blown away.

  23. Well this was a stunning post both art and photos! Those blossoms are incredibly. Such amazing colour! Wouldn't that old cart look incredible with summer flowers cascading down the side of it! Your sunset photos are just phenomenal! I agree never enough time in a day!

    Hugs Giggles

  24. Well that sunrise blew me away.WOW! Your art is strong and beautiful too and so are all the lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Hello Valerie, you've made such a lovely journal page - with a strong meaning, it's so true :D)
    A very richly sweet tag - beautiful to see.
    I can't get over those amazing skies you photograph!! I'm in awe.
    That cutie nutria is so different to what we see here. Your photos are brilliant. Cheers now and Happy PPF :D)

  26. Time does fly, doesn't it. Love all your artwork in this post and the photo of the old cart is super.

  27. oh wow, that sunrise!! I know the feeling of time flying and never being able to finish what I want. I love your first piece, with the perfect combination of image and words. Very true ...

  28. I love your letting go spread. So apt for so many of us <3 Happy PPF!

  29. What a wonderful journal page and the quote is a wonderful reminder for most of us I would imagine. Love your tag - it definitely shows what a talented and creative person can do with bits and bobs!
    Sandy xx

  30. I like the background in your first piece. It is interesting!
    Your photos are delightful. That tree is amazing with the ivy growing up its trunk.
    Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hello,
    Your 'let go' piece is dear. Yes, sometimes we must let go.
    Love seeing the little flower eating animal and your sunset photos are striking. the trees in the sunset look/feel like a cathedral to me.

  32. I love your "Let Go" pages, so good to do just that at times, your art so well conveys that feeling. Beautiful and full of feeling I really repeat how I love them! Gorgeous photos too, those sunrises are spectacular!

  33. "Sometimes we need to let go" is beautiful and fills my heart. You created a lovely page.

  34. Wow, another fantastic set of photographs. Those sunrises are magnificent.
    I love that old cart too, there is just something about it.

    'rejoice, bloom, grow' ... wonderful words.

    All the best Jan

  35. Lovely work but that photo with the "ghost" trees is fascinating!

  36. Another beautiful post. Your artwork is great. I especially like the girl with the wonderful message. I am excited for you to find out about the tree and it's message! I'm sure it will be a great story. All your pictures are beautiful. I love seeing a glimpse of your world every week. Thank you for all the beauty you share. Hugz, Rasz

  37. A beautiful spread, the background is lovely and I love your wonderful photos. Happy Easter.
    xxx Hazel.

  38. Such a beautiful post Valerie!!
    I love that little critter! Is he similar to a rabbit? He is just too cute!

  39. Pretty photos, the last one is so sweet Valerie. Great use of the colours on the journal page and a gorgeous tag.

    Love and hugs

  40. Magical page with Banksy's girl - such atmospheric colours and wonderful textures. .. I love it. Love your glamorous flower tag and those skyscape photographs are spectacular!
    Alison x

  41. Yes, we all do need to let go! Sometimes it's so hard too!! Love your art my friend!
    I would like to know more about the tree too!!
    Gorgeous photos! Love your little furry friend! LOL!
    Big Hugs!

  42. I love your journal page and quotes, and the tree and stones are so fascinating!

  43. Hello.

    Brilliant works.
    Thank you for your visiting always.

    I wish You all the best.
    Greeting and hug.

    From Japan, ruma ❃

  44. Brilliant page love that marbled paper and all the elements you've added Valerie, the tag is gorgeous and to round it all off with wonderful photo's thank you so much for sharing xx Hilda


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