Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sunday post

Hi Everybody!

It's been a sunny day here, albeit very windy, but I enjoy
wind, so it was fine with me.

I made this mixed media tag using recycled 
cardboard last week. I used various scraps of paper
napkins and old letters/ books. The background was painted
 and embossed with Frantage, and everything was sewed together:

There's a new challenge starting at digitally made.
Thanks for the tip, Annie!
I didn't think I would manage to get something done, bit I did, so here it is.
Everything needs to be completely digital.
The Digis are from Mischief Circus, serif and me:

The pictures were taken on my walk yesterday:

I spied a heron on the field when I was going down
to the Rhine. It was good 50 yards away, but I hauled it
in with my zoom:

This bird had grey feathers and a rose-pink breast, I have
no idea what it is. I waited some minutes,
but it would not turn round:

I love hawthorn:

This little cutie didn't mind having his
photo taken:

Have a good week, take care,
and thanks a lot for coming by!


  1. Such gorgeous digital art and tag Valerie!!!
    What an adorable precious!!!
    Lovely flowers and birds, too~

    Big Hugs~

  2. Beautiful tag, and the digital page is fantastic. The photos are wonderful, the kids love the bunny and want one as a pet! Enjoy your long weekend, hugs, Sarah

  3. Amazing tag Valerie with everything so beautiful and your terrific sewing-still struggling with mine on card.

    Love the digital project it feels so warm with the wonderful colours and images.

    Fantastic photographs and all if your flower ones are so ahead of ours. I just used one of your photographs of the orange flower that I saved from a previous year. You may see what I used it for at some point in the future :)

    love Chrissie xx

    1. You know you are always welcome to use any of the photos! Glad you like them!

  4. A gorgoues tag, a beautiful digi page, great photos and new header!
    Happy week, Susi

  5. All your photos are beautiful- but my favorites are the ones of the clouds. Just beautiful!

    Your digital piece is lovely! :)

  6. Great tag, it has a sort of far East feel to it I think, as does the digi piece actually :o). Love the new header and great photos altogether!

  7. What a gorgeous tag and I love the digital piece as well. Your photos are lovely and that bunny is so very adorable!

  8. Loving all the art Valerie. And that is a nice zoom. The bunny is great and I am curious about that bird. The beak looks almost like a parrot or hawk. It still looks like you had a nice day. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. hugs-erika

  9. Delicate sewn tag and nice digital piece. Enjoyed your gorgeous photos today! I guess wind is ok if we are dressed for it!

  10. Fabulous tag Valerie. So colourful with lots of interest too. Those wild flowers look gorgeous and another Heron too. In fact all your pictures look amazing. Hugs Rita xxx

  11. Beautiful Digital project, thanks for joining us at digitally Made.

  12. Aww love your new rabbit header! Two fab pieces of art Valerie, I was looking at your tag and thinking I'd seen it before, then I realised it's very similar to the Chinease calender we have hanging in the kitchen - the kind that's about 2 feet long and concertinas to nothing! Your digi piece is beautiful - bring on the Summer. Have a fun week xx

    1. Perhaps I sneaked into your kitchen to get inspiration?! Just used an oriental napkin!

    2. You can sneak into my kitchen anytime you like as long as you bake while you're in there :-D xx

    3. Okay, in which flower pot do you hide the key?

  13. Oh wow this is one interesting post. The tag is amazing, the photos are gorgeous, and your digital project is stunning....thanks for joining in the digi challenge, you are it.
    A new challenge started today and that info is on my digital ♥[aNNie]

  14. I love your new header with the little rabbit – so sweet! Your walk looked wonderful, but I’ve no idea what the bird might be although its beak makes me think of a parrot.
    I’m love with this tag – I like all your tags but this one is extra, extra special. Have a lovely week x

  15. Gorgeous creations once again Valerie. Love the quote on the second creation, its so true. Also love your new blog header with the hare/bunny.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  16. Oh I love the header. Mr. Bunny.
    That first orange Sherbet flower looks just like my hibiscus which unfortunately is still dormant. I have high hopes though that it survived.
    Your tag is wondrous.
    Have a good one.

  17. Lovely use of cardboard. xox

  18. At last I am (once again) catching up ha ha - love the new blog header Valerie ( I do hope that sweet bunny had more than one ear).
    Your tag and digital piece are really beautiful.
    Lovely spring photos and the bird is intriguing - could it be a 'Harrier' of some type maybe???
    Thanks for the lovely comment this morning too..
    Happy May to you... Gill xx

  19. Your work is always so beautiful and interesting Valerie - you mixed media piece is really gorgeous! It is a pleasure to visit you --- this post just came into my mail box!!
    Sandy xx

  20. Beautiful digi page Valerie and I love the quote. Lovely pictures as ever from your walk, the rabbit looks so cute with one ear sticking up - did he have two?
    Avril xx

  21. Your digital art is gorgeous and your tag is outstanding. I love the almost pleated look, the Asian painting and wonderful texture.
    That bunny looks quite content.
    hugs, Teresa

  22. Beautiful mixed media tag ...

    I always enjoy the mix of photographs you share. That heron is magnificent, you've caught it so well.
    Gorgeous colour blooms too - I love this time of year!

    Happy May Wishes

    All the best Jan

  23. Fabulous work and photos as usual. That strange grey bird looks like an escaped parrot to me.

  24. What a gorgeous tag Valerie and I love you digital piece too! The photos are fabulous - hawthorn is one of my favourites too - reminds of walking home from school past huge hawthorn hedges and it's good to see that the little rabbit will be seen for while too! Chrisx

  25. Beautiful tag Valerie. Love the corrugated cardboard background, so much texture! Wonderful photos!! I'm so jealous of your Heron sighting, this is a wish list bird for me that I hope to see someday! Your bunny is just too cute, what adorable animals they are. Beautiful flowers, wow!! They have torn out all of the flower beds from around the lake for some reason. I miss all the tulips and daffodils that should be here this time of year. So I have decided to build my own garden out on the patio with a huge redesign. The construction starts in a couple of weeks and I am so excited!! hugs :)

  26. What a most Gorgeous post Valerie!! Your tag is stunning- love the Frantage! and your digi is excellent!
    The nature you captured in photos is just so terrific! Fabulous close ups and beautiful coloring!!

  27. Beautiful post!! Made me happy! Love both your art pieces! Fantastic and I love your photos!! That is interesting about that bird? I wonder what kind it was? Big Hugs!


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