Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Playing tortoise and more....

Hi Everybody!

Time is flying, and it's mid-week already.
I made another tag which I am linking to Go Tag Thursday -
use pink and to Tag Tuesday -  heritage.
Some of you might be wondering what this tag has to 
do with heritage? Bread is a recognised part of our 
cultural heritage, and is a staple food of many world 
cultures. The Unesco has acknowledged German bread
as part of its 'intangible' cultural heritage.
My tag has many layers once again, and I used a vintage
image of a lady in pink proudly carrying a loaf of bread.
I once again sewed the various layers together:

For Art Journal Journey, Hazel's theme of a 
magical mystery tour, and Paint Party Friday, hosted by
Eva and Kristin, I have a mixed media A4 piece. The background was
gessoed,  and painted with a mix of grey and madder. The moon was painted with ivory and silver acrylics. I added the figures using a 
stencil. The eye stamp and  'Traumwelt' (dream world) stamps
are from LaBlanche. The town silhouette was also
stenciled. I added more colours with pastel chalks.

Here are more photos of the tropical room at the zoo:

The Strauss looked very indignant:

More birds:

The pigeons evidently also find rich pickings at the zoo:

The HUGE tortoise is 121 years old:

The empty shell outside the tortoise house was not only popular
with kids who wanted to play....and no, that is not my backside
sticking out there!

Have a great day, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. A nice tag - so lovely layered and an amazing page linked to Hazel's theme!
    The photos are gorgeous! Fantastic place to be!
    Happy rest of the week, Susi

  2. Verybeautiful tag and great to read about the bread connection

    A really way out page with a floating away feeling and lots of freedom to it.

    Love the photographs and I was there in the beautiful hot house with all the plants and the heat

    Well I would love tobe there in tho
    Is blustery cold and wet day

    Thank you for sharing all the wonders

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. LOVE the post and are you sure that's not your butt poking out? What fun and what a wonderful display of nature's beauty. LOVE your gorgeous work of art as well and the beautiful colours.
    The butterflies are just gorgeous...xx ♥[aNNie]

  4. Love the tag and the wonderful journal page. Sometimes I would love to float away and leave all the work behind me! Tomorrow I have to take the kids to the dentist, ugh! Great photos again from you. Enjoy your day, hugs, Sarah

  5. Ha ha, I'd be happy to admit to that being mine ;-) Love your tag Valerie, very pretty, and your mixed media piece is fabulous - makes me think of aliens beeming your girls aboard. Too much Star Trek I guess. Have a very happy week xx

  6. Love your tag and your journal page. Both are very creative. Brilliant photos, too.

  7. A beautiful tag..the image is lovely..I never knew about the connection to Germany & bread..should do really as my mother was German, but then she never told my sister or me much about her country's heritage.
    Thank you for joining in the challenge with a 2nd Tag at Go Tag Thursday...x
    Love all the "zoo" photos..great photography..x

  8. I loved the graphics you used on your tag and of course the silhouetted girls! Very nice! And great shot of that butterfly. They're hard to capture!

  9. Beautiful tag and journal page. Great pictures of all the animals too!

  10. Beautiful tag and a lovely page for PPF! Those tropical rooms are so muggy inside is what I remember, gorgeous photos, the tortoise shell is so interesting.

  11. Oh such lovely layers on your beautiful pink piece and I love the dream world so very much... The photos are wonderful too.

  12. Loved reading about the bread connection, it made me think that food is connected to all of us is some way. It was a fantastic tag.
    The journal page is wonderful as well, i think we would all like to float on the air.
    Great photos as well.
    Yvonne xx

  13. A lovely tag, it's a great image. Love the picture of the tortoise - it's wonderful that he's reached that age and the tortoise shell ... such an amazing size.
    Avril xx

  14. Bread is such a deep ingrained part of so many cultures, isn't it? Love you tag. And you've got me singing Frank Sinatra with your moon page. I love it. It looks like your local zoo is a pretty good zoo with all the animals you've seen there. I'm enjoying the trip. Hugs-Erika

  15. Lovely tag and journal page. I really like the eye. What fun people must have with the tortoise shell. hugs, Teresa
    (I am very happy to be receiving e-mail notifications of your posts again.)

  16. Another great tag!!! Love the zoo photos and that last one had me spewing coffee across my desk.. so funny to my warped mind at least.

  17. eine wunderschöne traumseite und schöne bilder vom zoo,ich muss da auch mal hin,ich mag tiere sehr gern,besonders vögel und wassertiere,dein tag ist ein traum.
    ein schönen donnerstag.

    hugs jenny

  18. Wow! Love your tag! Your journal page made me smile but not as much as seeing that last photo - what fun!! Hugs, Chrisx

  19. fantasievoll ist dein Journal, ach herrlich diese Traumwelt!
    Tolle Fotos wieder von diesen Besuch in diem Zoo, die Schmetterlinge sind ja so hübsch und all das andere auch der Zweibeiner im Panzer *lach*
    Schönen Nachmittag wünsche ich dir!
    Lieben Gruss Elke

  20. The pieces are great, especially that pink tag. It's so delicate and feminine.
    Loved the visit to the zoo. Doesn't that butterfly look like it has a huge eye in it's wing?
    That empty tortoise shell is a hoot.

  21. Zauberhaftes Tag und diese Traumseite gefällt mir auch sehr gut,sowie der Spruch um den Mond herum. Die Zoobilder sind schön und dieses Kind im Schildkrötenpanzer ist echt witzig.
    Liebe Grüße

  22. Lovely artwork. I especially like the lady on the tag! Beautiful butterflies at your zoo...makes me want to visit the zoo.

  23. Both makes look wonderful! Love the heritage tag (no other country does bread as well as Germany, - I am so lucky that we have a German baker here not far away). Love the other piece too and the zoo photos look super!

  24. Just a wonderful post. You know how much I love your art and the photos are awesome. Yes I want to know if that is you in the shell??? :)) Have a great weekend.

  25. Beautiful tag and art journal page

  26. A lovely tag - I love German bread (I love all bread, I cannot lie!) I like the dreamworld piece - it reminds me a little of Peter Pan and the lost boys they way they're floating in the night sky - those giant tortoises are amazing.

  27. Gorgeous tag - I love the pink and the vintage image!! Great zoo photos - do you use a fancy camera?

  28. So many amazing photos! Love seeing flowers and trees and sunsets. :) They all make me happy!

    I think all of your art is beautiful. I am especially loving the moon and the silhouettes. Stunning! I keep going back to it. :) Have a lovely weekend!

  29. There is a TV show on called The Americans. The premise is the mother and father are Russian spies living in the US and blending in. To keep things short, the latest arc involves them learning the US is trying to interfere with wheat grown in Russia, a staple of bread. Not sure why I thought this was so relevant, but it seems bread is one of the staples in every country. LOVE this for the symbolism, AND the many, many layers.

    I LOVE these latest zoo photos. I always love it when I see palm trees. But the shell and the last photo had me laughing, something I haven't done much of lately!

  30. that shell is so funny and I bet it is you! love the moon page with the eye

  31. Oh you make me laugh - and it would not surprise me if you climbed into that tortoise shell!
    Sandy xx

  32. I had to laugh knowing I would get stuck in the shell and have to wear it for the rest of my life. LOL

  33. Haha on the backside in the tortoise... I knew it wasn't you but others may not have!! haha!! Gorgeous tag love the bread image with bread!! Very cultural!! Love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  34. The greens are so vibrant in the bird pictures!

  35. Wow that tag is fantastic ...
    Wow that the HUGE tortoise is 121 years old!
    Wow for the fun photo!

    All the best Jan

  36. hahaaaa I was going yo ask you if that was you! lol
    What is the powder they are feeding the butterflies?
    Your tag is gorgeous- I love Pink!
    And your journal page,well there is something magical about it,the silhouettes,colors and circular motion- feels like it is moving!
    Another fabulous post with so much to enjoy Valerie!

  37. A gorgeous tag and a beautiful dream page, I love your photos especially the tortoise, I have a tortoise called Harry, he's about 18 months old and I'm hoping he doesn't get as big as the one in the photo.
    xxx Hazel.

  38. Love your tags!! Thanks for explaining about the bread! They are both so beautiful!
    Love the zoo pictures! That tortoise looked so tired! I guess I would be too, if I was 121 years old! LOL! I think that was you in the shell! LOL! Big Hugs!


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